Friday, 14 December 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

It's not that I've got any personal objection to Xmas, it's just that I'd prefer it happened on one day of the year rather than over 3 and a half months! Consequently, I'd decided not to have any Xmas decorations cluttering up the LSF. Unfortunately, the female library staff members seem to have taken objection to this and have been stomping around all over the place, muttering and mumbling, leaving empty crisps packets all over the bookshelves, refusing to update the blog and generally throwing a giant strop. It is, therefore, under duress that I have been forced to replace our tasteful gold unicorns with a pair of tacky reindeer from Dec 16th onwards. In the meantime, here is a slightly belated list of items loaded for the previous week:

Henderson And The Shoplifter

The Revisit - Part 3

Camp Counselors In Trouble

Her Late Night Spanking Story
A Trip to England. Or, Innocents Abroad

Married To The Cane
Mutton Dressed As Leopard - Part 3

Dr Keate:
Bleakdale Grange: The Haunting - Part 1

Evening News:
No More Caning

A Dutiful Father-In-Law
The Monolith

The Ladies Glory Parlour - Part 1
The Ladies Glory Parlour - Part 2
The White Ash Express
With Every Punishment, Comes A Reward

Geoffrey Stirling:
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 08
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 09
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 10
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 11
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 12
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 13
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 14
Bringing Stephanie On - Part 15

Daddy's Second Thoughts

Back To School 2

What Jen Found Out

John Graves:
Daughter-In-Law - Part 01
Daughter-In-Law - Part 02
Daughter-In-Law - Part 03
Daughter-In-Law - Part 04
Daughter-In-Law - Part 05
Daughter-In-Law - Part 06
Daughter-In-Law - Part 07
Daughter-In-Law - Part 08
Daughter-In-Law - Part 09
Daughter-In-Law - Part 10
A Trip To The Laundry Room

Joy Peters:
Fancourt Estate

The Girl Next Door - Part 1
The Girl Next Door - Part 2
The Girl Next Door - Part 3

Louise Vancisic:
Julie And Lacie - Part 4
Julie And Lacie - Part 5
Julie And Lacie - Part 6
Julie And Lacie - Part 7
Training Susan - Part 6
Training Susan - Part 7

Unspeakable Things

Nancy Wing:
Ellie And Teddy
The Fizzer

Obey Magazine:
Cold Flannel

Fat Bottomed Girls

Privilege Club:
Religious Roleplay

Rick Marlowe:
Spank A Little Bit Harder

Carrie's Comeuppance
Donna Gets A New Mom

Anne's Second Request - Part 1
Anne's Second Request - Part 2
Anne's Second Request - Part 3

Spokane Chronicle:
Spankings Have Effect

Tara Black:
Fundamentals - Part 1
Fundamentals - Part 2

Flambe'd Cheeks

Thomas Bruns:
Aunt Dee's Discipline
Class Obedience
Kelli's Grand Plan
Lady Cora's Lessons

Youngstown Vindicator:
Brat Wife Can't Be Cured

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