Friday, 31 July 2015

New Author - CM Zero

Our latest author is CM Zero who has recently submitted a story called Fallshadow Shrine.

Fallshadow Shrine
When Ayame's hands temporarily turn into claws, the villagers chase her, believing her to be a demon. She runs to the temple on the hill, where she finds sanctuary. The temple maiden can help her adapt to her new powers. But first, she must participate in an offering ritual to the goddess of the temple.
synopsis by FiBlue

Latest Acquisitions

Here we are again with more spanking goodies for your reading pleasure,

We have four new authors featured this week. They are mj2001, FirmHandDad, Avalon, and Ancient Brit.

Have a good weekend, folks.

Ancient Brit:
What Makes Joanna Tick

Spanked By A Shield Maiden

The Fine Print


Cherry Red:
Miss Kim's Teacher Thong - Part 2

CM Zero:
Fallshadow Shrine - Part 02
Fallshadow Shrine - Part 03

Crimson Kid:
Boyish Peeping Is Punished

DJ Black:
Naughty Clare
The Unspankable In Pursuit...

The Wedding Gift

Lightning Bug

Pineville High's Celebrity Student - Part 2

Rebecca Gets A New Name - Part 3
Rebecca Gets A New Name - Part 4

Jacqueline Scott:
Go With The Flow

Jennifer Pearson:
Language Arts

John Stern:
Back To Hilldale School - Part 3

Lawrence Kinden:
Always Wanted To

Lisa Berry:
Diary Of A Housemistress - Part 3
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 5
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 6
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 7
Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 16
Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 17

Louise Vancisic:
A Mother Daughter Discussion
Setting The Standard

Library Fines Can Be Painful

Danny - Part 3

Hard Bitch

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Latest Acquisitions

It's Saturday and the sun is shining (at least it is here!) so pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass of something nice to drink while you catch up on the stories of some of your favourite spanky authors. There's one new author in the list this week - Miserationum.

Happy reading, and see you again next week.

Alan Barr:
Little Madams

The Hole
The Masseur

The VIvian 3000 - Part 3

CM Zero:
Fallshadow Shrine - Part 01

DJ Black:
Consequences - Part 4
Consequences - Part 5

Dr Keate:
Rueful Reflections

Pineville High's Celebrity Student - Part 1

John Graves:
Birthday Reversal

Emulating Tom

Toy For The Neighbour - Part 1

Lawrence Kinden:
What Kind Of Girl

Lisa Berry:
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 3
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 4
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 14
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 15
What's Cooking?

Louise Watson:
Sally And The Spanking Cartoons
The Secretary, The Teacher...

The Boarding House - Part 01

Anna Kate's Bright Idea
When In Rome

Danny - Part 2

The Flagellation Of Marianne

Exchange Student Surprise - Part 20
Exchange Student Surprise - Part 21
Exchange Student Surprise - Part 22

Funny How Things Work Out Sometimes

Tom Simple:
The Bench In The Park

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Well, it's the weekend again and we're here to bring you more spanking goodies loaded to the LSF during the last week or so.

As always, there's a varied selection, so you're sure to find something of interest.

Relax and enjoy!

VIvian 3000 - Part 2

The First

Blackfriars - Part 05

Cherry Red:
Red White & Blue

The Punishment Of Gregor Samsa

Jenny's Safe-Driving Reminder
Katie's Misadventure

DJ Black:
Adventures Of A Bottom 5
Consequences - Part 1
Consequences - Part 2
Consequences - Part 3
A Modern Education
Sheikh... - Part 10

Rebecca Gets A New Name - Part 2

Jack Crawford:
The Debt Collector - Part 7
The Debt Collector - Part 8
The Debt Collector - Part 9

Jennifer Pearson:
The Sound Of Music?
The Switch Hitter

Lisa Berry:
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 2
The Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 13

Louise Vancisic:
Mary Ann - Part 3

Danny - Part 1

The Great Grandmother Of Pearl - Part 2

Campaign For School President
Charlotte Andrews
Fully Deserved
The New Swimming Coach

Special Friends - Special Benefits

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings from a sweltering UK! It's even been too hot for spankering!

Here we have a list of the latest items added to the LSF .... there are rather a lot of poems this week, but some stories too.

Enjoy. See you again soon.

Alan Barr:
The English Vice
Naughty Sarah

The VIvian 3000 - Part 1

The Queen Of Darkness
Raiders Of The Lost Arse
Rainy Day

Canadian Spankee:
Rufus - Part 1
Rufus - Part 2

Crimson Kid:
It Sure Is Fun! #4

Tommy And The Girls

Rebecca Gets A New Name - Part 1

Jennifer Pearson:
Another Razor Strap Entry
Back Beneath The Brush
Back To The Brush
Bare Bottom Blues
Brush Burns
Brush Strokes For Jenny
Call To Action
Cane Song
Change Of Plans
The Conference
Constructive Criticism
Corner Time
The Cure For Backtalk
Dad Teaches A Lesson
Daddy's Strap
Damned If You Do... Damned If You Don't
A Date Over Mom's Lap
Date With The Brush
Don't Mess With Mom
Dumb Things Parents Say
The Evil Belt
The Hairbrush Cometh!
The Hairbrush Revisited
If Only
Jenny Gets The Brush
Jenny Spanked
Late For Dinner
Linguistic Error
Me, Mom And The Yardstick
Misery Loves Company
Mom Hit The Trifecta
Mom's Reminder
Mommy Memories
New Year's Spanking Poem
Next Victim Please
Night Moves
Nocturnal Thoughts Of An Oft Spanked Lass
Paddled Profusely
Poor Word Choices
Razor Strap Redux
Road Tripping = Road Whipping
Rubber Spatula Debut
A Spank In Time Is A Spank In Rhyme
Spanked Again
Spanked And Sent To Bed Early
Spanking Instructions
Spanks For The Memories
The Spoon Calls The Tune
The Tag Team
Time Travel
Waiting For The Brush
Woe Is Me On The Shopping Spree!

Birthday Spanking
Much To Learn - Part 05

The Very Naughty Miss Cole - Part 5
The Very Naughty Miss Cole - Part 6

Zoey Meets J. K. Howling

Lisa Berry:
The Life Of A Domestic Servant - Part 1
Memories Of A Hospital Sister - Part 5
Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 11
Spanking Life Of Eileen - Part 12

Louise Watson:
Teacher Spanks The Secretary

Mr Rogers' Retirement
My Wicked Stepmother

One To One

Temporary Assignment
An Unexpected And Interesting Afternoon
A Visit To The Principals Office

Sophia - Soccer Player

Spank Shop 53: Jeffrey

Tom Levi:
A Summer Spanking Line