Saturday, 31 August 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Yes, it's that time of the week again, new stories galore. After accidentally missing a couple of these, the other two have had me chained to my desk and have confiscated my crisp allowance. So, I am on the ball this morning. Anyway, enjoy the new stories and I will see you all again, same time, same place, next week. I'm off to hunt down some crisps.

Arthur James Blimp:
A Satisfactory Tale

Aunt Carla:
Becky's Post-Spanking Snippet

Bottomsup Becky:
The Temporary Foster Home - Part 1
The Temporary Foster Home - Part 2

This Spanking Life

Cherry Red:
March Madness & Cheer Panties - Part 5

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Librarian - Part 15
The Librarian - Part 16

The New Governess At Denfleet Hall

The Dome Of Berlin
Packing For A Tour Of Eastern Europe
Viewing The Wall

Jacqueline Scott:
The Long Weekend - Part 1
The Long Weekend - Part 2
The Long Weekend - Part 3
The Long Weekend - Part 4

Henry - Part 3
His Letter

Nancy Wing:
The Accounting

The Cane In Spain

Marks Top And Bottom - Part 1
Marks Top And Bottom - Part 2
Marks Top And Bottom - Part 3

Mortgage Arrears
The New School Secretary

Wedding Day Wednesday Night - Part 2

Susan Thomas:
The Black Card
The Nice Headmaster
The Students Of The Nice Headmaster

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Here's the latest loaded list again folks. It's been a busy time for both staff and punters (lovely word, punters ...) of the LSF as we have just completed the latest story challenge. More about that later.

In the meantime, there's plenty of new stories to get your teeth in to. Enjoy.

A Quick Correction
Virtual Vengeance

Big Billie:
Schoolgirl Slap Down

Canadian Spankee:
Truck Driver's Lady

Dr Keate:
Soundly Spanked Six-Love Six-Love!

Susan's Weekend - The Sequel

The Handyman
Michael And The Shrink
Rules Are Meant To Be Broken
Three Merry Maids - Part 5
Three Merry Maids - Part 6


The Nerd - Part 3

Henry - Part 1
Henry - Part 2

Running Into The Prefect

Rachel Redbum:
Structure And Accountability - Part 12
Teacher Busted In Drug Raid

Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 06

Rick Marlowe:
The Fourth Thing - Part 1
The Fourth Thing - Part 2

Wedding Day Wednesday Night - Part 1

Swish Strict:

Latest Acquisitions

Here we are again. Whether you want a cure for sadness, an aunt who canes, or an occasional perk of being a geek, read on! They are all in here!

PinkAngel has forgotten to do this list and shall be whipped soundly with a stick of celery :D

Alan de Veau:
Richard's Cure

Arthur James Blimp:
A Cure For Sadness
Thin Pyjamas

Second Wednesdays


The Curiosity Shop - Part 12
The Housekeeper - Part 4
Sisters Of The Lash

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Librarian - Part 13
The Librarian - Part 14

Janus Magazine:
Aunt Who Canes
Checkmate And Six Of The Best

Josh Day:
Summer Camp Story - Part 3

Getting (It) With The Program

A Birthday Lesson
The Occasional Perk Of Being A Geek

Margaret Jane:
Gym Time

Nancy Wing:
Three For Two


Larp The Magic Dragon

Phil K:
Roman Justice

Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 05

Red Mist, Red Bottom!

Letter To The Editor 2

His Greatest Wish?

Wedding Day Wednesday Morning - Part 1
Wedding Day Wednesday Morning - Part 2

Susan Thomas:
Erin's Cousin - Part 1
Erin's Cousin - Part 2
Erin's Cousin - Part 3
Erin's Cousin - Part 4
Erin's Cousin - Part 5
Erin's Cousin - Part 6
The Last Spanking Story - Part 5
The Last Spanking Story - Part 6
The Truant

Story of the Day - Crosswired

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Crosswired by John Benson which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb

"This is a story not for a casual read. Whilst there are sections designed to arouse the reader, this isn't the main attraction. The author probes the ambivalence and guilt which lies at the heart of our kink by telling the tale of two youngsters trying to engineer an outcome for themselves, and yet, by an unexpected intervention getting more than they bargained for and less than they deserved.

Possibly they'll get also a greater prize cunningly bestowed under the noses of the authorities by the character called The Adept who surmises "What benefits society doesn't always benefit those in power"

The protagonists stories are crosswired, but so are the machinations of those in control.

It's a tale well worth reading, but be prepared to give it a little time.

Caitlin and Tom find themselves part of each others 'virtual punishment'. After it is over they are offered the chance to remain together, which they take. The 'Adept' knows that together they will both become good for society, as they can give each other what they need.

synopsis by PinkAngel

Thursday, 15 August 2013

New Author - Samslipper

Our latest author is Samslipper who has recently submitted a story called His Greatest Wish?.

His Greatest Wish?
Stephan found that no matter what he did, he never got spanked! Through school, university, marriage and divorce, it just never happened. Now though he has a way, will his greatest wish come true or not?
synopsis by PinkAngel

Monday, 12 August 2013

New Author - Kia

Our latest author is Kia who has recently submitted a story called The House At The End Of The Street.

The House At The End Of The Street
The always well-behaved Meg discovers a hint of a different self at college. Back home for the summer, s small misbehavior reunites her with an old acquaintance. She invites Bill to remind her to behave.
synopsis by Dave

New Author - David G

Our latest author is David G who has recently submitted a story called Little Maggie Baker.

Little Maggie Baker
Davey is asked to look after Maggie for a while. She is known to be a strange child but they soon find out they have something special in common.
synopsis by PinkAngel

New Author - Big Billie

Our latest author is Big Billie who has recently submitted a story called Spanked, Deflowered And Impregnated.

Spanked, Deflowered And Impregnated
Bill was a committed Christian who designed websites. In need of a secretary, he hired Rachel, an 18 y.o. girl of East African origin. All went well until Rachel screwed up badly. She told Ken she deserved to be spanked on the bare and Ken did exactly that. After her spanking, they made love, she got pregnant and they got married.
synopsis by dundee47

New Author - Eva

Our latest author is Eva who has recently submitted a five part story called The Artist's Studio.

The Artist's Studio - Part 1
Eva had attended an art exhibition where she met Gerard and Phillipe. Gerard invited her to his studio where she found Phillipe was his assistant. When Phillipe disrobed to model she saw his bottom was red and marked. Gerard showed her how he had done it.
synopsis by dundee47

Story of the Day - Are You Very Strict with the Boys?

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Are You Very Strict with the Boys? by Arthur James Blimp which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb

"This is a quite delightful story – From reading the title one knows approximately what will transpire, and it doesn't disappoint. The two main characters are so well drawn that male readers of the right persuasion will be deeply jealous of young Mr Rosen the journalist, urging him in their minds to submit to his - and their fantasies.

The effect of the interview is like watching that between a cat and a mouse. The Headmistress predicting the storyline with amused detachment, the journalist seeing it but not knowing if he has the guts to allow it to happen.

There are in addition a number of lovely touches – the difference between thwack and thwock for example, the “exchange of prisoners”, for make no mistake, there is a prisoner here, and he's not attending the school.

All in all a not-unusual scenario for a spanking story but executed with great skill.

Mr Rosen is tasked with interviewing the Headmistress of the local prep school, for the paper he is working for. He can't resist asking her about punishments at the school and soon gets to listen as a boy is caned. He manages to give away his interest in corporal punishment and finds himself also receiving six of the best.

synopsis by PinkAngel

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Oh dear, I have just remembered why I should do this when it is first due and not several days later. I am sure that yellow button chases me. I am known for a certain amount of ocd, just enough that I can't leave something that needs doing for long if there is a visual reminder that I need to do it. Anyway, as ever some great new stories for you all... Enjoy

Zero Tolerance

Do You Believe In Fate?

Canadian Spankee:
But I...

My Most Embarrassing Spanking...

Cherry Red:
Hermione's School Rebellion

David G:
Little Maggie Baker

DJ Black:
Committee Of One
I Stranger
Magic - Part 40
Magic - Part 41
Magic - Part 42
Magic - Part 43

Dr Keate:
On The Brink

The Housekeeper - Part 3

The House At The End Of The Street

Chicken Licken

Rachel Redbum:
Spanked At School, Spanked At Home

Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 04

Rick Marlowe:
Schrodinger's Kat

Tender Bottom Tuesday - Part 2

Intimacy Intensive - Part 11

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Well, despite the latest challenge being well underway there has still been some time for other stories to be written and posted. Now you know what to read if you need a break from challenge stories, there is plenty here for everyone, as ever. So, find your favourite chair, pop on those comfy slippers and settle down for a while with your favourite LSF author.

A Lesson At The Laundromat

Black: A Game Of Chess
Blue: The Law And The Power
Green: A Ballad
White: The Meaning Of Wimbledon

The Lord Of The Manor - Part 5
The Lord Of The Manor - Part 6
The Lord Of The Manor - Part 7

Big Billie:
Spanked, Deflowered And Impregnated


Aunt's Birthday Present

Dr Keate:
The Big Hard Spanky Mountains

Linda's Wish - Part 11

Examination Time
Susan's Weekend

Peaceful Lake

Geoffrey Stirling:
52 Hours - Part 1
52 Hours - Part 2
52 Hours - Part 3

Appointment For Contrition - Part 13

Jack Crawford:
Motivation For Humiliation
The Worst Bet Ever Made

Louise Vancisic:
Creative Writing

School Whackings And Chance

Margaret Jane:
The Conquest

Phil K:
Someone To Spank Naughty Me

Rachel Redbum:
Structure And Accountability - Part 11

Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 03

Hands Across The Water

A Friend Who Cares... - Part 12
A Friend Who Cares... - Part 13

Ryan Rowland:
The Painful Price Of Justice

Tender Bottom Tuesday - Part 1

Aunt Lillian - Part 1
Aunt Lillian - Part 2
New Deal
September In The City

Southern Exposure - Part 57
Southern Exposure - Part 58