Thursday, 28 November 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Here we go again with the latest list of goodies added to the bulging virtual shelves of the LSF. There is something for everyone.

There is one new author represented in this selection - welcome Leigh Smith.

So curl up with your laptop and a glass or two of something nice ... enjoy.

Alan Barr:
The Devious Headmaster's Change Of Heart

My Second Day At School

Canadian Spankee:
The Rest Of Isaac's Story

Aunt's Medicine - Part 09
Grandpa's Birthday Present

DJ Black:
The Justice Adjustment
The Justice Adjustment 2
Live On TV This Week: Domestic Discipline
Magic - Part 55
Magic - Part 56
Magic - Part 57
Magic - Part 58
The Prize - Part 1
The Schoolhouse On The Prairie
Spankmanship - Part 19
An Unusual Fulfilment

Fiona Blue:
Spoiled Brat


The Dream Factory

Leigh Smith:
Facing Challenges

Conducting A Spanking
Henry - Part 13

Rachel Redbum:
Spanked For Truancy

My Brother

Spanking Theatre:
Message In A Bottle

Susan Thomas:
False Identity - Part 1
False Identity - Part 2
Our Little Secret

Swish Strict:
How Very Dare You!

Stepfather - Part 3

Story Of The Day - Birthday Girl

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Birthday Girl by Phil K which has been recommended by LSF member, Mads

"Birthday Girl is a very sweet and sensual story. The description of Ginny and her pretty bottom is excellent and appealing not to mention the way her clothes emphasize her curves: “The silken material of the dress clung close around her shapely rear contours, hugging every curve and dimple and revealing that under it she wore only the briefest of knickers.”

After meetings at a café and an Italian restaurant in London, Ginny she visits the male character and is easily persuaded into experiencing a nice birthday spanking. She turns out to be an enthusiastic spankee: “Could I just try a couple of hard ones, just to see what they're like?”

And what a name she has: "Genevieve – although called Ginny by everyone." A very enjoyable story.

Paul falls helplessly in love with Ginny before they have even met, and his courtship of her progresses fast. When he discovers that she has just celebrated her 20th birthday, he finds it surprisingly easy to suggest that she should have a birthday spanking. To his amazement, she asks for another to make up for 19 missed years, and their future is secure!

synopsis by Corncrake

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Cue dramatic music... It's Saturday folks and that can mean only one thing, ('What's that?' I hear both of you yell), well it's latest loaded list day!! It is only 39 sleeps until Christmas so even less shopping days. At least when you get home with aching feet and empty pockets you can sit down and read the best spanking stories on the internet (and anywhere else if I'm honest). Enjoy!

Alan Barr:
The Devious Headmaster's Parting Gift

The Roving Pervert Man

Fantasies Incorporated - NHB 1
Good Time Charlie's Gonna Boo Hoo
Vengeance Is Mine Sayeth Mary

A Response To My Critics

Help, Advice Needed

Cherry Red:
School Snacks... - Part 2

Dr Keate:
Postman Pat & The Fire... - Part 6

The Old Folks - The Beginning

A Trip To The Ladies' Room

The Bear Behind
How Spanking Was Created

Double Jeopardy

Jenny - Part 4

Jack Crawford:
Cherry - Part 08
Cherry - Part 09
Cherry - Part 10

Lawrence Kinden:
Hard Touch
High Times

Hunting For Subs

Miles Anderson:
The Slipper Rules

OTK in CT:
My First Time

Rachel Redbum:
Many Waters - Part 3
Many Waters - Part 4

Poker Night - Part 1

Seen One Winter Evening

Meet The Worthingtons... - Part 5

Southern_Exposure - Part 59

Stepfather - Part 2

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Saturday again, so here are this week's new stories. As ever, a great range of different stories, something for everyone. Alliteration mania seems to have hit the author of 'Naughty Nancy and The Nasty Nun', whereas another author is trying to evoke memories past with their story 'Old School Blazer. Whatever you like there is bound to be something to please. Have a good week all.

Alan Barr:
The Devious Headmaster's New Slipper

Alan de Veau:
Re: Alice's Dungeon

German Lesson

Naughty Nancy And The Nasty Nun

The Craving

Canadian Spankee:
Desire, Discipline And Love

Old School Blazer

Fiona Blue:
Zero Birthday

The Librarian

After The Rapture - Part 4

Louise Vancisic:
A Lovely Family - Part 3

Henry - Part 12
Linda And Her Paddle
One More Time

Nancy Wing:
Julia And Bess Leave High School

Anyone For Tennis?

Rachel Redbum:
Many Waters - Part 1
Many Waters - Part 2

Rick Marlowe:
Fire And Rain
Paddlin' Man
Spank Your Babe

Ruby Hills - Part 2

Meet The Worthingtons... - Part 4

The Mean Old Lady

Susan Thomas:
Miss Mary, Miss Spicer... - Part 1
Miss Mary, Miss Spicer... - Part 2
Miss Mary, Miss Spicer... - Part 3
Miss Mary, Miss Spicer... - Part 4
Miss Mary, Miss Spicer... - Part 5

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Latest Acquisitions

It's the weekend, woop! Only fifty-two days, thirteen hours and thirty-two minutes until Christmas hehe. If you are not ready to contemplate this yet, why not check out the newly loaded list instead. Have a great weekend and see you all next weekend.

Alan Barr:
The Devious Headmaster's Bright Idea

Interior With Woman
Pre-Raphaelite Interior

A Spanking From Bobby McGee

The Competition

Cherry red:
Evil Daughter Turns The Table... - Part 2

Cherry Red:
Lowered Panties & Scary Spanks

DJ Black:
The Curious Case Of Amelia Craven
The Enlightenment
The Last Of The Troll Hunters - Part 1
The Last Of The Troll Hunters - Part 2
Magic - Part 52
Magic - Part 53
Magic - Part 54
Spankmanship - Part 18

Halloween Caper 1
Halloween Caper 2
Halloween Caper 3

It Came From Above
So What?

The Black Pearl

After The Rapture - Part 3

Testing Turing

Henry - Part 11

The Punishment Book

Rachel Redbum:
Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Monthly Audit - Part 2

Swish Strict:
Five Minutes
On All Fours