Sunday, 26 June 2016

Latest Acquisitions

It's a weekend of rain and thunderstorms here in the UK. What's happened to Summer, huh? Oh well, pull up an indoor chair and get stuck in to your new roundup of spanky stories.

Don't forget our latest story challenge is still open for reading and voting. Drop by if you can and take a look. In the meantime ... enjoy what remains of the weekend :)

Arthur James Blimp:
Miss Randall

Starting Over 2


DJ Black:
Adventures Of A Bottom 6
Erin Investigates 1
Erin Investigates 2
Erin Investigates 3
Erin Investigates 4
In The Service Of The Wolf - Part 1
Iron And Leather

Reconicort Cruises - Part 6

Jenny The Spy

Unforseen Consequences - Part 4

Ptolemy Tortoise:
Champflower Chronicles - Part 3

Rebel T:
The University Spanking Club - Part 13

Rosie Radcliffe:
Training Amarra - Part 15
Training Amarra - Part 16

The Embezzlement - Part 1
The Embezzlement - Part 2
The Embezzlement - Part 3
The Embezzlement - Part 4

Class Reunion

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings, Here is the latest list of stories loaded to the LSF.

Do pay us a visit when you can, as our Mistaken Identity Challenge entries are now available for reading and voting.

Have a great weekend.

Ghosts In The Attic - Part 5
Ghosts In The Attic - Part 6

Lisa Berry:
All The Fun Of The Fair
Love And Spanking - Part 03
Love And Spanking - Part 04
Love And Spanking - Part 05
Love And Spanking - Part 06
Love And Spanking - Part 07
Love And Spanking - Part 08

The Spanking Technician... - Part 1
The Spanking Technician... - Part 2
The Spanking Technician... - Part 3
The Spanking Technician... - Part 4
The Spanking Technician... - Part 5
The Spanking Technician... - Part 6

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks ... another week flown by. It's teeming down with rain here - hope you are faring better.

Ok, so here's the latest list of spanking goodies loaded during the past week to the LSF. Time to put your feet up and get reading! And don't forget there's still time to get your Challenge story in before the deadline.

Nosy Girls

Canadian Spankee:
Airport Caper

DJ Black:
The Deal - Part 13
The Deal - Part 14
The Deal - Part 15
The Deal - Part 16
The Deal - Part 17
The Deal - Part 18
The Deal - Part 19
The Deal - Part 20
The Invention
A Matter Of Fact

The Turntable - Part 3
The Turntable - Part 4

Jacqueline Scott:
Six Stripes

Helen and the Laird... - Part 5

Leslie Jones:
Spanking In The Family

Lisa Berry:
Charles And Melissa Again
Down On The Farm
Love And Spanking - Part 01
Love And Spanking - Part 02
A Rude Shop Assistant

Second Childhood By Choice - Part 3

Parental Involvement Program - Part 12

Rick Marlowe:
He Said/She Said: A Dialogue

The Case Of Lucy The Maid

Tim the Tum:
Terrible Tim - Part 1
Terrible Tim - Part 2
Terrible Tim - Part 3
Terrible Tim - Part 4

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings. It's the weekend again, and time to bring you another bucket full of spanking stories.

So here are the latest items loaded to the library... something for everyone.

So do stop by and catch up on your reading. See you next week.

Learning At School - Part 1
Learning At School - Part 2
Learning At School - Part 3
Learning At School - Part 4
Learning At School - Part 5

Superduper Girl And The Mother From Hell

Dr Keate:
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 30
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 31
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 32

A Cure For Insomnia

Three Bare Bottoms After School

Jack Crawford:
Motivation For More

Jacqueline Scott:
The Best Laid Schemes...

Lisa Berry:
Hospital Discipline
A Visit To Mrs Martin

Louise Vancisic:
Tales Of The Bishop Home - Part 1

Holding Down My Little Brother
Mommy Bounces Checks
My Host Mother's Martinet
Test Anxiety Relief

Nobody Does It Better

Second Childhood By Choice - Part 2

Parental Involvement Program - Part 11

Ptolemy Tortoise:
The Champflower Chronicles - Part 2

The Consequences Of Smoking

Rosie Radcliffe:
Training Amarra - Part 14

A Wish Fulfilled - Part 14

W. Arthur:
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Lieutenant Gambrelli
Sir Henry
The Widow Brown