Sunday, 29 June 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings from a wonderfully sunny part of the UK. It might be raining in Wimbledon, but here in LSF territory, the sun is shining!

We bring you more goodies. Here are the latest offerings re new items loaded to the LSF. Pull up a chair, sit down, and read about your favourite kink...


The Poker Game - Part 1
The Poker Game - Part 2

Canadian Spankee:
Flower Garden

Fiona Blue:
Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 5

My Texas Cowboy
The Texas Rancher And The English Rose

Blake Back At Bloomersdown - Part 4

Jack Crawford:
For A Few Extra Bucks
The Monthly Trip
Peeping Tom

A Taste Of Ambrosia

A Late Night At The Office

Based On Recent Experience
Farewell For A While

His And Hers

Cash & Carrie
Cupid's Arrow
Luck Of The Irish
A Medicine For Misbehavior - Part 1
A Medicine For Misbehavior - Part 2
Nature Walk
Paying The Piper
Perchance To Dream
Perfect Union
Rite Of Passage
Spanking Lesson
Special Relativity - Part 1
Special Relativity - Part 2
Special Relativity - Part 3
Stitch In Time
Swats Landing - Episode 1
We Are Such Stuff...

Leslie Jones:
Who Was P.N. Dedeaux?

Louise Watson:
Caroline And David

Never Too Late - Part 4

Rebel T:
The University Spanking Club - Part 7
The University Spanking Club - Part 8
The University Spanking Club - Part 9

Ryan Rowland:
The Right Career Move - Part 1
The Right Career Move - Part 2
The Right Career Move - Part 3

Tara Black:
Androgyne - Part 4
Androgyne - Part 5
Androgyne - Part 6

The Corporal Punishment Of Ed

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Latest Acquisitiions

Here's the latest selection of new additions to the LSF.

Read and enjoy.

Have a good weekend.

Carolina Jim:
Family Discipline In The Fifties
Little Susan
The Meeting
Petticoat Junction
Susan's Pool Party

Boss Lady - Part 01
Boss Lady - Part 02
Boss Lady - Part 03
Boss Lady - Part 04
Boss Lady - Part 05
Boss Lady - Part 06
Boss Lady - Part 07
Boss Lady - Part 08
Boss Lady - Part 09
Boss Lady - Part 10
Boss Lady - Part 11
Boss Lady - Part 12
Boss Lady - Part 13
Boss Lady - Part 14
Boss Lady - Part 15
Boss Lady - Part 16
Boss Lady - Part 17
Boss Lady - Part 18
Boss Lady - Part 19
Boss Lady - Part 20
Boss Lady - Part 21
Boss Lady - Part 22
Boss Lady - Part 23
Boss Lady - Part 24
Calm Before The Storm
End Of Innocence
Fate Takes A Hand
Fires Of Creation
Fortunes Of War
Future Imperfect
Future Imperfect 2
Hard Work And Horseplay
Indian Summer
Into The Fray
Legacy Of Love
A New Attitude
Nomad's Delight
Path To Conflict
Time Of Their Lives - Part 1
Time Of Their Lives - Part 2
Time Of Their Lives - Part 3
Time Of Their Lives - Part 4
Time Of Their Lives - Part 5

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Here we are again. This stories featured in this latest list ranges from fire alarm pranks to skinny dipping to married bliss.

So there should be something of interest to everyone.

Have great weekend.

The Sink Vergers - Part 2

The Consequences Of Being Disrespectful
No Butts About It
Pulling The Fire Alarm Prank

Carolina Jim:
Class Of 1956
Class Of 1969
Darlene's Comeuppance
The Fire
Kate's General Store - Part 01
Kate's General Store - Part 02
Kate's General Store - Part 03
Kate's General Store - Part 04
Kate's General Store - Part 05
Kate's General Store - Part 06
Kate's General Store - Part 07
Kate's General Store - Part 08
Kate's General Store - Part 09
Kate's General Store - Part 10
Kate's General Store - Part 11
The Lie
Mom's Best Friend - Part 1
Mom's Best Friend - Part 2
Mom's Best Friend - Part 3
Mom's Best Friend - Part 4
Mother's Hairbrush - Part 1
Mother's Hairbrush - Part 2
Mother's Hairbrush - Part 3
The Shoebox
Sore Bottoms For Three
Susan, Kelly... And Grandma
A TV Land Christmas

Cherry Red:
Alicia's Cleavage... - Part 2

Absolute Pleasures
A Taste Of Loving Discipline

Jacqueline Scott:
Married Bliss?

Skinny Dipping

Two Hours Later

Accidental Apprentice
Birds Of A Feather - Part 1
Birds Of A Feather - Part 2
Course Correction
The Discipline Direction
Megan's Law

Louise Watson:
Lucy's Caning

Inviting Trouble

Rick Marlowe:
Will You Still Spank Me Tomorrow?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings all. The weekend is almost over - hope it was a good one for all concerned.

Here is the latest list of stories loaded to the LSF.

Read and enjoy!

Alan Barr:
High Plains Spanker

Having An STD
Head Girl And Spanking Privileges
Henry The Eighth Spanked
The Spanking Mannequin
Wrong Answers

Crimson Kid:
Strength With Sensitivity


...And Again From Spain

Never Too Late - Part 3

Southern Lady:
Ariel's Waffle House Sore Seat

Susan Thomas:
Alderton College - Part 16
Alderton College - Part 17
Alderton College - Part 18
Alderton College - Part 19

Tara Black:
Androgyne - Part 3

I Am Waiting

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Hey, it's June. June! Can you believe it? Only six months to go til Christmas ... :D

Here is a list of the latest offerings from the participating authors of the LSF. So relax under your sun umbrella with a glass of something nice, and enjoy reading ...

The Substitute

The New Governess

Canadian Spankee:
Fred's Teenage Years - Part 4
Fred's Teenage Years - Part 5

Cherry Red:
Brittany's Spandex Shorts Spanking - Part 1

DJ Black:
The Sinclair Method - Part 4
The Sinclair Method - Part 5
The Tempest

Fiona Blue:
Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 4

The Billionaire Cowboy
From Innocence To Experience

J Wackford Colton:
Justice Served At Last

Jack Crawford:
The Houseboy
A Stupid Dare - Part 1
A Stupid Dare - Part 2
A Stupid Dare - Part 3
A Stupid Dare - Part 4
A Stupid Dare - Part 5

It's Good To Be Bad
Warmed Bottoms And Warm Hearts

Louise Watson:
Amy And David

Margaret Jane:
The Interlude

OTK in CT:

Never Too Late - Part 2
Spanked By His Sisters

My Best Friend Spanked Me On Holiday
Sunday 5pm

The Price Of Discipline

Tom Levi:
When I Met Sue

The Tease