Saturday, 28 September 2013

Latest Acquisitions

There are plenty of new stories this week so make sure you check out your favourite authors, or why not try a new author, you might just end up hooked. The library is as busy as ever, if we had an actual library I suspect it would be rather overcrowded. I love books but reading on line is definitely becoming more popular and it is quite convenient to be able to read anywhere at any time. Anyway, have a good week everybody.

Alan Barr:
The Cure

All Together Boys & Girls - Part 1
All Together Boys & Girls - Part 2
Another Teacher Spanked - Part 1
Another Teacher Spanked - Part 2

Big Billie:
Jankers And Spankers - Part 1
Jankers And Spankers - Part 2
Jankers And Spankers - Part 3
Jankers And Spankers - Part 4
Jankers And Spankers - Part 5
Miss Joan Johnson Asks For It
Miss Joan Johnson Gets It - Ouch!
Mission Accomplished...


Canadian Spankee:
John's Campaign

On Your Marks - Part 5
On Your Marks - Part 6

Cherry Red:
Jeans Down For Heidi's Hiney - Part 1

Dr Keate:
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 3
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 4

Fiona Blue:
Bitter Things
Honey! Bunches Of O's
I Don't Need To Sleep

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Apartment

Leaving Eastern Europe
Taking The Baths At Budapest - Part 1
Taking The Baths At Budapest - Part 2

Jack Crawford:
How I Benefited From A Sorority Prank
Motivation For Rewards

A Weekend With Uncle Jack

The Nerd - Part 5

A Tale Of Two Switches

Margaret Jane:
Collective Nouns
The Enhancing Fulfilment Of Detail

Spanked On A Sunburnt Bottom

Nancy Wing:
Go With The Flow

I Love The Mounds Of Becky's Ass

OTK in CT:
The Feminists
Melissa's Modeling Experience
Paddlin' Madelyn

Memories - Part 1
Memories - Part 2
Memories - Part 3
Memories - Part 4
Memories - Part 5
Memories - Part 6

Phil K:
Academic Discipline

Pipkin Tale:
The Secret Garden - Part 3

Rachel Redbum:
Reversal Of Fortune - Part 1

My Duty Is Clear

Princess Eleanora...

Rick Marlowe:
Naughty Girl Spanker

Ruby Hills - Part 1

Sarah Sloan:
CP In My Early Years - Part 6

The Spank Shop 38: Tara, Belinda & Angelica

Meet The Worthingtons... - Part 1

My School Year In England

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Here we are again, new week, new stories, as ever. It seems as though there is no end to the imagination of our brilliant authors. Of course there is always a lot going on at the best library ever, so don't hang around here, get on to the LSF and check out some new spanky tales. Have a good week everyone, see you all in seven days time.

Alan Barr:
The Vicar Of Dibley

Sally Spence

Canadian Spankee:
Fair Turn Around

On Your Marks - Part 1
On Your Marks - Part 2
On Your Marks - Part 3
On Your Marks - Part 4

Good In Bed

Dr Keate:
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 2

Helen's First Spanking

The First Time

Geoffrey Stirling:
Uncle John - Part 2

Rite Of Passage

Budapest: Lunch On Andrassy In Pest
The Powder Room Of the Albertina Museum
St. Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna

Cleaning House

Miles Anderson:
Equality In The Headmistress's Study

Mr. Magazine:
Jan 1970 - J.C., Ontario
Jan 1970 - J.T., Michigan
Dec 1970 - Wild Wild World

Scatty Sarah And The Beanbag

Snow White, Ebony Black, Blood Red

Rick Marlowe:
Alice's Adventures In Spankoland - Part 1
Alice's Adventures In Spankoland - Part 2
Alice's Adventures In Spankoland - Part 3
Alice's Adventures In Spankoland - Part 4

Sarah Sloan:

Barbara Meets Tailblazer

Spanking Theatre:
Throne Of Shame

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Well it is a shortish list this week, I think we are all tired and needed some time to catch up. It appears that summer is over in the UK, they even mentioned snow up in Scotland where I live... Snow in September, I do hope not. It's wild here today so I think I shall curl up and read some of the new stories, hope you all enjoy them too! Have a good week everyone, see you back here next weekend...

Arthur James Blimp:
A Disruptive Influence

Johnny Gives A Spanking
When It Hurts So Good

Canadian Spankee:
The Life Of Janet Pye

Jacqueline Scott:
A Dare Gone Wrong

The Guardian

The Nerd - Part 4

Golf Camp

Mr. Magazine:
Dec 1969 - A.M., Alabama
Dec 1969 - J.E., Tennesse

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Story Of the Day - Succubus

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Succubus by flopsybunny which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb

"The title, (incidentally the only use of the word 'succubus' in the titles on these shelves) the set up and the first half of the story gear us up to expect a tale of magic, fear and submission to a female demon of the night - Yum.

This, however, being written by Flopsybunny, we are denied, and the tale takes a completely different turn, still resulting in a soundly spanked bottom though.

There is much to enjoy here, the descriptions of the succubus and the spanking, the anger of the protagonist and his confusion when things turn out differently to how the script was supposed – in his mind - to go, and also the final delicate completion of the circle which I won't mention for fear of spoiling it.

A good story can be made better with a twist, and this has two of them, or is that three?.

Awakened by strange noises, and feeling something invisible on his bed and then upon his chest, Brian imagines he's being attacked by a sexy succubus. Actually it's the neighbour, Irene's, cat, and it's the third time this week! Brian takes matters, and Irene's bottom, into (and under) his own hands and spanks her hard, adding plenty with his slipper too. To his surprise, however, Irene's yelps turn to something else. As for the cat ...

synopsis by TheEnglishMaster

New Author - Malcatraz

Our latest author is Malcatraz who has recently submitted a story called Henry.

Henry Part 1
Henry is two years younger that the other pupils at college and that is why everyone is amazed when he starts dating the amazonian Barbara. When his youth leads to an embarrassing meal for Barbara she decides there needs to be some rules if they are going to continue their relationship.

More parts to follow ...
synopsis by PinkAngel

New Author - Patron

Our latest author is Patron who has recently submitted a story called Running Into The Prefect.

Running Into The Prefect
Wendy runs into prefect Allison on her first day of school. She is shocked when she is mistaken for a pupil but that starts a relationship that continues and changes as the term goes on.
synopsis by PinkAngel

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Another day, another packet of crisps... The head bunny was under the weather earlier this week, so I took advantage and helped myself to all the goodies she had hidden! Other than that, there has been quite a few new stories loaded. Enjoy this little lot anyway!

The Spanking Booth

Stories Not Meant For Class - Part 1
Stories Not Meant For Class - Part 2
Stories Not Meant For Class - Part 3
Stories Not Meant For Class - Part 4
Stories Not Meant For Class - Part 5
Stories Not Meant For Class - Part 6
Stories Not Meant For Class - Part 7
Stories Not Meant For Class - Part 8

Canadian Spankee:
Truck Driver's Lady - Part 2

Cherry Red:
The Myrtle Beach Bikini Switch - Part 2

DJ Black:
A Housemaster By Proxy
A Job Worth Doing
Magic - Part 44
Magic - Part 45
Magic - Part 46
Magic - Part 47
Magic - Part 48
Magic - Part 49
Paying For It
Spankmanship - Part 16
Spankmanship - Part 17
Strictly Dangerous Dancing

Dr Keate:
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 1

Fiona Blue:

Three Merry Maids - Part 7

Are There Red Sakuras, Too?

At The John Lennon Wall
Hop On Hop Off - Touring Vienna
Touring From Krakow: Auschwitz-Birkenau

Jack Crawford:
Cherry - Part 01
Cherry - Part 02
Cherry - Part 03
Motivation To Continue


John Graves:
New House, New Arrangement

Josh Day:
Summer Camp Story - Part 4

Laurel Aspen:

Louise Vancisic:
A Lovely Family - Part 2

Henry - Part 4
Henry - Part 5
Henry - Part 6
Stress Relief

Discipline And Love

Rachel Redbum:
Structure And Accountability - Part 13

Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 07
The Morning Agenda - Part 08

Rick Marlowe:
KLSF Talk Radio
The Landlord's Daughter

After The Party
The New Neighbour
The Principal

Ryan Rowland:
Test Drive - Part 1
Test Drive - Part 2
Test Drive - Part 3

Bad Choices - Part 1
Bad Choices - Part 2

The Spank Shop 37: Melissa & Sahra

Wedding Day Wednesday Night - Part 3
Wedding Day Wednesday Night - Part 4

Swish Strict:
Lady Independent
The Ultimatum
You Will Of Course Be Punished

The Summer Of '92 - Part 1
The Summer Of '92 - Part 2

Monday, 2 September 2013

Results of the 11th LSF Story Challenge

Here, somewhat belatedly, are the results of the 'Secrets and Lies' story challenge.

Voting on the 66 entries of the 11th LSF Challenge has now concluded. A grand total of 32,026 votes were cast and at the time of writing 1,648 comments have been made on the entries.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to both readers and authors for taking part and also to all those who took the time to vote. The challenge voting, intended just for amusement, resulted in the following winners and runners up:

1st: Painful Secrets And Honorable Lies by Ryan Rowland
2nd: The Secret Shame Of Sara Jane by tfs
3rd: The Billionaire Pervert by flopsybunny

Runners up:
Secret Services by Firefly
To Fit The Crime by Phil K
A Memorable Introduction by Watcher

A full listing of all the entries and the respective comments they received can be seen on the LSF Challenges site. Synopses for all the entries have now beene added by our validators. Comments made on the entries are visible to all but you will need to be registered with the library in order to read the submissions.