Tuesday, 25 December 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Well it's that time of year again when the hard-working staff at the LSF get to put their feet up and take a moment to sample a homemade mince pie, small glass of port and a packet of reindeer-flavoured crisps (personally I give the crisps a miss being a vegetarian). Then, once the festivities are over we get to open the Xmas donations box that's been sitting on the library counter for the past 3 weeks. A bumper haul this year once again with 6 buttons, 4 IOUs (one signed R.M.), 3 used bus tickets, an empty crisp packet and 3 paper clips. Anyway, a very merry Christmas from all at the LSF and now the latest loaded list:

Aunt Carla:
Gabby's Punishment Weekend - Part 1

Callipygian Inspector
Juicy Young Copper
Pig-Farmer Of Fleet
Policewoman's Rump
Policewoman's Tail
Sweet Copper

Santa's Little Helper

All I Want For Christmas Is A Spanking
A Blue Christmas
In With The Wrong Crowd - Part 2
No Hall Pass

Cox News Service:
Paddling Of Students In Miami

Dr Keate:
Bleakdale Grange: The Haunting - Part 3

Not Bad For A Monday

Sapphic Summer
Sapphic Switch

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 3
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 4

An 'Accident' At School
For A Million Dollars
The Judicially Enforced Policy - Part 1
The Judicially Enforced Policy - Part 2
The Judicially Enforced Policy - Part 3
Mother's Day Surprise
Peer Pressure And Sleepovers
Religion And The Spanking Debate

John Graves:
First Birthday Spanking - Part 1

Zoey Visits Paddle Emporium

Mr. Magazine:
Apr 1969 - A.D., British Columbia
Apr 1969 - Wild Wild World

Have Yourself A Merry Little Spanking
Ruby The Red-Arsed Spankee

Rachel Gordon:
Sister Matthew's New Patient - Part 1
Sister Matthew's New Patient - Part 2

Bad Santa
The Big Bang Theory

Santa's Schoolgirl Ruler

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