Sunday, 27 May 2012


Adding to his previous recordings of Gilbert & Sullivan parodies, opb has just sent us Swish-Willow, the LSF version of 'Tit-Willow' from the Mikado. The lyrics, in which a young lady finds how a riverside tree can be quite instrumental in improving attitudes, were once again provided by Phil K. Here is a sample::

Thank Heaven For Naughty Girls

The latest item to be loaded to the LSF jukebox is Thank Heaven For Naughty Girls, a parody of the 1957 song, 'Thank Heaven for Little Girls', which was written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe and originally performed by Maurice Chevalier. The LSF version is performed by opb with the lyrics provided by Phil K. A short excerpt of the full version can be heard below:

Saturday, 26 May 2012

1,000 Days!

It can be something of a precarious business keeping sites that have spanking content afloat these days. It's all too easy for them to disappear over night so it's somewhat pleasing to report that today we are celebrating our 1,000th day of being online. During those 1,000 days downtime has been absolutely minimal and apart from getting briefly shut down (for less than a day each time) when we overloaded our shared server the site has pretty much been available and responsive all the time.

Of course, the library facility as such has actually been in existence a lot longer than 1,000 days but it was originally only available as part of the Bottom Lines web site before we took the decision to launch it with its own URL upon the unsuspecting masses. We really only did this at the time as a sort of experiment as it had pretty much lost its appeal on the BL site. The rest as they say is history and 1,000 days has somewhat scarily flown by. Of course, the site has changed a huge amount since its initial launch and has had to be structurally redesigned to accommodate the increased number of items loaded, comments made and members using the site.

Although a technophile at heart my own personal interest in site building has always been in establishing communities rather than providing technical features and it's very rewarding to see such a good atmosphere on the site as well as a very healthy exchange between authors and readers.

Not wishing to end on a down note but who knows what will happen in the future so my personal advice is to enjoy the site and it's many facilities while you can and hopefully I can write the very same thing at the end of a post to celebrate 2,000 days. Thanks to all of those who have contributed in some positive way to making the site what it is whether they be validators, authors, commenters, forum posters or general readers.

This Week's Acquisitions

Thankfully the recent spate of hot weather hasn't put people off writing. Here we have a list of the titles added during the last week.

Alan de Veau:
2084: The Training

Getting Burned

A Boy Becomes A Legend

Canadian Spankee:
New Spanking Stick

A Wife's Revenge - Part 1

Aunt's Medicine - Part 07
I Understand And...

The Director's Demise - Part 1

Cherry Red:
I Can't Believe I Got Away With It - Part 2

Dr Keate:
The Correction Committee - Part 07
The Correction Committee - Part 08
The Correction Committee - Part 09

Cheese Monsters

Hand For Hire - Part 7

Grace Brackenridge:
Better Than Therapy!
Making A Spanking Hurt
Old-Fashion Motivation
Somebody Else's Mom Spanks Best
Spanked By The Waterfall
With Mrs. Sandoval, No Waiting

Disciplinary Charter School (DCS)

Imogen Hart:
It All Went Swimmingly

A Day In The Life Of

Weekly Progress Update - Part 1

The Sales Gimmick

Lawrence Kinden:

Nightmare In The Stabler House

Brief Encounter
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 01
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 02
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 03
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 04
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 05
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 06
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 07
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 08
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 09
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 10
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 11
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 12
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 13
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 14
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 15
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 16
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 17
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 18
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 19
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 2 - Part 20

Mr. Magazine:
Aug 1967 - A.N., Lancashire
Aug 1967 - C.L., Florida
Aug 1967 - Wild Wild World

Nothing Like The Cane

Serenade Con Brio - Part 3

Phil K:
Castilian Learning The Tango
Jeune Fille De Bresse
No More Of That
Reminder Before Bed
The Truth About Linda
Young Lady From Loughton

A Summer With Aunt Mabel - Part 2

Music Lessons

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Spanking Art Wiki Returns

The Spanking Art Wiki site has been down for a number of weeks due to its host being unavailable (due to the server fees not being paid). It has, however, just been relaunched using a new host and can now be found at this new address:

Spankart informs me that the site is going to be particularly slow to respond at first but an improvement in speed is expected in a week or two's time.

My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things is a well-known song from the movie The Sound Of Music. Here we have a clip from the LSF version, with Miss Naughty exercising her vocal chords!

Nothing Like The Cane

There Is Nothing Like A Dame is a well-known song from the movie South Pacific. Here is a taster from the LSF version, Nothing Like The Cane, with vocals by opb. Rodgers and Hammerstein eat your heart out!!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Six New Narrations

The LSF Audio Project continues apace with 6 further recordings narrated by Miss Naughty taking us to a total of 179 items. Audio versions of the following were loaded earlier today:

The Curate by Neil, The Whipping Contest by Flogmaster, The Wedding by Flogmaster, Staff by Flogmaster, If You Go Down To The Woods Tonight by Kilahara and The Boss by Carnations72

Friday, 18 May 2012

This Week's Acquistions

Another busy week at the LSF with 200 packets of crisps and 75 king-sized bars of chocolate consumed, in addition to a crate of Red Bull and a barrel of sherry.

For those of you who like lists, here's one just for you: a list of all the new additions to the LSF over the past week. We do of course have permission from each of the authors to archive their works in the library. Members of the LSF can read the full text of the following:

Alan Barr:
Educational Supplies

Spanking For Physicists
The Tutor's Triumph

Don't Forget Your Wallet
The Lady Coach - Part 7

Money, Penny

DJ Black:
Wild West Hero

Cry Baby Bunting
Hot Cross Buns
Jack And Jill
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
There Was An Old Woman

Dr Keate:
The Correction Committee - Part 05
The Correction Committee - Part 06

Alien Abduction
The Last Straw
The Legend Of Spanking Rock
The Promise
The Research Assistant
Spanking Scene
Titan 5
The Wife Sitter

The Cupboard Of Nasty Surprises

Secret Room In The Bathhouse

H. Kerrsutherland:
The Harem Show
Lesson Learned
Two For One

The Road Less Travelled - Part 6
Twenty Questions

Jacqueline Scott:
Jane Anderson - Part 1
Jane Anderson - Part 2
Jane Anderson - Part 3
Jane Anderson - Part 4

Psych 101

Taking Responsibility

The Whip That Saved Venice - Part 2

Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 1 - Part 1
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 1 - Part 2
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 1 - Part 3
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 1 - Part 4
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 1 - Part 5
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 1 - Part 6
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 1 - Part 7
Disciplining Rachel, Chapter 1 - Part 8

Louise Watson:
Confessions Of A Naughty Schoolgirl - Part 20

The Hour Of Contrition
The Man Who Sold The World - Part 6

The Cleansing

Cropton Girls Play Spanking Cheat

New Author: Listy

Who better for Disciplining Rachel than the latest new author, Listy. The first 8 parts of Disciplining Rachel are now available.

Moans and other random thoughts...

Now of course being female I am not prone to moaning (hush now!) but there are some things in life that, well... need to be addressed.

For example; How is it that when I go to bed of an evening my 'secret' crisp stash, locked securely in my desk, miraculously goes down? I have my suspicions so watch this space for my newly patented bunny trap.

Flopsybunny and I were chatting earlier and what was the most important thing on her mind? Well she was lamenting the fact that you simply cannot get decent sausage skins!! Sausage skins?! I asked her, what's wrong with sausage skins? She then informed me that they are either tough and chewy or weak and split. Mad I say, mad!

It did get me thinking though... If bread is square, why is sandwich meat round?

No wonder no work is getting done today! I wonder... When my get up and go got up and went, where exactly DID it go?

To finish I have a few questions for you all to ponder:

If writers write, why don't fingers fing, grocers groce, and hammers ham?

Why are there 5 syllables in the word 'monosyllabic'?

Why do overlook and oversee mean opposite things?

Why is the word abbreviation so long?

How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and wise guy are opposites?

I think I need to rest!!!

1,000 Day Countdown

We are on day 992 of the library's existence, only eight days until we reach the big 1,000! We hope to mark the occasion with a huge party and consuming our own bodyweight in crisps, chocolate and booze - well faux red bull for Februs.

All contributions to this gratefully received. We accept, buttons, gold bullion, false teeth and of course loose change. All such contributions will be misused for our own pleasure.

So far we have 12 buttons, some rather over-large grey knickers that flops keeps waving around and 17 pence in change, it is going to be some party :D

Lucky Dip

One of the many excellent functions we have on the library, thanks to Februs, is a Lucky Dip button. This is perfect for when you can't decide what you fancy reading, or if you just want a change - perhaps to discover an older piece of work or a new author who has passed you by. Anyway, I have decided to give it a go and then tell you about the story that was chosen for me.

Mandy by Pappy was what came up at the top of the lucky dip list.

Without even opening the story I could tell some of what to expect due to the synopsis, content icons and sub genre provided at the time of validation. Happy with this I sat down to read...

Mandy is a story of two teens who are very in touch with their needs and burgeoning desires - even if they don't understand the link yet. It also tells of a blended family and acceptance of a new man into the household. Of course it has spanking action, dealt with in a smooth descriptive way.

Did I enjoy the story? Yes most definitely. Would I have chosen to read it without using the lucky dip button? No, I doubt it very much. Am I glad I did? Yes and I shall definitely do so again.

LSF Audio

Almost a year ago, we kicked off our audio project, investigating whether, in addition to text documents, we could provide stories as audio files. Tech guru Februs did all the clever bits, and our volunteer narrators did the rest! We had a lot of fun during the process and have now around 150 items loaded. So if you fancy listening to a spanky bedtime story, you know where to come.

As a logical progression from narrations we moved on to songs and these can be selected (once logged into the site) from our very own Juke Box.

New Author - Flatfish

Flatfish joins the ranks of the LSF authors (and what an original nick he has!) and we have just loaded ten of his stories.


We thought it about time we got around to creating a blog - so here it is! For anyone out there who doesn't know about us, The Library of Spanking Fiction (LSF) originated as one of the features on a members only site called Bottom Lines. We took the decision to make the LSF publicly available in August 2009 and have never looked back. Current membership is over 10,000, and we have almost 19,000 spanking stories available from over 500 authors. We also have a lively forum plus a chat room. Alas, Google hates spankos as it has cast us out of its indexes; but as dear old Google seems to like its own blogger sites - we thought we may as well jump in and have one!

So, in this worthy repository of spanking fiction you will find stories, poems, serials, letters, limericks, songs and even a play or two ... all related to the noble art of spanking. Our audio project to record selected songs poems and stories is ongoing - more about that later. What makes the site special is our non commercial ethos - in other words, site hosting etc fees come out of our own pockets and use of the site is absolutely free once you have registered. All we ask in return is that readers use the site responsibly and leave a few comments on stories they have particularly enjoyed.

We'll be updating the blog regularly and aside from the usual wafflings and grumblings we'll provide all manner of amazing facts and information about what goes on behind the scenes at the LSF! Stay tuned!