Sunday, 31 March 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Happy Easter all! What better way to spend some time than checking out the stories on this latest loaded list. There is plenty here to keep you all very busy. Anyway, can't stop I am intent on consuming my own body weight in chocolate today, it's a tough job but someone has to do it!!

Aunt Carla:
The Teasdale Family Tradition - Part 4

An Easter Memento

Tina Finds Trouble At Home & Work - Part 2

Canadian Spankee:
Safety Or Spanked, A Choice

Karen's Kinky Car

Don A. Landhill:
Oh A Rear
Paddle Hard
Paddles Are A Dom's Best Friend
A Paddling Tonight
Standing In The Corner
Susie's Spanking
You're My Top

Sapphic Carnival

Jacqueline Scott:
If Only...

Property. Face. Secrets.

My Life As A Housekeeper

Zoey And Her Best Friend

Lily P:
The Naughty Bear

What A Great Day


I'm A Believer

Rachel Redbum:
The Dominatrix Calls Technical Support

A Friend Who Cares... - Part 06

Pick Up the Spare - Part 3

Jenny Slater

Josie Gets Her Warm Up - Part 2

Swish Strict:
Bot-themeian Rhapsody
Return To Red

Swish Strict.:
Hotel Spankomania

Tara Black:
Corporal Punishment Officer - Part 1
Corporal Punishment Officer - Part 2

Proving It

Another Country - Part 3

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Story of The Day: Mother and Daughter

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Mother and Daughter by Joy Peters which has been recommended by LSF member, Tamlyn

"Although at first this appears to be the typical mother making the extreme sacrifice to save her daughter from pain and humiliation, don't be fooled. They are both caned but there are no sadistic horny headmasters here or pain-freak families. This is serious stuff.

What this story concerns is privilege or the perception of same. The character of the mother, Rosemary Grayling, is described as a doctor - a succesful general practitioner who belives that her 17 year old daughter Lucy should follow in her footsteps, but knows that in order to do so, top marks at school will be absolutely essential.

Lucy falls behind in her studies due to social commitments, and so it is her mother who writes her essay. Lucy's expulsion from school is a real threat... but there is a way to avoid it as both mother and daughter receive the cane!

Lucy is a good student but it's her well-meaning mother trying to help that gets her into serious trouble. It's not the first time, and Lucy will again be caned. She's not the only one.

synopsis by Dave

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wellred Weekly, Vol.2 No.1

We are delighted to announce the latest issue of the Wellred Weekly, Vol.2 No.1. This current issue features the following content:

flopsybunny introduces the current issue...

My Experience of 'Coming out'
Fiona Blue on the dangers of revealing one's kink...

The Nun in Spanking Literature
Garth Toyntanen dicusses the convent-based disciplinarian...

Corporal Punishment in Schoolboy Fiction
Arthur James Blimp takes a trip down memory lane...

Memories of Mr. Magazine
tenb6 recalls his discovery of this classic men's periodical...

Creating 3D Spanking Images
Angela Fox provides instruction in this artistic endeavour...

Corporal Punishment: Archetype, Myth & Reality - Part 1
Dominic Black with some psychological insights...

Interview with the Author: Goodgulf
Goodgulf is this issue's featured author...

The LSF – a Haven for Budding Writers
Gail sings the praises of the LSF...

A Personal Review of the Spank-O-Matic II
Lewsseau shares his experience with this spanking machine...

A Beginner's Guide to Spanking
Pandora Blake provides a useful guide for the neophyte spanko...

Diversity in Spanking Fiction
Anastasia Vitsky encourages the avoidance of stereotypes...

Spanking Fiction Across Genres
Sue Lyndon celebrates the variety of fictional settings...

Click below for this latest issue:

Latest Acquisitions

Welcome to spring. In the UK this consists of snow and ice, power black-outs, people stuck in their cars for hours upon end and copious amounts of moaning!! Anyway if anyone is stuck for what to do during the cold snap, or even if you live in one of those countries that get 'real' snow and are thinking that those of us in the UK don't know how lucky we are, here is the latest loaded list to get your teeth into!

Arthur James Blimp:
The Capricious Summer

Aunt Carla:
After-Dinner Discipline - Part 2
Jack's First Adult Spanking - Part 1
Jack's First Adult Spanking - Part 2

Suzie Wong And Mr. Bond

Voodoo Curse

Bottomsup Becky:
Believe It Or Not
The Cattle Baron's Daughter - Part 2

Canadian Spankee:
Introducing The Hairbrush
Kissing Cousins & Spanking Wives - Part 2
None Of Mom's Business
Tapping The Knee

Carol Smith:
Nichola Wright - Part 7

Tonya Misbehaves On The Plane

Don A. Landhill:
The Answers
The Whipping Girl

Dr Keate:
Cane Weals
Spank Warning

Butts And Butts

Book Of The Month Club Review - Part 2

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Girl On The Bus
Uncle John

Groundhog Day At Jefferson Arms

John Graves:
I Stopped Her

Just A Gentle Reminder

Louise Vancisic:
A Father's Duty

M. Dare:
Junior Achievement

Belted John

Rachel Redbum:
Foxcatcher Farm
Survivor Guilt

The Tale Of A Wooden Spoon - Part 1

Rick Marlowe:
The Ultimate LSF Story Challenge Entry

Pick Up the Spare - Part 2

A Landlady Story - Part 2

Josie Gets Her Warm Up

Intimacy Intensive - Part 8
Intimacy Intensive - Part 9

Susan Thomas:
Martha Decides

Another Country - Part 2

Over For The Summer - Part 1
Over For The Summer - Part 2
Over For The Summer - Part 3

Friday, 22 March 2013

New Author - Redstar

Our latest author is Redstar who has recently submitted part 1 of a story called Tale of a Wooden Spoon.

Tale of a Wooden Spoon
Corporal punishment is temporarily reinstated at Grant's school when it is discovered that he cheated in an inter-school run. With no help from his mother, Grant is half way through his punishment before he comes up with a plan....
synopsis by PinkAngel

Story of the Day:Exchange Student Surprise

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Exchange Student Surprise by Shono which has been recommended by LSF member, Westviking

"This is a wonderful series in 19 parts, telling the story of a very spoiled 15 year-old girl from The Philippines who comes to the USA to attend to High School and play soccer.

In her new family she gets a lot of spankings but also love. You are going to love the characters and learn something about the Philippines. The story is mostly M/f but also F/f and M/Ff.

A family with a daughter in college is surprised when an exchange student organization calls them to take in a foreign student based on what happened the last time. Maria arrives and learns what is expected of her during her stay.

synopsis by flopsybunny

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Latest Acquisitions

I do love new buttons to press and the latest loaded now has its very own yellow button to remind us somewhat forgetful types to get this done! Enough excuses, I don't know about where you live but it is cold and snowy in Scotland at the minute. I can't think of much better to do than light a nice warm fire and read through all the new stories. Here they are, hope you enjoy them! I have to go, I have a new button to press...

Alan Barr:
Will Broadbent's Finest Hour

Aunt Carla:
After-Dinner Discipline - Part 1
Jonathan's Attitude Adjustment - Part 4
Sterner Measures - Part 1
The Teasdale Family Tradition - Part 2
The Teasdale Family Tradition - Part 3

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 7
The Maid And Maggie May - Part 8
The Maid And Maggie May - Part 9

Becky Foul Mouth
Flog Captain Flog
No Clowning Around
A Snort Of Whiskey
The Third Wish
Tina Finds Trouble At Home & Work - Part 1
Were You Ever?

Grace Under Fire - Part 1
Grace Under Fire - Part 2
Grace Under Fire - Part 3

The Joy Of Bird-Watching

Canadian Spankee:
Kissing Cousins & Spanking Wives - Part 1

Chloe And The Flying Saucer

DJ Black:
Jane And The Cane
Parkway - Part 1
Parkway - Part 2
Parkway - Part 3
Parkway - Part 4
The Road
Shiny Rain And Blueberries
So Embarrassing
What Can You Do?

Don A. Landhill:
Counting Rhyme

Dr Keate:
The Fair Flower Of Northumberland
Red (Bottomed) Sonja - Part 1
Red (Bottomed) Sonja - Part 2
Red (Bottomed) Sonja - Part 3
Red (Bottomed) Sonja - Part 4
Red (Bottomed) Sonja - Part 5
Red (Bottomed) Sonja - Part 6
Red (Bottomed) Sonja - Part 7
Red (Bottomed) Sonja - Part 8

Fiona Blue:
Mea Culpa

The Suitcase Man - Part 4

Chain Of Spankings
Discipline Quest
Flowing Tears
The Paddle
The Punishment

The Date - Part 4
A Sister's Practice Spanking

A Hike To Halona Beach Cove - Part 1
A Hike To Halona Beach Cove - Part 2

Jack Crawford:
The Loan Manager Has Civic Responsibilities
Random Neighborly Acts


John Graves:
First Birthday Spanking - Part 7

Mr. Magazine:
Jul 1969 - D.M., Massachusetts
Jul 1969 - F.B., Michigan
Jul 1969 - Wild Wild World

Naughty Girl Kris:
The Household Account

Smackin' Your Bum

Rachel Redbum:
Lynn And Katherine

Pick Up the Spare - Part 1

Gemma Attlee

What Mouse? (LO)

Last In Line - Part 2
Last In Line - Part 3
Last In Line - Part 4

The Spank Shop 33: Veronica

Sir Cambornek:
One Arabian Night...

Tales Of Tailblazer - Part 01
Tales Of Tailblazer - Part 02
Tales Of Tailblazer - Part 03
Tales Of Tailblazer - Part 04

Intimacy Intensive - Part 5
Intimacy Intensive - Part 6
Intimacy Intensive - Part 7

Hi Ho, Silver

Susan Thomas:
Another Wish

Kill And Cure?

Tara Black:
Special Unit - Part 3
Special Unit - Part 4

Another Country - Part 1
Late Home

Bittersweet Memories
Yuleparty In Valhalla

Saturday, 9 March 2013

New Author - Underling

Our latest author is Underling who has recently submitted a story called Late Home.

Late Home
When Jim is very late home one night he doesn't just face the wrath of his wife but also of his mother-in-law. Alice spanks him, in front of her mother but once she goes back to bed Harriet decides that Jim could do with a further lesson.
synopsis by PinkAngel

New Author - Blazingpaddles

Our latest author is Blazingpaddles who has recently submitted a serial called Grace Under Fire.

Grace Under Fire - Part 1
Life changes suddenly for nineteen year old Grace when her father gets into trouble with the law. Luckily she can stay at school but she has to leave the dorm and move in with the very strict Ms. Bradford.
synopsis by PinkAngel

Story Of The Day:Emma and Susan

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Emma And Susan by Robert which has been recommended by LSF member, Guy Spencer

"I can’t believe that I’m recommending a workplace spanking story for Story of the Week! The idea of any spanking, even the most chaste most consensual spanking, in the legalistic atmosphere of today’s workplace is simply unthinkable. I spent so many decades in the workplace and attended so many compulsory lectures from our Human Resources Department on how I should act towards the opposite gender, that I personally have trouble suspending disbelief for any workplace spanking story.

So how did this particular story manage to suck me in? It’s really hard to explain, except to say that the spanker’s inner feelings are so wonderfully articulated and the two spankings so lovingly described. The reactions of the two (young lady) spankees are quite different!

Actually, I could probably have made a good case for any of Robert’s stories. There are only five of them and they are all excellent. His works haven’t gotten near the attention they deserve. Why not read all five?

A Manager spanks his disruptive young trainees after they embarrass him in front of important clients.

synopsis by PinkAngel

Friday, 8 March 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Welcome to the Latest Acquisitions list, formerly known as This Week's Acqusitions which, given that we were usually about 3 weeks behind in reporting it, was a tad misleading.

I am also reliably informed there's another on the way in the next few minutes... bit like waiting for a bus really, at least where I live, nothing for 3 weeks and then 3 arrive at once. :-)

Alan Barr:
Love Crimes

Aunt Carla:
In Front Of The Whole Town - Part 3
The Teasdale Family Tradition - Part 1
The Uncompromising Mr. M. - Part 2

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 5
The Maid And Maggie May - Part 6

Canadian Spankee:
Gerald's Fling

The Decision

Hand For Hire - Part 8


Lawrence Kinden:
Naughty Nymphs (Revised) - Part 1
Naughty Nymphs (Revised) - Part 2
Naughty Nymphs (Revised) - Part 3

Louise Vancisic:
College Girl Memories - Part 3

The Professional

Naughty Girl Kris:
A Good Cry
Guardian Angel

Cruising For A Bruising
Queen Adelaide & Prince Ferdinand
Spanking Correspondence

Rachel Redbum:
Growing Pains - Part 8

Thomas Bruns:
The Deal Of A Lifetime

This Week's Acquisitions.

As the song says... Oooops we did it again! I am sorry to report that we have got somewhat behind for the second time. Personally I think I reside in a time warp as it only seems a few days since the last 'latest loaded' list but Februs assures me this is not correct. We were busy blaming each other but then thought we should stick together and blame the, for once, innocent flopsybunny! Anyway, here is the not quite latest loaded list for your delectation. It's a good one too!

Associated Press:
Australian Girls Caned In Kuala Lumpur

Aunt Carla:
Gabby's Punishment Weekend - Part 3
In Front Of The Whole Town - Part 2
With Cane In Hand

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 4

Bare Bottom With My Hand
Daydreaming Boy
A Fly On The Wall
The Party Pooper
Peter The Fool
Spilling The Toner
To The Principal

Dr Keate:
Postman Pat & The Fire... - Part 4

A Spanking Story

Visit To The Spanking Store

Artistry In Spanking: Hussy
Artistry In Spanking: Lesbos

Heather's Super Special Valentine's Day

Bronson's Shot - Part 5

Jack Crawford:
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 10
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 11
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 12

Jacqueline Scott:
Dreaming Of Annette

Returning Home

John Graves:

Lawrence Kinden:
A Difference Of Five

Marky Marks:
Are You Scared?
Snuffing Out A Bad Habit

Naughty Girl Kris:
Not A Morning Person
That Damn Brush

Serenade Con Brio - Part 8

Rachel Redbum:
Growing Pains - Part 5
Growing Pains - Part 6
Growing Pains - Part 7

Madeline Smythe - Part 3

Sam's Fit

The Spank Shop 32: Andrea & Kimberley

Intimacy Intensive - Part 1
Intimacy Intensive - Part 2
Intimacy Intensive - Part 3
Intimacy Intensive - Part 4

Susan Thomas:
The Wish

Tara Black:
Special Unit - Part 1
Special Unit - Part 2

Thomas Bruns:
Grandmother Takes Charge
Monkey's Paws

Thursday, 7 March 2013

New Author - Robbie

Our latest author is Robbie who has recently submitted a story called Gemma Attlee.

Gemma Atllee
When Gemma gets a detention at school her day goes from bad to worse. A trick test by the detention teacher leads to a further detention. As she runs to try and catch the next bus she is caught by the Head and punished for that too.
synopsis by PinkAngel

New Author - Tapada

Our latest author is Tapada who has recently submitted a story called Best Ever Leaving Present.

Best Ever Leaving Present
John is about to retire from his job when his assistant Carol talks about a leaving present for him. He suggests a spanking, but Carol isn't convinced he is serious. John is serious and tells Carol so, and invites her to his house while is wife is in America. Carol makes sure he gets a spanking to remember.
synopsis by dundee47

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New Author - Pipkin Tale

Our latest author is Pipkin Tale who has recently submitted a story called The Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden
Pipkin is puzzled at being summoned to meet his Mistress outside her walled garden. A normal member of her household, he is amazed when she suggests his joining her trusted, personal staff. They stroll through her beautiful gardens until, on reaching a strong stand of bamboo, she cuts a length. Her intentions soon become very clear!
synopsis by corncrake

Sunday, 3 March 2013

It's All In The Tune

Our next 'Story of the Day' is It's All In The Tune by Jake which has been recommended by LSF member, NJ Rick

"Imagine a spanking defined by the music that accompanies it. That's the premise of It's All In The Tune, by Jake - an obscure but sexy tale hidden away in the Library. Hearing the tune inside the head does a far better job of describing to the reader the nature of a spanking than onomatopoeia ever could. Try reading this story to see what you end up humming."

Bev has time to think about the tune and when the time comes she choses The Children's Marching Song. He is happy to oblige and she is spanked thoroughly, in stages, all to the tune she chose.

synopsis by PinkAngel