Monday, 31 December 2012

Story Of The Day: Christmas With Judith

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Christmas With Judith by Alan Barr which has been recommended by LSF member, opb

" Childhood is a time of innocence partly remembered, but the mists of memory are punctuated by iconic moments. We all have them, stored away in tissue paper in our minds as things of great value held against the predictability of adulthood.

Alan Barr treats us to a dreamy series of annual vignettes which are so structured as to take us past the cusp where the innocence of childhood meets the partial knowing of puberty, where the adult desires we have no way of understanding with our child's mind surprise us by coming to the fore begging to be given free rein. When we allow them, we watch almost as a voyeur the delights which accompany the Adult Secret with incomprehension of anything save that we want them, and that desire borders on a need which will never leave us.

Now, peering from the other side of that vast chasm which separates us from that time I too found myself longing to have spent Christmas with Judith."

Alan and his parents always spend Christmas day with his aunt and uncle and cousin Judith. He is quite in awe of Judith but on a couple of Christmas afternoons they get to play some very interesting games together. Sadly by the next year they have both grown away from their easy closeness.

synopsis by PinkAngel

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