Friday, 7 December 2012

Story Of The Day: The Tower Of Power

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Tower Of Power by Katy Spankwish which has been recommended by LSF member, Canadian Spankee

"This story will make anyone laugh as the wife seeks to keep the physical relations between her and her husband alive with all sorts of activities.

The parrot in the household plays a pivotal part in making sure everyone knows what is going on, even though at times most people would wish the bird would shut up.

There is no spanking in part 1, but it is packed with humor and holds our attention well. You won't stop reading at part 1! I know I am still laughing whenever I recall the entire series.

Part 1: After 29 years of marriage, Kate is looking for a way to spice up her love life. She takes the advice of some online friends, but unfortunately for her - and her husband - she fails to read labels!

Part 2: When Katy realises what she's done, she panics. Having called 911, the family doctor, and their son, she grabs the car keys and goes 'on the run'. Meanwhile, poor Don has to cope with the embarrassment.

Part 3: Katy is stopped for speeding, but fortunately, the officer is her daughter's boyfriend, and he lets her off with a warning. Don goes looking for her, and finds her swimming an a pool that they used to frequent in their younger days. She refuses to come out, so he goes in a grabs her. He doesn't spank her for the toothpaste mix-up, but for something else. And she has, in a roundabout way, managed to revive their failing love life!

synopses by Linda

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