Monday, 5 November 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

This week has flown by and flopsybunny has flown the nest, so to speak. The British seaside in November... really? Personally I think she has flown off to The Maldives, having emptied the donations tin, leaving me and Februs to do all the work. Bet we don't even get a stick of rock! Anyway here is the latest batch, should keep you all busy for another week.

Telling It Like It Was

Bottomsup Becky:
Pauline's Sleepover - Part 2

Crimson Kid:
Doll Man Is Disciplined

Debbie Downunder:
Warm Waters

DJ Black:
Agony Aunt
Choices - Part 1
Choices - Part 2
Choices - Part 3
Choices - Part 4
Choices - Part 5
Choices - Part 6
Magic - Part 25

Don A. Landhill:
Dear Marcia
Go Tell It In The Chat Room
Handspanks Keep Fallin
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 1
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 2
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 3
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 4
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 5
Jane Comes To The Institute - Part 6
Janice And Christine, A Spanking Dialog
Magda Gets Sore

Don.A. Landhill:
How Long Has This Been Going On

Dr Keate:
Comeuppance - Part 1

Learning To Forgive Yourself

Appointment For Contrition - Part 9

Jenny - Part 3

Responsible Training - Part 8

James Slipper:
Planter's - Part 4

John Graves:
Heir Apparent - Part 07
Heir Apparent - Part 08
Heir Apparent - Part 09
St. Paul To The Ephesians

Louise Watson:
A Letter Of Contrition

Assault Courses - Part 4

Little Lord Fontleroy

Mr. Magazine:
Jan 1969 - J.J., Wisconsin
Jan 1969 - Wild Wild World
The Sorority Spanking Syndrome

Getting Real

Over My Knees And Spanked Today

OTK in CT:
Love Story
Mall Trouble
Red, White, And Boo-Hoo

Phil K:
These Kinky Things

Rachel Gordon:
On Probation - Part 1
On Probation - Part 2
On Probation - Part 3
On Probation - Part 4
On Probation - Part 5
A Very Victorian Affair - Part 5

Rick Marlowe:
Happy Together

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