Monday, 15 October 2012

Story Of The Day: Bottom Marks

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Bottom Marks by Arthur James Blimp which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb:

"The easy way in which the author takes us into the private world of the old fashioned school, and indeed, the even more private world of that inner sanctum, the staff room suggests a first hand knowledge of this environment so beloved of many spanking story writers.

What is so delightful about this story is the way the characters fence about each other with a delicacy which surely is only to be found in the pages of fiction.

The uncertainty which which the characters negotiated the trousers-down scene was very well handled, the characters knowing that this wasn't quite the right thing to do and yet feeling themselves driven on by a narrative they didn't quite understand – as indeed the reader doesn't. Do they know they're in a story? Not quite. It is that very uncertainty of motive which adds to the quality of the story, as the characters remained enigmatic throughout, and there was no tell-all at the end.

Even people who don't appreciate the finer points of the schoolboy caning story can find something to enjoy here.

The young housemistress is not too surprised when she is told that Meadows likes to be caned. He is after all the most often caned boy in her house. When she has to cane him twice in just three days she tries to worry him by threatening to do it bare. Meadows however is unmoved and allows her to do just that. He claims to hate being caned but she is still not convinced.

synopsis by Pinkangel

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