Tuesday, 25 April 2017

New Author - lasilverfox

Our latest author is lasilverfox who has recently submitted a story called How I Fixed Our Marriage.

How I Fixed Our Marriage
When Harv and Celia's marriage hits a rough spot, domestic discipline is just the fix it needs. After Celia has a weekend fling, Harv uses the hairbrush to good effect - and things greatly improve for them both.
synopsis by Janine

New Author - Overlap

Our latest author is Overlap who has recently submitted a story called Trading Places.

Trading Places
Brandon fantasizes about what it would be like to be paddled by his stepmother. After he confesses his secret desire to his stepsister Lindsey, she devises a plan to switch places and let him take her punishments. But will he soon regret getting what he wished for?
synopsis by Janine

New Author - ElyFant

Our latest author is ElyFant who has recently submitted a story called Angela Blackberry At School.

Angela Blackberry At School
When Angela is summoned to the Headmistress' office, she is uncertain about what awaits her. She has never been caned before, and the prospect of receiving a caning brings both fear and excitement.
synopsis by Janine

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks

A little later than planned, here is your list of items recently loaded to the LSF.

Plenty more to come soon, so do stop by to check them out.

The House
Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Karen's Dilemma

Secret Spanking Lessons

Canadian Spankee:
The Landlady's Step-Daughter

Cherry Red:
The Majorette & Mr. Gwynn's Hiney - Part 1

Reader Details Her Journey Into Submission

A New Regime - Part 7
A New Regime - Part 8

Geoffrey Stirling:
Walking Home

Louise & Her Mother - Part 1
Louise & Her Mother - Part 2

Breaking In A New Roommate

Lisa Berry:
Corset Shop Discipline - Part 29
Mother And Daughter - Part 1
Mother And Daughter - Part 2
Reality Spanking - Part 3
Reality Spanking - Part 4
A Schoolgirl Slippering

Louise Vancisic:
Hope Winston - Meeting The New Kids

The Cure For Senioritis
A Traffic Ticket For Texting
A Visit To Mr. Alf's Tawse

Phil K:
Vargas - The Secret Drawings

Dear Mr 8

The Man For Her

Susan Thomas:
Sarah's Change - Part 1
Sarah's Change - Part 2
Sarah's Change - Part 3

Ladies First
Unwelcome Guests

Cherry Red:
Class Swats & Charlotta's Bottom - Part 1
Cupid Strikes Gwyn - Part 5

Dr Keate:
Four For Reform - Part 1
Four For Reform - Part 2
Four For Reform - Part 3
Four For Reform - Part 4
Four For Reform - Part 5
Four For Reform - Part 6


Oh, He Was Supposed To Do That?!

It Works Two Ways

Jennifer Pearson:
The Grass Is Always Greener
Many Was The Reason...

Lisa Berry:
It's The Waiting That's The Worst
Where's My Bike?
You Need A Good Spanking

Louise Vancisic:
Double Jeopardy
Tanya Crane - Part 1

Halftime Entertainment For Dad's Friends
Spanked By Two Moms
Summer Camp Spankfest
The Wrong Time To Seek Revenge

Todd's Fantasies Realised

Susan Thomas:
Punishment Session - Part 1
Punishment Session - Part 2
Punishment Session - Part 3
Punishment Session - Part 4