Monday, 31 December 2012

Story Of The Day: Christmas With Judith

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Christmas With Judith by Alan Barr which has been recommended by LSF member, opb

" Childhood is a time of innocence partly remembered, but the mists of memory are punctuated by iconic moments. We all have them, stored away in tissue paper in our minds as things of great value held against the predictability of adulthood.

Alan Barr treats us to a dreamy series of annual vignettes which are so structured as to take us past the cusp where the innocence of childhood meets the partial knowing of puberty, where the adult desires we have no way of understanding with our child's mind surprise us by coming to the fore begging to be given free rein. When we allow them, we watch almost as a voyeur the delights which accompany the Adult Secret with incomprehension of anything save that we want them, and that desire borders on a need which will never leave us.

Now, peering from the other side of that vast chasm which separates us from that time I too found myself longing to have spent Christmas with Judith."

Alan and his parents always spend Christmas day with his aunt and uncle and cousin Judith. He is quite in awe of Judith but on a couple of Christmas afternoons they get to play some very interesting games together. Sadly by the next year they have both grown away from their easy closeness.

synopsis by PinkAngel

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Well it's that time of year again when the hard-working staff at the LSF get to put their feet up and take a moment to sample a homemade mince pie, small glass of port and a packet of reindeer-flavoured crisps (personally I give the crisps a miss being a vegetarian). Then, once the festivities are over we get to open the Xmas donations box that's been sitting on the library counter for the past 3 weeks. A bumper haul this year once again with 6 buttons, 4 IOUs (one signed R.M.), 3 used bus tickets, an empty crisp packet and 3 paper clips. Anyway, a very merry Christmas from all at the LSF and now the latest loaded list:

Aunt Carla:
Gabby's Punishment Weekend - Part 1

Callipygian Inspector
Juicy Young Copper
Pig-Farmer Of Fleet
Policewoman's Rump
Policewoman's Tail
Sweet Copper

Santa's Little Helper

All I Want For Christmas Is A Spanking
A Blue Christmas
In With The Wrong Crowd - Part 2
No Hall Pass

Cox News Service:
Paddling Of Students In Miami

Dr Keate:
Bleakdale Grange: The Haunting - Part 3

Not Bad For A Monday

Sapphic Summer
Sapphic Switch

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 3
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 4

An 'Accident' At School
For A Million Dollars
The Judicially Enforced Policy - Part 1
The Judicially Enforced Policy - Part 2
The Judicially Enforced Policy - Part 3
Mother's Day Surprise
Peer Pressure And Sleepovers
Religion And The Spanking Debate

John Graves:
First Birthday Spanking - Part 1

Zoey Visits Paddle Emporium

Mr. Magazine:
Apr 1969 - A.D., British Columbia
Apr 1969 - Wild Wild World

Have Yourself A Merry Little Spanking
Ruby The Red-Arsed Spankee

Rachel Gordon:
Sister Matthew's New Patient - Part 1
Sister Matthew's New Patient - Part 2

Bad Santa
The Big Bang Theory

Santa's Schoolgirl Ruler

Monday, 17 December 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Here we are again with another pile of spanking stories to stuff in your Christmas stockings. All the following have been loaded during the last week.

Road Rage

I'm Going Over Your Knee...
In With The Wrong Crowd - Part 1
A Less Thankful Thanksgiving
Pretty Woman

Crimson Kid:
Whom You Might Have Married

Daily Mail:
The Classroom Terror

Dr Keate:
Bleakdale Grange: The Haunting - Part 2

The Sapphic Society

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 1
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 2

Bubbles Goes Away
Dear Anne Letters: 19
Late For Her Hearing
Overheard At Lunch
An Ugly Snippet

Jack Crawford:
The Casting Couch - Part 01
The Casting Couch - Part 02
The Casting Couch - Part 03
The Casting Couch - Part 04

Silent Night - Not!

Laurel Aspen:
A Visit To Auntie

Scrubber! - Part 2

Marky Marks:
Twin Cheeks

Rachel Gordon:

A Friend Who Cares... - Part 05

The Acme Paddle Co. At School - Part 1
The Acme Paddle Co. At School - Part 2
The Acme Paddle Co. At School - Part 3
The Acme Paddle Co. At School - Part 4

Phi Gamma Beta - Part 7

Sir Cambornek:
P. P. P. P. P.

That 70’s Show: Donna & Jackie

Spokane Chronicle:
Life Job As Wife-Beater?

Tara Black:
Miss Grey's Regime - Part 1
Miss Grey's Regime - Part 2

The Times:
A School Girl's Caning
A Schoolgirl's Caning

Thomas Bruns:
Mrs. Daggett's Spankings Always Hurt

Time After Time

Friday, 14 December 2012

Story Of The Day: Emma And Susan

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Emma And Susan by Robert which has been recommended by LSF member, GuySpencer

"I can’t believe that I’m recommending a workplace spanking story for Story of the Day! The idea of any spanking, even the most chaste most consensual spanking, in the legalistic atmosphere of today’s workplace is simply unthinkable. I spent so many decades in the workplace and attended so many compulsory lectures from our Human Resources Department on how I should act towards the opposite gender, that I personally have trouble suspending disbelief for any workplace spanking story.

So how did this particular story manage to suck me in? It’s really hard to explain, except to say that the spanker’s inner feelings are so wonderfully articulated and the two spankings so lovingly described. The reactions of the two (young lady) spankees are quite different!

Actually, I could probably have made a good case for any of Robert’s stories. There are only five of them in the LSF and they are all excellent. His works haven’t gotten near the attention they deserve. Why not read all five?

A Manager spanks his disruptive young trainees after they embarrass him in front of important clients.

synopsis by PinkAngel

This Week's Acquisitions

It's not that I've got any personal objection to Xmas, it's just that I'd prefer it happened on one day of the year rather than over 3 and a half months! Consequently, I'd decided not to have any Xmas decorations cluttering up the LSF. Unfortunately, the female library staff members seem to have taken objection to this and have been stomping around all over the place, muttering and mumbling, leaving empty crisps packets all over the bookshelves, refusing to update the blog and generally throwing a giant strop. It is, therefore, under duress that I have been forced to replace our tasteful gold unicorns with a pair of tacky reindeer from Dec 16th onwards. In the meantime, here is a slightly belated list of items loaded for the previous week:

Henderson And The Shoplifter

The Revisit - Part 3

Camp Counselors In Trouble

Her Late Night Spanking Story
A Trip to England. Or, Innocents Abroad

Married To The Cane
Mutton Dressed As Leopard - Part 3

Dr Keate:
Bleakdale Grange: The Haunting - Part 1

Evening News:
No More Caning

A Dutiful Father-In-Law
The Monolith

The Ladies Glory Parlour - Part 1
The Ladies Glory Parlour - Part 2
The White Ash Express
With Every Punishment, Comes A Reward

Geoffrey Stirling:
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 08
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 09
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 10
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 11
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 12
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 13
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 14
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 15

Daddy's Second Thoughts

Back To School 2

What Jen Found Out

John Graves:
Daughter-In-Law - Part 01
Daughter-In-Law - Part 02
Daughter-In-Law - Part 03
Daughter-In-Law - Part 04
Daughter-In-Law - Part 05
Daughter-In-Law - Part 06
Daughter-In-Law - Part 07
Daughter-In-Law - Part 08
Daughter-In-Law - Part 09
Daughter-In-Law - Part 10
A Trip To The Laundry Room

Joy Peters:
Fancourt Estate

The Girl Next Door - Part 1
The Girl Next Door - Part 2
The Girl Next Door - Part 3

Louise Vancisic:
Julie And Lacie - Part 4
Julie And Lacie - Part 5
Julie And Lacie - Part 6
Julie And Lacie - Part 7
Training Susan - Part 6
Training Susan - Part 7

Unspeakable Things

Nancy Wing:
Ellie And Teddy
The Fizzer

Obey Magazine:
Cold Flannel

Fat Bottomed Girls

Privilege Club:
Religious Roleplay

Rick Marlowe:
Spank A Little Bit Harder

Carrie's Comeuppance
Donna Gets A New Mom

Anne's Second Request - Part 1
Anne's Second Request - Part 2
Anne's Second Request - Part 3

Spokane Chronicle:
Spankings Have Effect

Tara Black:
Fundamentals - Part 1
Fundamentals - Part 2

Flambe'd Cheeks

Thomas Bruns:
Aunt Dee's Discipline
Class Obedience
Kelli's Grand Plan
Lady Cora's Lessons

Youngstown Vindicator:
Brat Wife Can't Be Cured

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Author: Bashful Bob

Our latest author is Bashful Bob who has recently submitted a story called The Five Mile High Club.

The Five Mile High Club
A boring flight is made much more interesting for one man when he hears sounds from the rear galley. Some investigation reveals that the younger hostesses are facing the wrath of their boss.
synopsis by PinkAngel

New Author: Snoozz

Our latest author is Snoozz who has recently submitted a three part story called Anne's Second Request.

Anne's Second Request
When Anne returns to her old school she has a request for Mrs Alcott, her old Headmistress. The ex Head Girl has a need, one that was awoken when she asked to be caned before she left school. Mrs Alcott offers her a job and agrees to cane her again but there are conditions.
synopsis by PinkAngel

New Author: Hermione

Our latest author is Hermione who has recently submitted a story called Carnaby Calling.

Carnaby Calling
Selling door to door often means you see what goes on behind closed doors. Seeing one of your own products being used as a spanking implement gives plenty of food for thought.
synopsis by PinkAngel

Friday, 7 December 2012

Wellred Weekly, Vol.1 No.12

We are delighted to announce the latest issue of the Wellred Weekly, Vol.1 No.12. This completes Volume 1 but hopefully we'll be starting Volume 2 sometime in the new year. This current issue features the following content:

flopsybunny introduces the current issue...

Fifty Shades of Grrr
Adele Haze reviews the E. L. James trilogy...

Focus on: M C Customs
Michael Campbell: manufacturer of tawses, straps & paddles...

The Story of Moonglow: the Videos
George Harlow provides a view from behind the camera...

Interview with the Author: GuySpencer
GuySpencer is this issue's featured author...

A Practical Spanking Machine
snoozz documents a major DIY undertaking...

Kilahara explains how he became a spanko...

Recollections: Discovering Sensual Spanking
Garth Toyntanen on credible scenarios for corporal punishment...

In Conversation with: Celeste Jones
Celeste Jones talks about spanking fiction...

Pro-Spankee: Juliette Tulliver
Juliette Tulliver: looking to get her bottom spanked...

Spanking in Film: the Early Years
Jameslovesbirch reviews on-screen whackings of yesteryear...

Topping for Lupus
Ludwig shares his video-shoot experience...

Thomas Elders looks at this key element of spanking play...

Click below for this latest issue:

Story Of The Day: The Tower Of Power

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Tower Of Power by Katy Spankwish which has been recommended by LSF member, Canadian Spankee

"This story will make anyone laugh as the wife seeks to keep the physical relations between her and her husband alive with all sorts of activities.

The parrot in the household plays a pivotal part in making sure everyone knows what is going on, even though at times most people would wish the bird would shut up.

There is no spanking in part 1, but it is packed with humor and holds our attention well. You won't stop reading at part 1! I know I am still laughing whenever I recall the entire series.

Part 1: After 29 years of marriage, Kate is looking for a way to spice up her love life. She takes the advice of some online friends, but unfortunately for her - and her husband - she fails to read labels!

Part 2: When Katy realises what she's done, she panics. Having called 911, the family doctor, and their son, she grabs the car keys and goes 'on the run'. Meanwhile, poor Don has to cope with the embarrassment.

Part 3: Katy is stopped for speeding, but fortunately, the officer is her daughter's boyfriend, and he lets her off with a warning. Don goes looking for her, and finds her swimming an a pool that they used to frequent in their younger days. She refuses to come out, so he goes in a grabs her. He doesn't spank her for the toothpaste mix-up, but for something else. And she has, in a roundabout way, managed to revive their failing love life!

synopses by Linda

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Does anyone have snow yet? Plenty here in Scotland. It was a bit frosty in the staffroom yesterday afternoon too when it was discovered that I had eaten all the mince pies... again. Ooops! Anyway, have a good week and here are the latest loaded stories to keep you all busy.

Deep Down

I Gave Her My Heart
My Heroes Have Always Been Spankos

The Revisit - Part 2

Border Cities Star:
Spanking Flapper Daughters

I Want To Kill My Mother-in-law

Deseret News:
Wife Threw A Tantrum

Evening Independent:
Husband Enjoys Spankings By Wife

Grandma And The Flying Carpet

Geoffrey Stirling:
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 04
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 05
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 06
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 07

John Graves:
Lexan Motivation

The Contest

Life Magazine:
Reform By Spanking
Spanking For Glamor Girls

Louise Vancisic:
Julie And Lacie - Part 1
Julie And Lacie - Part 2
Julie And Lacie - Part 3

Miami News:
Spanking Wife Is 'Fine Art'

Milwaukee Journal:
Wanted Jello But Got A Spanking...

Milwaukee Sentinel:
Can Bring One To Senses
Spanked Spouse Became Dutiful Wife
When To Spank Your Wife
Where Can You Spank Your Wife?

Montreal Gazette:
Spanked For Reckless Spending

Nevada Daily Mail:
Wife Spanked - Drops Suit

New York Times:
Mercer Sophomores Spanked...

Weekend Games - Part 4

Palm Beach Post:
Ardent Advocate Of Spanking
Some Wives Deserve Spanking
Willful Bride...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Spanked Wife Sounds Immature
Wife-Spanking Urged

Prescott Courier:
Following Spanking...

Quebec Telegraph:
Court Orders Wife To Spank Husband

Sarasota Herald-Tribune:
Wife Tired Of Hubby's Bookkeeping

The Spank Shop - Part 29

Hot Lips Gets Spanked
Joan Of Arcadia's Smoking Bottom

Spokane Chronicle:
Husband Ordered To Spank Wife
Wives Who Drink Too Much

St. Petersburg Times:
He Spanked Wife Witness Says
Perfect Partnership
Reliving Childhood Memories
Wife Spanking: Iowa

Sunday Morning Star:
Took Wife From Bath...

Susan Thomas:
Alison Arrives Home
Alison's Bad Day
Alison's Partnership
The Great Strike...

Tara Black:
The Headmaster's Cane - Part 3

The Day:
Drunken Boarder's Request
Man And Wife Spanked
Wife Needs Spanking - And She Gets One!

Toledo News-Bee:
This Judge Spanks Girl Poachers

Day Off - Part 2

Tuscaloosa News:
Does Corporal Punishment Aid Marriage?
Wayward Husband Needs A Hairbrush

Friday, 30 November 2012

Story Of The Day: The President's Daughters

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The President's Daughters by Phil K which has been recommended by LSF member, islandcarol:

"The main character is the on the job bodyguard to the young ladies. He certainly had his hands filled with their shenanigans. He followed a responsible procedure that not only guaranteed results; he thoroughly entertained me with his pithy comments on the first daughter’s behaviors.

The narrator sure did enjoy his job and I can believe he was frustrated with these two thoughtless girls and their penchant for unpredictable and dangerous situations.

He did get his way in the end and I thoroughly enjoyed the flawless storytelling. The detailed account of each spanking left nothing as well as everything to the imagination. This Secret Service agent took his responsibilities very seriously. It was very well chronicled!

When the President's daughters are in danger of going off the rails what does, as the head of the team meant to look after their safety, do? A quiet chat with the First Lady proves very helpful!

synopsis by potterstoke

Results of the 9th LSF Story Challenge

Voting on the 9th LSF Challenge has now completed and many LSF readers are now recovering from the marathon task of reading, voting and commenting on the 94 entries that were submitted. This particular challenge also saw 5 authors who submitted a story to the LSF for the very first time. A record total of 40,721 votes were cast and at the time of writing 2,527 comments have been made on the entries.

As usual we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to both readers and authors alike for taking part. Although the challenges are primarily about generating new works of spanking fiction and having a bit of fun with the voting we do end up with some winners and runners up. This time they were as follows:

1st: The Naughtiest Twins At St Annes by Jon Thorn
2nd: Mispaddled by Tiptopper
3rd: A Daughter Thrashed by flopsybunny

Runners up:
Curiosity Got The Cane by Jon Thorn
Knock Of Fate For Keyhole Kate by Dr Keate
Horses For Tawses by Firefly

A full listing of all the entries and the respective comments they received can be seen on the LSF Challenges site. Synopses for the entries will be added over the next few days. Comments made on the entries are visible to all but you will need to be registered with the library in order to read the submissions.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Maybe the long, cold, dark winter nights motivate people to stay indoors by the fire and write spanking stories. There is something so comforting and cozy about a real fire, or so I thought until I singed my left eyebrow off trying to light the wretched thing. Anyway, new stories continue to pour in by the truck load, bringing something to satisfy all tastes. Here is another dollop of the latest loaded goodies for your reading pleasure - far more interesting than watching the soaps on the TV. Enjoy!

Humiliation Factor - Amanda
Humiliation Factor - David

The Revisit - Part 1

The Visit - Part 3

Problem Child

Canadian Spankee:
Ben Her

The Crop Circle - Part 1
Sweet Buttocks Of Pleasure

Spanking Game Backfire - Part 2

DJ Black:
These Lands Beyond - Part 1
These Lands Beyond - Part 2
These Lands Beyond - Part 3
These Lands Beyond - Part 4
These Lands Beyond - Part 5
These Lands Beyond - Part 6
These Lands Beyond - Part 7
These Lands Beyond - Part 8

Dr Keate:
Comeuppance - Part 4

Geoffrey Stirling:
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 01
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 02
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 03

J Wackford Colton:
A Good Oil Girl

Daughter Like Mother - Part 2
Daughter Like Mother - Part 1

Joy Peters:
American Experience
Last Friday Of The Month

The Computer Lesson

Louise Vancisic:
Training Susan - Part 4
Training Susan - Part 5

Louise Watson:
Confessions Of A Naughty Schoolgirl - Part 31
Confessions Of A Naughty Schoolgirl - Part 32

Rick Marlowe:
Rap Three Times On The Chair Leg

The Card Sharp

A Firm Hand
Vacation Paddling

Learning To Communicate

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Story Of The Day: The Day Things Changed

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Day Things Changed by John Benson which has been recommended by LSF member, Neil:

"No young girls with magic powers, or naughty girls wearing electronic punishment collars in this one, just an ordinary couple whose love life is in trouble and guess what they discover to bring back the zing?

What impressed me was the mature manner in which this story is presented; the difficulty people have in articulating this edgy desire when it might be flatly rejected by the partner, in entering into role play for the first time, in resisting the temptation to exploit what could be a partner's weakness.

And there's a pleasing reciprocity about the whole scenario which goes beyond "let's get kinky!" to using loving, consensual, but quite hard spanking to overcome very real struggles and fears.

Rita and Joe begin to incorporate spanking into their marriage as a way of dealing with problems.

synopsis by Lincoln

Friday, 23 November 2012

New Author: Geoffrey Stirling

Our latest author is Geoffrey Stirling who has just submitted the first three parts of a multi-part novella entitled Bringing Stephanie On. Here is the synopsis for Part 1:

Bringing Stephanie On - Part 1
Teen, Stephanie is very conflicted when her mother's boyfriend Jack threatens her with a spanking. Little does she realise that Jack too is conflicted and that he can't stop thinking about her.
synopsis by PinkAngel

Monday, 19 November 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Plenty of new items loaded this week and I am happy to say that I - OK, with a lot of help from Februs - loaded a fair portion of them myself! I do have to complain though as flopsybunny did promise me a stick of rock from her holiday but I am still waiting, bad bunny. Even so, it is nice to have her back, I can now go back to pinching all the crisps from her desk when she is not looking.

The Visit - Part 1
The Visit - Part 2

Canadian Spankee:
Katie's Card Game

Full Bottom Of Steam
The Perils Of Piracy - Part 2

Cherry Red:
Jenny's Butt & The Cracked Eggs

I Feel Sorry For Your Butt - Part 1
I Feel Sorry For Your Butt - Part 2
I Feel Sorry For Your Butt - Part 3
I Feel Sorry For Your Butt - Part 4
Maid To Bend - Part 3
Spanking Game Backfire - Part 1

Dr Keate:
Comeuppance - Part 3
An Imaginary Ballet

The Spanking Tent

Grandpa's Interest

John Graves:
Heir Apparent - Part 10
Heir Apparent - Part 11
The Music - Part 1
The Music - Part 2
The Music - Part 3
The Music - Part 4
The Music - Part 5
The Nature Of Men

Auld Lang Syne
Saturday Eve - Two Thousand & Three

Laurel Aspen:
Due Diligence
The Letter

Zoey And The Comfort Spanking

Louise Watson:
Tell-Tale Spanking

Mr. Magazine:
Mar 1969 - E. S., New York
Mar 1969 - Wild Wild World

On Her Knee

OTK in CT:
Lessons For Two

Rick Marlowe:
Listen To A Spankin' Song

Roue Magazine:
Bikini Spanking
Letter Of The Month (Roue 04)
Unwilling Spankee

Paying The Price

Sir Cambornek:
Looking Glass Logic
The Museum Mystery Mortification

Grounded For Life - Part 1
Grounded For Life - Part 2
Grounded For Life - Part 3
Grounded For Life - Part 4
Hanky Spanky
The O.C.: Kaitlin

Tara Black:
The Headmaster's Cane - Part 1
The Headmaster's Cane - Part 2

Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Story Of The Day: Mixed Messages

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Mixed Messages by Alex Birch which has been recommended by LSF member, corncrake:

"I was first alerted to this very short story when I was very new to the site and, as it happened, the day after Alex Birch died. I read quite a lot of his stuff about then and I clearly remember being astounded that this one had not been commented on. I was still very timid and remember wishing I was brave enough to speak out.

This touching, wide-ranging short story is all the more effective for its brevity.

Newly arrived in a girls' boarding school in wartime, the handsome young science teacher is clearly aware of his good fortune at being in a 'reserved' occupation, but all the same is in agonies over the safety of his (illegal) partner.

The girls irritate him enormously, epitomising as they do the worst of silly, romantic teenage behaviour. They, of course, as evacuees, are also feeling displaced and insecure.

It is wartime and Mr Hammond the science teacher is nervous as he has never taught at a girls school before. He despises the way the silly infatuated girls try to attract his attention. Worried for the safety of his partner, he finds teaching science to these girls a real ordeal.

synopsis by flopsybunny

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

New Author: Tara Black

Our latest author is Tara Black who has just submitted a two-part story called The Headmaster's Cane. Here is the synopsis:

The Headmaster's Cane
Two months into her new post as secretary to the headmaster of a Bahamian boys' school, Emma is settling in well. She is however intrigued as she becomes aware of the caning practices, being helped initially by an obliging sixteen year old, and later by the HM himself.
synopsis by corncrake

New Author: Tysout

Our latest author is Tysout who has just submitted a story called Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth. Here is the synopsis:

Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth
It might not have been his fault, but new boy Billy is the one who is caught misbehaving in class and is given a note for the feared headmistress whom he has never even seen. After reading the note, she administers a sound spanking before sending him to the corner.
synopsis by corncrake

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New Author: billtu

Our latest author is billtu whose has just submitted part 1 of a story called The Visit. Here is the synopsis:

The Visit
He has fond memories of his first and favourite babysitter, his cousin Sela who now has her own daughter, Britney. Invited to stay with his cousin, there is much reminiscing - his cumulative faults apparently meriting a prolonged spanking. It was clearly not going to be the last!
synopsis by corncrake

Sunday, 11 November 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Hi folks - it's me again. Having been daft enough to spend a week at an English seaside resort in November, I have endured rain, fog, hail, some very bracing winds and a motley assortment of pooping seagulls!! I have a nice bit of colour in my cheeks too. No, not THOSE cheeks, you bunch of perverts :D Anyway, I made off with all the money in the LSF Admin tea tin and I've spent the lot on whisky and fish and chips. And while I was busy doing that, Februs and Pink have loaded this little lot for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Alan Barr:

The World Of Molly Emerson

The Perils Of Piracy - Part 1

Don A. Landhill:
Communication II: A Sestina
Communication: A Terzanelle
Mary Was A Naughty Girl
Naughty Girl
Three Bared Brats

Dr Keate:
Comeuppance - Part 2

Mr. Clean

Memoirs - Part 1
Memoirs - Part 2
Memoirs - Part 3
Memoirs - Part 4
Memoirs - Part 5

Janus Magazine:
Schoolgirl Wife
Spanked Thanks To Janus

John Graves:
An Active Retirement

Katie B:
Putting The House In Order - Part 4

The Shooting Of Arthur Crabtree

Weekend Games - Part 3

OTK in CT:
Nicole's Spanking

Superman Spanks Wonder Woman

Susan Thomas:
I Needed A Job - Part 1
I Needed A Job - Part 2
I Needed A Job - Part 3
I Needed A Job - Part 4
I Needed A Job - Part 5
I Needed A Job - Part 6
Mum At Work

Day Off

Shelby Strode's First Spanking

Friday, 9 November 2012

New Author: Smuccatelli

Yet another new author joins the ranks of the LSF. Our latest author is Smuccatelli whose has just submitted a story called Superman Spanks Wonder Woman. Here is the synopsis from part one:

Memoirs - Part 1
As the delegates bustle about after a meeting of the League, Wonder Woman Diana spins around to slap the groper behind her, apparently Superman. Denying this, he decides she needs some discipline which he proceeds to dispense vigorously and in public much to her great discomfort and embarrassment.
synopsis by corncrake

Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Author: Flagrante

Yet another new author joins the ranks of the LSF. Our latest author is Flagrante whose has just submitted a series called Memoirs. Here is the synopsis from part one:

Memoirs - Part 1
Working in the Middle East is very different with its strict propriety laws. One night when a maid hides under the table and undoes his zip he is not impressed at all and is determined to find out just what she thinks she is doing!
synopsis by PinkAngel

Story Of The Day: The Second Person

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Second Person by Rollin which has been recommended by LSF member, opb:

"I understand that this story started as a challenge that it wasn't possible to write a good story entirely in the second person. Clearly it is. The beauty of this tale is that the tension increases gradually in line with the apprehension of the spankee, each detail, each layer building on the last until we, as readers feel ourselves to be the subject, the one due for the attentions of 'Miss'.

When the spanking starts it's almost, almost a relief, but we are not the ones actually the one bent over. The effect of the use of the second person throughout heightens the experience of making us sympathise with the spankee in a way which isn't quiet the same as the more traditional third person or with the attempted familiarity of first person narration.

The denouement is a classic googly which has us smiling at our own foolishness whilst playing down completely the wrong line.

A seeming breach of conduct earns a trip over the knee and an introduction to the paddle. After she finishes the hard spanking you'd think he's had enough, but things are not what they seem.

synopsis by Dave

Monday, 5 November 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

This week has flown by and flopsybunny has flown the nest, so to speak. The British seaside in November... really? Personally I think she has flown off to The Maldives, having emptied the donations tin, leaving me and Februs to do all the work. Bet we don't even get a stick of rock! Anyway here is the latest batch, should keep you all busy for another week.

Telling It Like It Was

Bottomsup Becky:
Pauline's Sleepover - Part 2

Crimson Kid:
Doll Man Is Disciplined

Debbie Downunder:
Warm Waters

DJ Black:
Agony Aunt
Choices - Part 1
Choices - Part 2
Choices - Part 3
Choices - Part 4
Choices - Part 5
Choices - Part 6
Magic - Part 25

Don A. Landhill:
Dear Marcia
Go Tell It In The Chat Room
Handspanks Keep Fallin
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 1
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 2
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 3
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 4
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 5
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 6
Janice And Christine, A Spanking Dialog
Magda Gets Sore

Don.A. Landhill:
How Long Has This Been Going On

Dr Keate:
Comeuppance - Part 1

Learning To Forgive Yourself

Appointment For Contrition - Part 9

Jenny - Part 3

Responsible Training - Part 8

James Slipper:
Planter's - Part 4

John Graves:
Heir Apparent - Part 07
Heir Apparent - Part 08
Heir Apparent - Part 09
St. Paul To The Ephesians

Louise Watson:
A Letter Of Contrition

Assault Courses - Part 4

Little Lord Fontleroy

Mr. Magazine:
Jan 1969 - J.J., Wisconsin
Jan 1969 - Wild Wild World
The Sorority Spanking Syndrome

Getting Real

Over My Knees And Spanked Today

OTK in CT:
Love Story
Mall Trouble
Red, White, And Boo-Hoo

Phil K:
These Kinky Things

Rachel Gordon:
On Probation - Part 1
On Probation - Part 2
On Probation - Part 3
On Probation - Part 4
On Probation - Part 5
A Very Victorian Affair - Part 5

Rick Marlowe:
Happy Together

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Story Of The Day: All The Days Of Our Lives

Our next 'Story of the Day' is All the Days of our Lives by Saradora which has been recommended by LSF member, corncrake:

"This story hadn’t been read as widely as I felt it deserved when I first ‘discovered’ it earlier this year. Following the usual interesting but clearly predictable pattern, a few people who had noticed it being read followed suit. But I do think it deserves a still wider readership and I’d love to think of more people getting pleasure from it.

It is a very simple plot, tracing the relationship between a couple in which the man uses a very severe spanking to impress on his partner that she must take her essential medication, that he loves her too much to lose her. She in turn is really frightened, finding the pain more than she can bear and believes that he must hate her. She leaves him, flatly refusing to answer any messages, until they eventually re-establish communication."

The magic of this story is in the wonderfully emotive, descriptive prose. It is a tale of love, fear, loss, reflection, regret and eventual reconciliation. Some of the passages, to me, are the total loving embodiment of tenderness and so very moving. I hope that some more people can find as much enjoyment in the reading of it as I did.

A harsh spanking leads to a young lady leaving her fiance and fleeing to find sanctuary and time to think. He begs her to return and compromises must be met on both sides before they can continue with their love.

synopsis by PinkAngel

Friday, 2 November 2012

LSF Story Challenge: Voting

Have you voted yet? No, I'm not referring to the upcoming 2012 US presidential elections but the 9th LSF challenge which is now open for voting! The current 'Through the Keyhole' theme attracted a grand total of 94 entries so there's an awful lot of reading to be done.

Once again, we'd like to extend our thanks to all those who made the effort to write and submit a story. We hope you enjoy reading all the submissions. Voting is open until midnight GMT on Nov 21, 2012.

Monday, 29 October 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Another week has passed, I am resisting the temptation to mention Christmas but lets face it, you can't avoid it in the shops or anywhere else. Anyway leaving that well alone (for now!), here are this week's wide and varied additions, all for your perusal, enjoy!

Her Cheeks Turned Red And Burned...

Bottomsup Becky:
Pauline's Sleepover

The Choirgirl - Part 09

The Doctor Makes A House Call

Crimson Kid:
Hit Girls

Don A. Landhill:
All Wet
Bad Girl
God Help You, Mary
Got Switchin'
Hard Smacks, Come Again No More
Harriet's Fears
Hello, Dolly!
Hey There, Naughty Girl
I Feel Her Butt Squirm
I Get A Little Smack
Red Cheeks: A Spanking Anthem
Spank-em-all Fair

Linda's Wish - Part 09
Linda's Wish - Part 10

Horrible Aunt Harriet & The Camping Trip

The Spanking Ghost - Part 01
The Spanking Ghost - Part 02
The Spanking Ghost - Part 03
The Spanking Ghost - Part 04
The Spanking Ghost - Part 05
The Spanking Ghost - Part 06
The Spanking Ghost - Part 07
The Spanking Ghost - Part 08
The Spanking Ghost - Part 09
The Spanking Ghost - Part 10
The Spanking Ghost - Part 11
The Spanking Ghost - Part 12

J Wackford Colton:
A Male Teacher For St. Barbara's

James Slipper:
Planter's - Part 2
Planter's - Part 3

John Graves:
Heir Apparent - Part 01
Heir Apparent - Part 02
Heir Apparent - Part 03
Heir Apparent - Part 04
Heir Apparent - Part 05
Heir Apparent - Part 06

The Right Cousin

Laurel Aspen:
Fetch The Cane...

Zoey And The Neighbors

Louise Vancisic:
Training Susan - Part 3

Inside Arthur Crabtree


Weekend Games - Part 2

The Photograph Album
Strafe Muss Sein

Phil K:
A Helping Hand

Rick Marlowe:
A Sore Butt You'll Be Feeling

Peter Spank - Part 4

The Legend Of Sophia The Fair

The Job Interview

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Story Of The Day: Payment In Full

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Payment In Full by imreadonly2 which has been recommended by LSF member, opb:

"Anybody wanting an explanation of the expression 'hoist by your own petard' need look no further than this story. An unassuming title belies the treasure beneath as a woman engineers herself into a situation which delivers much, much more than she bargained for along with plenty of laughs for us as we enjoy her predicament safe in the knowledge that she cannot complain.

There are no great philosophical insights here, just a healthy dose of schadenfreude (actually it's a pretty good example of that as well) and a small comment on the predilections of beetles.

It's well worth a read if you like your heroines trussed and spanked and subjected to other indignities, and in particular, being hoisted by their own petards.

Part 1 - As a gift to her boyfriend April gags and ties herself in an exposed manner to the furniture, leaving him a note instructing him to punish her. But when her boyfriend doesn't show up, her neighbors are happy to oblige and extract revenge for her previous teasing of them by filling in.

Part 2 - Self-bondage, unexpected visitors, and the most irritating, persistent beetle! Part Two features April listening to the Mexican gardeners working outside and receiving a subsequent visit from Bertha Mae, an unpleasantly malicious church-lady type with a score to settle!

synopsis by corncrake

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Well it has been another busy week in the LSF. Plenty of new stories to tempt you all. It is getting much colder in the UK now so I hope people will settle down in front of the fire to read some excellent new spanking tales. If it is warm where you live, no excuses, just get reading :)

Canadian Spankee:
Invite To A Party

DJ Black:
The Elusive Ms Carmichael
Magic - Part 23
Magic - Part 24
The Mentor

Don A. Landhill:
Analise And John - Part 1
Analise And John - Part 2
Analise And John - Part 3
Analise And John - Part 4
Are You Really Going To Spank Me?
Assville Welcome
Away In The Corner
Beat Me
Big Paddle
Bo Peep
Busted: A Dialog For Voice & Mind
The Cutty Sark
Do You Know...
Everybody Always Lies
Form Of Address
Formula 2
Four In One
Georgie Porgie
The Glow
Glows: A Spanking Sonnet
Hickory'd Dickory
Jack And Jill
Jill Horner
Joanie's Day, A Dialog For Voice And Mind
La Fessee: An Anthem For Spankophones
Lesson (Do You know...)
Little Miss Blue
Mary's Seat
Miss Sally's Gardens
Mrs. York
Nancy Etticoat
Naughty Girl
Naughty Joan
Next To Godliness
Now Now, Bad Girl
Oh, What A Beautiful Bottom
Phone Bill
Pop! Goes The Paddle
Spanking Scene Writer
St. Ives
Susie Cornered
Three Girls In A Tub
To Joanie: A Fantasy Letter
Yankee Doodle Spanker
Young Gwen

Linda's Wish - Part 7
Linda's Wish - Part 8

In Front Of Everybody - Part 2

Horrible Aunt Harriet & The Pork Scratchings

Responsible Training - Part 7

James Slipper:
Planter's - Part 1

John Graves:
A Birthday Request

Katie B:
Putting The House In Order - Part 2
Putting The House In Order - Part 3

Hattie: A Revised Version

Louise Vancisic:
Thank You Notes - Part 5

Mr. Magazine:
Nov 1968 - J.E., Illinois
Nov 1968 - J.N., Washington State
Dec 1968 - J.O., New York
Dec 1968 - Wild Wild World

Weekend Games - Part 1

Rick Marlowe:
Agent Double-Knot Seven

Letter To The Editor

The Spank Shop 28: Kimberley & Andrea

Sir Cambornek:
The Museum Mystery Misery

Monday, 22 October 2012

New Author: James Slipper

Our latest author is James Slipper who has just submitted the first part of a serial called Planter's. Here is the synopsis:

Planter's - Part 1
New first-formers Becky and Amy are in trouble after 'lights out' on the first night of term at the long-established Planter's School for girls. Their punishment is the talk of the school next day, the addresses at Assembly indicating that more might follow...
synopsis by corncrake

Wellred Weekly, Vol.1 No.11

We are delighted to announce the latest issue of the Wellred Weekly, Vol.1 No.11, which features the following content and, for the first time, the ability to comment using twitter:

flopsybunny introduces the current issue...

Unfair Punishment Spankings
Anastasia Vitsky examines fairness within DD relationships...

Spanking Cartoonist: Nik Zula
Nik Zula chats about his cartoon creations...

Spanking Model: Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds shares her spanking likes and dislikes...

Spanking Romances
Rollin looks at the finer points of romantic fiction...

My Spanking Video Experiences
Robert56 discusses his participation in video shoots...

Christianity and Adult Spanking
Katie B considers compatibility between faith and kink...

Plausibility in Spanking Fiction
Garth Toyntanen on credible scenarios for corporal punishment...

Bratting - Where Is The Line?
Alicia Panettiere with advice for would-be brats...

Interview with the Author: barretthunter
barretthunter is this issue's featured author...

The Story of Moonglow: the Parties
George Harlow describes events at this British spanking club...

Why Spanking Romance?
Loki Renard laments the lack of spanking in romance novels...

Spanking in Photography
Jameslovesbirch documents the history of spanking pictures...

Click below for this latest issue:

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Story Of The Day: A Big Boy Like You

Our next 'Story of the Day' is A Big Boy Like You by Seegee which has been recommended by LSF member, canadian spankee:

"Overall this is a nicely written story about a teen who's practical joke was discovered and the punishment he received.

Hillside High School is a school with a difference. The parents have granted permission to the school nurse, Barbara, to administer corporal punishment. This time one of her son's closest friends knocks on her door with a slip saying he is in need of discipline.

The emotional ties between the teen and the nurse are evident right from the start, but that does not stop Barbara from turning him over her knee and administering a spanking that he will remember for a long time. Barbara helps the teen deal with his parents, as the rule is the one we hear often - spanked at school equals spanked at home.

I highly recommend this story to all.

Senior high school student Adam Stanton is sent to the school's nurse and disciplinarian Barbara Whiteside for a taste of bare bottom discipline!

synopsis by flopsybunny

New Author: John Graves

Our latest author is John Graves who has just submitted his story called A Birthday Request. Here is the synopsis:

A Birthday Request
Approaching his thirtieth birthday, Bob can wait no longer to discover what it is like to be spanked. His very empathetic girlfriend finds that her confidence grows and she is happy to make use of the gift he gave her - as well as issuing the odd threat for the future!
synopsis by corncrake

Saturday, 20 October 2012

20,000 Submissions for the LSF

Here it is - another milestone for the LSF as we now reach a total of twenty thousand items loaded. Alas, we did not have anything of great import to load for the 20,000th submission - so we have had to make do with an unconventional tale about pork scratchings.

20,000 items represents a seriously staggering amount of reading material and should keep the boredom at bay for us all during the approaching long winter nights...

Anyway, huge thanks to all the readers, validaters and authors of the LSF community. Let us raise our virtual glasses and drink a toast to the next 20,000.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Author: ddvinme

Our latest author is ddvinme whose has just submitted a story called Brat On A Bus. Here is the synopsis:

Spanko Airlines
Jenny fantasises about her professor, Dr James, spanking her. As their relationship develops matters come to a head on a bus tour during a Mexican holiday. Her insolent behaviour leaves him no choice but to punish her properly in public.
synopsis by corncrake

Monday, 15 October 2012

Story Of The Day: Bottom Marks

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Bottom Marks by Arthur James Blimp which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb:

"The easy way in which the author takes us into the private world of the old fashioned school, and indeed, the even more private world of that inner sanctum, the staff room suggests a first hand knowledge of this environment so beloved of many spanking story writers.

What is so delightful about this story is the way the characters fence about each other with a delicacy which surely is only to be found in the pages of fiction.

The uncertainty which which the characters negotiated the trousers-down scene was very well handled, the characters knowing that this wasn't quite the right thing to do and yet feeling themselves driven on by a narrative they didn't quite understand – as indeed the reader doesn't. Do they know they're in a story? Not quite. It is that very uncertainty of motive which adds to the quality of the story, as the characters remained enigmatic throughout, and there was no tell-all at the end.

Even people who don't appreciate the finer points of the schoolboy caning story can find something to enjoy here.

The young housemistress is not too surprised when she is told that Meadows likes to be caned. He is after all the most often caned boy in her house. When she has to cane him twice in just three days she tries to worry him by threatening to do it bare. Meadows however is unmoved and allows her to do just that. He claims to hate being caned but she is still not convinced.

synopsis by Pinkangel

This Week's Acquisitions

Here we are with more items hot off the LSF press for your entertainment and delight. There's a little something for everyone here. Enjoy.

Arthur James Blimp:
A Suitable Boy

Standing In The Corner
Step Out Of The Car Young Lady
With The Teacher's Panties Down
The Wooden Spoon

Canadian Spankee:
Peter's Boss, Now and Forever

Brat On A Bus

A Deliciously Humiliating Experience

Clint And The Empty Chair

J Wackford Colton:
My Once Darling Teacher

Katie B:
Putting The House In Order - Part 1


Louise Vancisic:
Thank You Notes - Part 4

Me! Me! Me!

Poppa Mark:
Domestic Discipline, Group Style - Part 6

Rachel Gordon:
Life's Boundaries - Part 3
The Matron... - Part 4

Peter Spank - Part 3

The Return Of Acme Paddle Co. - Part 1
The Return Of Acme Paddle Co. - Part 2

One Door Closes Another Opens - Part 1
One Door Closes Another Opens - Part 2

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Well, it appears that the LSF's Head Librarian can never manage to stay online for more than a couple of weeks without something untoward happening! Exploding power supplies, defective pcs, internet connectivity problems and currently her phone line is down once again. I'm sure the inhabitants of Ulaanbaatar must have a more reliable phone connection but then again we are talking British Telecom here so anything is possible. Anyway, here is the somewhat truncated list of the 24 items loaded to the LSF during the previous week, prepared by my own fair hand:

The Second-Best Bed Explained

Barbara - Part 2
Barbara - Part 3

Walking Naked Down Main Street

Sarah's Submission

Dr Keate:
The Monstrous Regiment - Part 1
The Monstrous Regiment - Part 2

Linda's Wish - Part 6

Horrible Aunt Harriet & The Peeping Tom
Lessons With Mr Carmichael
A Mother And Daughter Spanked ...

The Cabin In The Woods
Over A Code Red Redux

Corporate Justice - Part 5

Jack Crawford:
The Cheating Boss
Paying The Rent

Spanko Airlines

Assault Courses - Part 3

The Six Heroines Of Spanking Fiction

The Birthday Tradition

The Ruler
Spanking Hotel - Part 3

Julie, A Hairbrush & Myself - Part 4

Summer Is Retrained

Friday, 5 October 2012

Story Of The Day: Attraction

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Attraction by Flogmaster which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb:

"One of the challenges in good writing is to make each word pull its weight, to craft a story such that it is told without waffle.

Flogmaster starts inauspiciously enough with a description of a girl which wouldn't even float a stick on a puddle, let alone a thousand ships whilst the true situation of the protagonists is hidden from us, only marred slightly by one dodgy word in the first sentence.

Simply and without excess verbiage the moral unfolds, of attraction being more than skin deep, an idea not new, nor even unique, but an important lesson to be learned by youngsters and recalled by oldsters, reaching its pinnacle in the delightful phrase “ the time the two were released, Chad was in love”.

A quick read, but well worth it.

Chad and Eva meet in unusual circumstances, outside the Head's office waiting to be caned. He tries to comfort her and by the time the canings are over, he is in love. What better way to get to know someone.

synopsis by Pinkangel

New Author: Legion300

Our latest author is Legion300 whose has just submitted a story called Spanko Airlines. Here is the synopsis:

Spanko Airlines
Zoey and her Mum are awaiting their flight en route for Disney World. All children on flights with Spanko Airlines are subject to various conditions, however, in an attempt to prevent noisy behaviour during the flight, Zoey being no exception.
synopsis by corncrake

New Author: Lucian

Yet another new author joins the ranks of the LSF. Our latest author is Lucian whose has just submitted a story called Assault Courses. Here is the synopsis:

Assault Courses - Part 1
Presented in the format of a brochure, this offers a guide to a highly inventive 'theme park' featuring various tests and resultant punishments for the younger age groups. Ranging from a schoolroom to a prison ship, each scenario is accompanied by its unique scoring information.
synopsis by corncrake

New Author: Sparky2

Our latest new author is Sparky2 whose has just submitted a story called Seven Minute Frosting. Here is the synopsis:

Seven Minute Frosting
Pleased that she has managed to get everything done, Caroline is outraged to be despatched upstairs by a clearly angry husband. There appears to be some significance to the number seven, but it is well over seven minutes before she has atoned for - and benefitted from - her latest sins.
synopsis by corncrake

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Even though lots of people are beavering away at their entries for the forthcoming 'Through The Keyhole' story challenge, we still have another truckload of new stories. Here is the list of the latest titles loaded. Enjoy.

Arthur James Blimp:
The Immortal Sole

Bottomsville - Part 07
Bottomsville - Part 08
Bottomsville - Part 09

Disciplinarians - Part 1
Disciplinarians - Part 2
Disciplinarians - Part 3
Her Dress Up And Panties Down
Met His Waterloo
Retribution In Full View - Part 2
Singaporean Girl
Spanked In Eldorado
Spanked The Girls & Made Them Cry
Ya Gotta Love Her

The Choirgirl - Part 8

Canadian Spankee:
What Happens In Vegas...?

Cherry Red:
Joanna's Panty Band Cheeks

DJ Black:
The Lady Of The House
The New Mrs Harris - Part 1
The New Mrs Harris - Part 2
The New Mrs Harris - Part 3

Dr Keate:
Community Corrections - Part 13
Community Corrections - Part 14

Linda's Wish - Part 5

In Front Of Everybody - Part 1


A Caning To Remember
The Contract

J Wackford Colton:
My Shortly To Be Ex-Darling Teacher

Spanking Me Swiftly With His Thong

Joy Peters:
Mother And Daughter

Louise Vancisic:
Thank You Notes - Part 1
Thank You Notes - Part 2
Thank You Notes - Part 3

Mr. Magazine:
Oct 1968 - D.M., Massachusetts
Oct 1968 - F.S., Leeds, England
Oct 1968 - Wild Wild World

Nancy Wing:
Carer Training

Sandra, Bingo & The Van Man

I Cain't Say 'No'
Oh What A Beautiful Bottom

Phil K:
The Feminine Rear
Linda's Bottom
The President's Daughters
Young Lady Of Nimes

Rick Marlowe:
Your Little Butt Is Mine

The Advertisement

The Dinner Party - Part 3