Tuesday, 4 December 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Does anyone have snow yet? Plenty here in Scotland. It was a bit frosty in the staffroom yesterday afternoon too when it was discovered that I had eaten all the mince pies... again. Ooops! Anyway, have a good week and here are the latest loaded stories to keep you all busy.

Deep Down

I Gave Her My Heart
My Heroes Have Always Been Spankos

The Revisit - Part 2

Border Cities Star:
Spanking Flapper Daughters

I Want To Kill My Mother-in-law

Deseret News:
Wife Threw A Tantrum

Evening Independent:
Husband Enjoys Spankings By Wife

Grandma And The Flying Carpet

Geoffrey Stirling:
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 04
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 05
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 06
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 07

John Graves:
Lexan Motivation

The Contest

Life Magazine:
Reform By Spanking
Spanking For Glamor Girls

Louise Vancisic:
Julie And Lacie - Part 1
Julie And Lacie - Part 2
Julie And Lacie - Part 3

Miami News:
Spanking Wife Is 'Fine Art'

Milwaukee Journal:
Wanted Jello But Got A Spanking...

Milwaukee Sentinel:
Can Bring One To Senses
Spanked Spouse Became Dutiful Wife
When To Spank Your Wife
Where Can You Spank Your Wife?

Montreal Gazette:
Spanked For Reckless Spending

Nevada Daily Mail:
Wife Spanked - Drops Suit

New York Times:
Mercer Sophomores Spanked...

Weekend Games - Part 4

Palm Beach Post:
Ardent Advocate Of Spanking
Some Wives Deserve Spanking
Willful Bride...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Spanked Wife Sounds Immature
Wife-Spanking Urged

Prescott Courier:
Following Spanking...

Quebec Telegraph:
Court Orders Wife To Spank Husband

Sarasota Herald-Tribune:
Wife Tired Of Hubby's Bookkeeping

The Spank Shop - Part 29

Hot Lips Gets Spanked
Joan Of Arcadia's Smoking Bottom

Spokane Chronicle:
Husband Ordered To Spank Wife
Wives Who Drink Too Much

St. Petersburg Times:
He Spanked Wife Witness Says
Perfect Partnership
Reliving Childhood Memories
Wife Spanking: Iowa

Sunday Morning Star:
Took Wife From Bath...

Susan Thomas:
Alison Arrives Home
Alison's Bad Day
Alison's Partnership
The Great Strike...

Tara Black:
The Headmaster's Cane - Part 3

The Day:
Drunken Boarder's Request
Man And Wife Spanked
Wife Needs Spanking - And She Gets One!

Toledo News-Bee:
This Judge Spanks Girl Poachers

Day Off - Part 2

Tuscaloosa News:
Does Corporal Punishment Aid Marriage?
Wayward Husband Needs A Hairbrush

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