Monday, 29 October 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Another week has passed, I am resisting the temptation to mention Christmas but lets face it, you can't avoid it in the shops or anywhere else. Anyway leaving that well alone (for now!), here are this week's wide and varied additions, all for your perusal, enjoy!

Her Cheeks Turned Red And Burned...

Bottomsup Becky:
Pauline's Sleepover

The Choirgirl - Part 09

The Doctor Makes A House Call

Crimson Kid:
Hit Girls

Don A. Landhill:
All Wet
Bad Girl
God Help You, Mary
Got Switchin'
Hard Smacks, Come Again No More
Harriet's Fears
Hello, Dolly!
Hey There, Naughty Girl
I Feel Her Butt Squirm
I Get A Little Smack
Red Cheeks: A Spanking Anthem
Spank-em-all Fair

Linda's Wish - Part 09
Linda's Wish - Part 10

Horrible Aunt Harriet & The Camping Trip

The Spanking Ghost - Part 01
The Spanking Ghost - Part 02
The Spanking Ghost - Part 03
The Spanking Ghost - Part 04
The Spanking Ghost - Part 05
The Spanking Ghost - Part 06
The Spanking Ghost - Part 07
The Spanking Ghost - Part 08
The Spanking Ghost - Part 09
The Spanking Ghost - Part 10
The Spanking Ghost - Part 11
The Spanking Ghost - Part 12

J Wackford Colton:
A Male Teacher For St. Barbara's

James Slipper:
Planter's - Part 2
Planter's - Part 3

John Graves:
Heir Apparent - Part 01
Heir Apparent - Part 02
Heir Apparent - Part 03
Heir Apparent - Part 04
Heir Apparent - Part 05
Heir Apparent - Part 06

The Right Cousin

Laurel Aspen:
Fetch The Cane...

Zoey And The Neighbors

Louise Vancisic:
Training Susan - Part 3

Inside Arthur Crabtree


Weekend Games - Part 2

The Photograph Album
Strafe Muss Sein

Phil K:
A Helping Hand

Rick Marlowe:
A Sore Butt You'll Be Feeling

Peter Spank - Part 4

The Legend Of Sophia The Fair

The Job Interview

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Story Of The Day: Payment In Full

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Payment In Full by imreadonly2 which has been recommended by LSF member, opb:

"Anybody wanting an explanation of the expression 'hoist by your own petard' need look no further than this story. An unassuming title belies the treasure beneath as a woman engineers herself into a situation which delivers much, much more than she bargained for along with plenty of laughs for us as we enjoy her predicament safe in the knowledge that she cannot complain.

There are no great philosophical insights here, just a healthy dose of schadenfreude (actually it's a pretty good example of that as well) and a small comment on the predilections of beetles.

It's well worth a read if you like your heroines trussed and spanked and subjected to other indignities, and in particular, being hoisted by their own petards.

Part 1 - As a gift to her boyfriend April gags and ties herself in an exposed manner to the furniture, leaving him a note instructing him to punish her. But when her boyfriend doesn't show up, her neighbors are happy to oblige and extract revenge for her previous teasing of them by filling in.

Part 2 - Self-bondage, unexpected visitors, and the most irritating, persistent beetle! Part Two features April listening to the Mexican gardeners working outside and receiving a subsequent visit from Bertha Mae, an unpleasantly malicious church-lady type with a score to settle!

synopsis by corncrake

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Well it has been another busy week in the LSF. Plenty of new stories to tempt you all. It is getting much colder in the UK now so I hope people will settle down in front of the fire to read some excellent new spanking tales. If it is warm where you live, no excuses, just get reading :)

Canadian Spankee:
Invite To A Party

DJ Black:
The Elusive Ms Carmichael
Magic - Part 23
Magic - Part 24
The Mentor

Don A. Landhill:
Analise And John - Part 1
Analise And John - Part 2
Analise And John - Part 3
Analise And John - Part 4
Are You Really Going To Spank Me?
Assville Welcome
Away In The Corner
Beat Me
Big Paddle
Bo Peep
Busted: A Dialog For Voice & Mind
The Cutty Sark
Do You Know...
Everybody Always Lies
Form Of Address
Formula 2
Four In One
Georgie Porgie
The Glow
Glows: A Spanking Sonnet
Hickory'd Dickory
Jack And Jill
Jill Horner
Joanie's Day, A Dialog For Voice And Mind
La Fessee: An Anthem For Spankophones
Lesson (Do You know...)
Little Miss Blue
Mary's Seat
Miss Sally's Gardens
Mrs. York
Nancy Etticoat
Naughty Girl
Naughty Joan
Next To Godliness
Now Now, Bad Girl
Oh, What A Beautiful Bottom
Phone Bill
Pop! Goes The Paddle
Spanking Scene Writer
St. Ives
Susie Cornered
Three Girls In A Tub
To Joanie: A Fantasy Letter
Yankee Doodle Spanker
Young Gwen

Linda's Wish - Part 7
Linda's Wish - Part 8

In Front Of Everybody - Part 2

Horrible Aunt Harriet & The Pork Scratchings

Responsible Training - Part 7

James Slipper:
Planter's - Part 1

John Graves:
A Birthday Request

Katie B:
Putting The House In Order - Part 2
Putting The House In Order - Part 3

Hattie: A Revised Version

Louise Vancisic:
Thank You Notes - Part 5

Mr. Magazine:
Nov 1968 - J.E., Illinois
Nov 1968 - J.N., Washington State
Dec 1968 - J.O., New York
Dec 1968 - Wild Wild World

Weekend Games - Part 1

Rick Marlowe:
Agent Double-Knot Seven

Letter To The Editor

The Spank Shop 28: Kimberley & Andrea

Sir Cambornek:
The Museum Mystery Misery

Monday, 22 October 2012

New Author: James Slipper

Our latest author is James Slipper who has just submitted the first part of a serial called Planter's. Here is the synopsis:

Planter's - Part 1
New first-formers Becky and Amy are in trouble after 'lights out' on the first night of term at the long-established Planter's School for girls. Their punishment is the talk of the school next day, the addresses at Assembly indicating that more might follow...
synopsis by corncrake

Wellred Weekly, Vol.1 No.11

We are delighted to announce the latest issue of the Wellred Weekly, Vol.1 No.11, which features the following content and, for the first time, the ability to comment using twitter:

flopsybunny introduces the current issue...

Unfair Punishment Spankings
Anastasia Vitsky examines fairness within DD relationships...

Spanking Cartoonist: Nik Zula
Nik Zula chats about his cartoon creations...

Spanking Model: Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds shares her spanking likes and dislikes...

Spanking Romances
Rollin looks at the finer points of romantic fiction...

My Spanking Video Experiences
Robert56 discusses his participation in video shoots...

Christianity and Adult Spanking
Katie B considers compatibility between faith and kink...

Plausibility in Spanking Fiction
Garth Toyntanen on credible scenarios for corporal punishment...

Bratting - Where Is The Line?
Alicia Panettiere with advice for would-be brats...

Interview with the Author: barretthunter
barretthunter is this issue's featured author...

The Story of Moonglow: the Parties
George Harlow describes events at this British spanking club...

Why Spanking Romance?
Loki Renard laments the lack of spanking in romance novels...

Spanking in Photography
Jameslovesbirch documents the history of spanking pictures...

Click below for this latest issue:

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Story Of The Day: A Big Boy Like You

Our next 'Story of the Day' is A Big Boy Like You by Seegee which has been recommended by LSF member, canadian spankee:

"Overall this is a nicely written story about a teen who's practical joke was discovered and the punishment he received.

Hillside High School is a school with a difference. The parents have granted permission to the school nurse, Barbara, to administer corporal punishment. This time one of her son's closest friends knocks on her door with a slip saying he is in need of discipline.

The emotional ties between the teen and the nurse are evident right from the start, but that does not stop Barbara from turning him over her knee and administering a spanking that he will remember for a long time. Barbara helps the teen deal with his parents, as the rule is the one we hear often - spanked at school equals spanked at home.

I highly recommend this story to all.

Senior high school student Adam Stanton is sent to the school's nurse and disciplinarian Barbara Whiteside for a taste of bare bottom discipline!

synopsis by flopsybunny

New Author: John Graves

Our latest author is John Graves who has just submitted his story called A Birthday Request. Here is the synopsis:

A Birthday Request
Approaching his thirtieth birthday, Bob can wait no longer to discover what it is like to be spanked. His very empathetic girlfriend finds that her confidence grows and she is happy to make use of the gift he gave her - as well as issuing the odd threat for the future!
synopsis by corncrake

Saturday, 20 October 2012

20,000 Submissions for the LSF

Here it is - another milestone for the LSF as we now reach a total of twenty thousand items loaded. Alas, we did not have anything of great import to load for the 20,000th submission - so we have had to make do with an unconventional tale about pork scratchings.

20,000 items represents a seriously staggering amount of reading material and should keep the boredom at bay for us all during the approaching long winter nights...

Anyway, huge thanks to all the readers, validaters and authors of the LSF community. Let us raise our virtual glasses and drink a toast to the next 20,000.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Author: ddvinme

Our latest author is ddvinme whose has just submitted a story called Brat On A Bus. Here is the synopsis:

Spanko Airlines
Jenny fantasises about her professor, Dr James, spanking her. As their relationship develops matters come to a head on a bus tour during a Mexican holiday. Her insolent behaviour leaves him no choice but to punish her properly in public.
synopsis by corncrake

Monday, 15 October 2012

Story Of The Day: Bottom Marks

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Bottom Marks by Arthur James Blimp which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb:

"The easy way in which the author takes us into the private world of the old fashioned school, and indeed, the even more private world of that inner sanctum, the staff room suggests a first hand knowledge of this environment so beloved of many spanking story writers.

What is so delightful about this story is the way the characters fence about each other with a delicacy which surely is only to be found in the pages of fiction.

The uncertainty which which the characters negotiated the trousers-down scene was very well handled, the characters knowing that this wasn't quite the right thing to do and yet feeling themselves driven on by a narrative they didn't quite understand – as indeed the reader doesn't. Do they know they're in a story? Not quite. It is that very uncertainty of motive which adds to the quality of the story, as the characters remained enigmatic throughout, and there was no tell-all at the end.

Even people who don't appreciate the finer points of the schoolboy caning story can find something to enjoy here.

The young housemistress is not too surprised when she is told that Meadows likes to be caned. He is after all the most often caned boy in her house. When she has to cane him twice in just three days she tries to worry him by threatening to do it bare. Meadows however is unmoved and allows her to do just that. He claims to hate being caned but she is still not convinced.

synopsis by Pinkangel

This Week's Acquisitions

Here we are with more items hot off the LSF press for your entertainment and delight. There's a little something for everyone here. Enjoy.

Arthur James Blimp:
A Suitable Boy

Standing In The Corner
Step Out Of The Car Young Lady
With The Teacher's Panties Down
The Wooden Spoon

Canadian Spankee:
Peter's Boss, Now and Forever

Brat On A Bus

A Deliciously Humiliating Experience

Clint And The Empty Chair

J Wackford Colton:
My Once Darling Teacher

Katie B:
Putting The House In Order - Part 1


Louise Vancisic:
Thank You Notes - Part 4

Me! Me! Me!

Poppa Mark:
Domestic Discipline, Group Style - Part 6

Rachel Gordon:
Life's Boundaries - Part 3
The Matron... - Part 4

Peter Spank - Part 3

The Return Of Acme Paddle Co. - Part 1
The Return Of Acme Paddle Co. - Part 2

One Door Closes Another Opens - Part 1
One Door Closes Another Opens - Part 2

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Well, it appears that the LSF's Head Librarian can never manage to stay online for more than a couple of weeks without something untoward happening! Exploding power supplies, defective pcs, internet connectivity problems and currently her phone line is down once again. I'm sure the inhabitants of Ulaanbaatar must have a more reliable phone connection but then again we are talking British Telecom here so anything is possible. Anyway, here is the somewhat truncated list of the 24 items loaded to the LSF during the previous week, prepared by my own fair hand:

The Second-Best Bed Explained

Barbara - Part 2
Barbara - Part 3

Walking Naked Down Main Street

Sarah's Submission

Dr Keate:
The Monstrous Regiment - Part 1
The Monstrous Regiment - Part 2

Linda's Wish - Part 6

Horrible Aunt Harriet & The Peeping Tom
Lessons With Mr Carmichael
A Mother And Daughter Spanked ...

The Cabin In The Woods
Over A Code Red Redux

Corporate Justice - Part 5

Jack Crawford:
The Cheating Boss
Paying The Rent

Spanko Airlines

Assault Courses - Part 3

The Six Heroines Of Spanking Fiction

The Birthday Tradition

The Ruler
Spanking Hotel - Part 3

Julie, A Hairbrush & Myself - Part 4

Summer Is Retrained

Friday, 5 October 2012

Story Of The Day: Attraction

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Attraction by Flogmaster which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb:

"One of the challenges in good writing is to make each word pull its weight, to craft a story such that it is told without waffle.

Flogmaster starts inauspiciously enough with a description of a girl which wouldn't even float a stick on a puddle, let alone a thousand ships whilst the true situation of the protagonists is hidden from us, only marred slightly by one dodgy word in the first sentence.

Simply and without excess verbiage the moral unfolds, of attraction being more than skin deep, an idea not new, nor even unique, but an important lesson to be learned by youngsters and recalled by oldsters, reaching its pinnacle in the delightful phrase “ the time the two were released, Chad was in love”.

A quick read, but well worth it.

Chad and Eva meet in unusual circumstances, outside the Head's office waiting to be caned. He tries to comfort her and by the time the canings are over, he is in love. What better way to get to know someone.

synopsis by Pinkangel

New Author: Legion300

Our latest author is Legion300 whose has just submitted a story called Spanko Airlines. Here is the synopsis:

Spanko Airlines
Zoey and her Mum are awaiting their flight en route for Disney World. All children on flights with Spanko Airlines are subject to various conditions, however, in an attempt to prevent noisy behaviour during the flight, Zoey being no exception.
synopsis by corncrake

New Author: Lucian

Yet another new author joins the ranks of the LSF. Our latest author is Lucian whose has just submitted a story called Assault Courses. Here is the synopsis:

Assault Courses - Part 1
Presented in the format of a brochure, this offers a guide to a highly inventive 'theme park' featuring various tests and resultant punishments for the younger age groups. Ranging from a schoolroom to a prison ship, each scenario is accompanied by its unique scoring information.
synopsis by corncrake

New Author: Sparky2

Our latest new author is Sparky2 whose has just submitted a story called Seven Minute Frosting. Here is the synopsis:

Seven Minute Frosting
Pleased that she has managed to get everything done, Caroline is outraged to be despatched upstairs by a clearly angry husband. There appears to be some significance to the number seven, but it is well over seven minutes before she has atoned for - and benefitted from - her latest sins.
synopsis by corncrake

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Even though lots of people are beavering away at their entries for the forthcoming 'Through The Keyhole' story challenge, we still have another truckload of new stories. Here is the list of the latest titles loaded. Enjoy.

Arthur James Blimp:
The Immortal Sole

Bottomsville - Part 07
Bottomsville - Part 08
Bottomsville - Part 09

Disciplinarians - Part 1
Disciplinarians - Part 2
Disciplinarians - Part 3
Her Dress Up And Panties Down
Met His Waterloo
Retribution In Full View - Part 2
Singaporean Girl
Spanked In Eldorado
Spanked The Girls & Made Them Cry
Ya Gotta Love Her

The Choirgirl - Part 8

Canadian Spankee:
What Happens In Vegas...?

Cherry Red:
Joanna's Panty Band Cheeks

DJ Black:
The Lady Of The House
The New Mrs Harris - Part 1
The New Mrs Harris - Part 2
The New Mrs Harris - Part 3

Dr Keate:
Community Corrections - Part 13
Community Corrections - Part 14

Linda's Wish - Part 5

In Front Of Everybody - Part 1


A Caning To Remember
The Contract

J Wackford Colton:
My Shortly To Be Ex-Darling Teacher

Spanking Me Swiftly With His Thong

Joy Peters:
Mother And Daughter

Louise Vancisic:
Thank You Notes - Part 1
Thank You Notes - Part 2
Thank You Notes - Part 3

Mr. Magazine:
Oct 1968 - D.M., Massachusetts
Oct 1968 - F.S., Leeds, England
Oct 1968 - Wild Wild World

Nancy Wing:
Carer Training

Sandra, Bingo & The Van Man

I Cain't Say 'No'
Oh What A Beautiful Bottom

Phil K:
The Feminine Rear
Linda's Bottom
The President's Daughters
Young Lady Of Nimes

Rick Marlowe:
Your Little Butt Is Mine

The Advertisement

The Dinner Party - Part 3