Sunday, 27 July 2014

Latest Acquisitions

I can't believe how quickly this week has whizzed by!

Anyhow, here is our list of new additions. This selection includes offerings from three new authors - Chip Wilson, Elorac, and ageplay writer, Chloe Carpenter.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, folks :)

The Baron's Daughter - Part 2
Join The Circus

The Poker Game - Part 4

Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece

Now I Understand

Cherry Red:
Brittany's Spandex Shorts Spanking - Part 3

Chip Wilson:
Paige's Black Friday

Chloe Carpenter:
Little Lizbet
Little Ruthie

Crimson Kid:
The Girlfriend Wager

Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 1
Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 2
Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 3
Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 4
Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 5
Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 6
Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 7
Royal Attitude Adjustment - Part 8

Harry's 40 Years Birthday Treat

Fiona Blue:
Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 7

Geoffrey Stirling:
Marianne's Birthday - Part 1

Imogen Hart:
The Public Caning Of Abigail Hunter


Leigh Smith:
Another Chance Ranch

Margaret Jane:
...And It Was Late In The Evening

Mary Bright:
Miss Rosette - Part 2

Sandra's Lunch Break Surprise - Part 1
Sandra's Lunch Break Surprise - Part 2

A Warm Welcome

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Another week has flown by! Here we are again with a list of the latest loaded items on the Library of Spanking Fiction.

There is torrential rain in my part of the country - a perfect opportunity to curl up and read some spanky stories.

Enjoy the latest offerings & have a great weekend.

First Time

The Tennis Coach - Part 1

Canadian Spankee:
Ask The Right Questions

Cherry Red:
Brittany's Spandex Shorts Spanking - Part 2

Dr Keate:
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 22
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 23
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 24
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 25

Jack Crawford:
Step-Mother - Part 01
Step-Mother - Part 02
Step-Mother - Part 03
Step-Mother - Part 04
Step-Mother - Part 05

Stress Relief

Afternoon Delight

Fetfinders Dotcom

OTK in CT:
Game, Set, Match

Cane And Confidence - Part 3

Phil K:
"Spank Me Baby"

Rachel Redbum:
Reparenting - Part 04

Woodshed Whuppin'

The House In The Woods

Spank Me Karen

The Ladies' Man

Allison's Bad Panty Manners

Susan Thomas:
It Was Worth Getting Spanked

Tara Black:
Androgyne - Part 7
Androgyne - Part 8

Southern Exposure - Part 62

Saturday, 12 July 2014

New Author - Mark Hall

Our latest author is Mark Hall who has recently submitted a story called Clara and the Automaton.

Clara And The Automaton
Clara's employer, a manufacturer of automata and mechanical toys, has closed. She has discovered that a set of large, ordinary-looking mahogany cases is actually an elaborate automaton. Fascinated by the scene played out when it is activated, she has studied every detail in order to fully experience and appreciate this work of art.
synopsis by FIBlue

New Author - Mary Bright

Our latest author is Mary Bright who has recently submitted a story called Miss Rosette.

Miss Rosette - Part 1
Prince Samire is upset by recent activity concerning his sister, Princess Jocia. He questions the cherubs until Mistress Rosette admits of her role in getting Jocia to leave the safety of their palace. The more she tells him, the more upset Samire becomes by her reckless behavior. Rosette implicates another Cherub - Akil - who is spanked by the Prince in front of all of the Winged People.
synopsis by Janine

New Author - RikSpanks

Our latest author is RikSpanks who has recently submitted a story called On Being Faithful.

On Being Faithful
Anna has been flirting with her sister's fiance for a while and when she decides to make a move on him, Jimmy decides to have his way with her, but it's not in the least bit what she expected.
synopsis by ddrysdale

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks, we bring you lots more spanking fiction goodies for you to enjoy.

This selection also includes stories from our latest new authors Mary Bright, Mark Hall, Texas K and Rikspanks.

Have a great weekend.

The Prettiest Schoolgirl In Galway

Mistaken Identity (Vignette)
The Poker Game - Part 3

Canadian Spankee:
Never Cheat On Me

Cherry Red:
Amber's Panty Thong Schooling - Part 2

Dr Keate:
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 9

The No-Panties Day

Hard Work And Horseplay - Part 2
Hard Work And Horseplay - Part 3
Survey Says...

Louise Watson:
Mother's Revenge

Margaret Jane:
Double Indemnity

Mark Hall:
Clara And The Automaton
Fforbes And Langthorpe's Wardrobe

Mary Bright:
Miss Rosette - Part 1

Spotty Cuss
A True Submissive

Cane And Confidence - Part 1
Cane And Confidence - Part 2

Never Too Late - Part 5

In Charge

Spanking Theatre:
Bottom Smacking Machine

Swish Strict:
Pillows Of Pain

Texas J:
Mom's Hairbrush

Southern Exposure - Part 60
Southern Exposure - Part 61

Tom Levi:
Dating Tip: Always Have A Hairbrush Handy

The Teaser

Saturday, 5 July 2014

New Author - Dylan Drysdale

Our latest author is Dylan Drysdale who has recently submitted a story called Amelia's Facebook Conundrum.

Amelia's Facebook Conundrum
Fourteen-year-old Amelia and her friend Bethany have been taking inappropriate bikini photos and posting them on Facebook. When Amelia's Dad sees them, he is outraged. Both her actions and attitude earn Amelia a bare bottom spanking across her father's lap.
synopsis by Janine

Latest Acquisitions

Welcome. Another week has raced by, and all our authors have been busy writing spanky stories to entertain and amuse you.

Here's our latest selection.


The Revenge

Crimson Kid:
Spankings In My Life

Joanna Learns To Conduct Herself

DJ Black:
Home With The Heavers
The Lunch Club
Return To Grampus Bay
A Room With A View
The Sinclair Method - Part 6
The Sinclair Method - Part 7
Venus And Mars

Dylan Drysdale:
Amelia's Facebook Conundrum

Fiona Blue:
Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 6

The Cattle Rustler's Bride

Lessons From Granny

Imogen Hart:
The Undeserved Caning Of Abigail Hunter

Jack Crawford:
Return To Reality (Role Reversal)
Texas Toast (Role Reversal)

John Graves:
A Little Direction And Discipline

An Officer's Tale Of An Officer's Tail

The Apprentice - Part 02
Driving Lessons
Losing It

Casper's Ghost - Part 1
Casper's Ghost - Part 2
Casper's Ghost - Part 3
Casper's Ghost - Part 4


On Being Faithful

The Spank Shop 45: Jeremy, Kitty, Steven...

Josie's Leaving Home