Sunday, 16 February 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings. Please find our latest list of items loaded to the LSF this week.

We are currently running a story challenge with the theme of Theft. There are 65 entries that everyone is reading and voting on. So if you haven't paid us a visit recently, come on by - there's plenty to read...

Arthur James Blimp:
Miss Kessler

The Tree House Game

Cherry Red:
Cupid Strikes Gwyn - Part 2

DJ Black:
Daisy Bell
A Pantomime
Taking One's Due - Part 1
Taking One's Due - Part 2

Dr Keate:
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 19
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 20
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 21

Hello Again, Professor Chapman

A Lesson Learned

School Janitor

Ellie And Frank - Part 3

Paris Annette Morreau:
The Interview

The Exception
HR Disciplinary
The Right Incentive

Rachel Redbum:
Smith Academy Boarding School - Part 1
Smith Academy Boarding School - Part 2
Smith Academy Boarding School - Part 3
Smith Academy Boarding School - Part 4
Smith Academy Boarding School - Part 5

Daphne And Velma At High School

Susan Thomas:
Alderton College - Part 01
Alderton College - Part 02
Alderton College - Part 03

Dinner Party Music

Tom Levi:
Spanking Booth For Justice

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Story of the Day - Last Good Deed

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Last Good Deed by John Benson which has been recommended by LSF member, Samslipper

"This story is set in a world where magic is accepted and there are bureaucrats whose job is to check up and reverse the magic!

The theme is that an old man is knocked by a Kid on a skate board. The Old man is a magician and decides it’s time for a change in the balance between young and old. More discipline, respect for social mores and courtesy towards each other is needed. So the old magician casts the pebble on the waters which creates the ‘seed change’, a ripple effect. It's his last spell. We read about the beginnings of the change.

John Benson's society is suffering from the same ailments we are seeing on a day to day basis in our own culture. Standards of education, self respect and acceptance of responsibility for ones actions are at an all time low.

A chance collision between an old man and a brattish teenager brings about a change of events where parents get control of their children again.

synopsis by Lincoln

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings from a very soggy UK. We are all heartily sick of the rain and many of us are developing webbed feet,

Here is the list of our latest loaded titles. Once again, there is something for everyone. So take a seat, read and enjoy.

At The Restaurant
The Envious Bridesmaid

Ally Montargis:
A Weekend To Remember - Part 3

My Second Tuesday At School

Mama, He Spanks Me

Crimson Kid:
So That's That

The Gleam In Her Eye - Part 2
Hello, Professor Chapman
The Infidel - Part 2
Natalya's Odyssey - Part 1
Natalya's Odyssey - Part 2

Brenda's Punishment Swap

Henry - Part 15

Spanking By Proxy

Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me

OTK in CT:
Inez Learns The Rules

Caught Out At Last
The Spanking Manual
Three Sides Of A Coin

Rachel Redbum:
Structure And Accountability - Part 16

Stacey's Visits To The Tannery - Part 2

Tara Black:
Highland Academy - Part 3
Highland Academy - Part 4

Coached With The Strap

Thomas Bruns:
Crying All Day Long
Inside Gloria
Inside Steve
Inside Victoria
Ode To Red

Tom Levi:
Paddle Sisters

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings. Here is a list of our recent additions to the LSF, ranging from short stories to serials and poems - and they all have one thing in common - spanking!

The list is perhaps a little bit shorter than usual and that could be because people are busy writing their etries for our latest story challenge. There's still time to enter if you fancy having a go!

Ally Montargis:
A Perfect Summer
A Summer Spanking
A Weekend To Remember - Part 2

Miss Craddock

Cherry Red:
Be Kind To Your Behind - Part 2

Crimson Kid:
Eleven In Heaven

Not Too Old, After All

DJ Black:
Another Time And Place
It Was The Night Before Christmas
Magic - Part 63
Magic - Part 64
Stop, Start, Restart...
A Winter's Tail

Dr Keate:
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 17
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 18

Bystanders On A Train
Keeping Her Word
Spanked By A Stranger - Part 2

The Gleam In Her Eye - Part 1

Hurricane Resurrection

J Wackford Colton:
The Schoolboys From Falerii

Ae Sharp Skelp

Louise Watson:
Janet's Tale

Timely Discipline

You Must Chastise Your Lover Well

Ryan Rowland:
Getting His Attention

Partners In Crime

Stacey's Visits To The Tannery - Part 1

Thomas Bruns:
Mrs. Daggett Revisited