Saturday, 3 November 2012

Story Of The Day: All The Days Of Our Lives

Our next 'Story of the Day' is All the Days of our Lives by Saradora which has been recommended by LSF member, corncrake:

"This story hadn’t been read as widely as I felt it deserved when I first ‘discovered’ it earlier this year. Following the usual interesting but clearly predictable pattern, a few people who had noticed it being read followed suit. But I do think it deserves a still wider readership and I’d love to think of more people getting pleasure from it.

It is a very simple plot, tracing the relationship between a couple in which the man uses a very severe spanking to impress on his partner that she must take her essential medication, that he loves her too much to lose her. She in turn is really frightened, finding the pain more than she can bear and believes that he must hate her. She leaves him, flatly refusing to answer any messages, until they eventually re-establish communication."

The magic of this story is in the wonderfully emotive, descriptive prose. It is a tale of love, fear, loss, reflection, regret and eventual reconciliation. Some of the passages, to me, are the total loving embodiment of tenderness and so very moving. I hope that some more people can find as much enjoyment in the reading of it as I did.

A harsh spanking leads to a young lady leaving her fiance and fleeing to find sanctuary and time to think. He begs her to return and compromises must be met on both sides before they can continue with their love.

synopsis by PinkAngel

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