Saturday, 27 October 2012

Story Of The Day: Payment In Full

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Payment In Full by imreadonly2 which has been recommended by LSF member, opb:

"Anybody wanting an explanation of the expression 'hoist by your own petard' need look no further than this story. An unassuming title belies the treasure beneath as a woman engineers herself into a situation which delivers much, much more than she bargained for along with plenty of laughs for us as we enjoy her predicament safe in the knowledge that she cannot complain.

There are no great philosophical insights here, just a healthy dose of schadenfreude (actually it's a pretty good example of that as well) and a small comment on the predilections of beetles.

It's well worth a read if you like your heroines trussed and spanked and subjected to other indignities, and in particular, being hoisted by their own petards.

Part 1 - As a gift to her boyfriend April gags and ties herself in an exposed manner to the furniture, leaving him a note instructing him to punish her. But when her boyfriend doesn't show up, her neighbors are happy to oblige and extract revenge for her previous teasing of them by filling in.

Part 2 - Self-bondage, unexpected visitors, and the most irritating, persistent beetle! Part Two features April listening to the Mexican gardeners working outside and receiving a subsequent visit from Bertha Mae, an unpleasantly malicious church-lady type with a score to settle!

synopsis by corncrake

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