Saturday, 30 May 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks, hope you're all having a great weekend and that you'll find some leisure time to put your feet up and read some of your favourite spanking stories.

Here's a listing of items recently loaded to the LSF.

See you next week!

Our Life

Camp Briarswitch - Part 4
Camp Briarswitch - Part 5
Camp Briarswitch - Part 6

The Car Maintenance Class

Canadian Spankee:
Tutoring Stan

A New Spanking Plan
Special Education

Chess Club Was Never Like This

Crimson Kid:
It Sure Is Fun! #3

David Wright:
Taking Advantage

DJ Black:
Exit Strategy
The Sheikh... - Part 5
The Sheikh... - Part 6
Soul Mates

The Dreamers

As Mundane As A Spanking

Lisa Berry:
Memories Of A Hospital Sister - Part 1
Memories Of A Sales Assistant - Part 2
The Pain Of The Cane

Louise Vancisic:
Mary Ann - Part 1


Steph - Part 4
Steph - Part 5

Susan Thomas:
Alice's Education - Part 15
Alice's Education - Part 16
Alice's Education - Part 17
Matilda's Video
Wednesday's Child

Tom Simple:

Saturday, 16 May 2015

New Author - Belmont Stephen

Our latest author is Belmont Stephen who has recently submitted a story called Dorothy And Swimming Class .

Dorothy And Swimming Class
Eleanor is not only the last girl out of the pool, but has not completed all of the assigned laps. Her punishment is to strip and do belly flops, prodded by the snap of a towel, until she has done two to the teacher's satisfaction. Then, Miss Boynton spanks her while she lies on the diving board.
synopsis by FIBlue

New Author - David Wright

Our latest author is David Wright who has recently submitted a story called A Room With A View.

A Room With A View
He had found a room in the biology block from which he could see right into the headmaster's study. One day he watched a girl from his form enter and be lectured before she was instructed to remove her dress and to bend over for the cane.
synopsis by dundee47

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings. Hope you get time during the weekend to call round to the Library of Spanking Fiction to catch up on your reading.

We have lots of new spanky stories for your attention.

There's a new audio recording too!

Alan Barr:
For Better Or For Worse
The Ups And Downs Of A Spanky Man

Camp Briarswitch - Part 1
Camp Briarswitch - Part 2
Camp Briarswitch - Part 3

Better Red Than Dead

Not A Bad Old Stick

Cherry Red:
Amber's Panty Thong Schooling - Part 3

The Thrashing

DJ Black:
Adventures Of A Bottom 3
Adventures Of A Bottom 4
Impolite Society
Needs Must
Sheikh... - Part 4

Dr Keate:
The Spankings At High House - Part 02

Karen's Dilemma

Geoffrey Stirling:
Adverbally Spanked
Uncle John - Part 3
Uncle John - Part 4
Uncle John - Part 5

Ellie's First Time

Deep Pockets

The Very Naughty Miss Cole - Part 3

Lisa Berry:
Itching Powder
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 07

Addicted To Bums
The Maiden

Steph - Part 3

Pamela & Richard - Part 7

Tom Levi:
To Paddle A Teacher

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings. Please see our latest loaded list. Now that the story challenge has finished, make sure you pop by and read the entries. A big thank you to all who entered and voted, and congratulations to the winners and runners up.

Have a good weekend. See you next week.

Alan Barr:
Buttercup's Punishment

The Traveling Disciplinarian

The Women In My Life

Canadian Spankee:
Martin And Eric
Steven's Crush

Crimson Kid:
It's Not Fair! #3

Dr Keate:
May Day - Part 1
May Day - Part 2
May Day - Part 3
May Day - Part 4
May Day - Part 5
May Day - Part 6


My First Time

Jack Crawford:
The Debt Collector - Part 4
The Debt Collector - Part 5
The Debt Collector - Part 6

Jacqueline Scott:
I Could Have Danced All Night

The New School Governors - Part 1
The New School Governors - Part 2

John Graves:
Bad Habits

A New Way Of Being Dealt With - Part 4

The Very Naughty Miss Cole - Part 2

Lisa Berry:
Memories Of A Sales Assistant - Part 1
The Pain Of The Slipper

Louise Watson:
Spanking For The Secretary

Steph - Part 2

Susan Thomas:
Alice's Education - Part 12
Alice's Education - Part 13
Alice's Education - Part 14