Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Author - Ally Montargis

Our latest author is Ally Montargis who has recently submitted a story called My First Spanking - How My Life Changed.

My First Spanking - How My Life Changed
Alison and Melanie live with their mother, Jennifer. Their father had died some years before. Jennifer starts dating Nicholas and before long he suggests they all move in together. On the first day, the girls are cheeky to their mother and Nicholas shows them the error of their ways.
synopsis by dundee47

New Author - Leigh Smith

Our latest author is Leigh Smith who has recently submitted a story called Facing Challenges.

Facing Challenges
Shelly is out jogging when a man approaches her - to let her know she has dropped her mobile phone. But Shelley doesn't realise this and swears and yells at him. After a bad start, she starts to fall for Brady - and to her surprise she meets him again at work. His company is merging with the organisation Shelly works for. A relationship ensues, and it is one in which Shelly doesn't always get her own way ... but she does get a spanked bottom!
synopsis by flopsybunny

New Author - John Stern

Our latest author is John Stern who has recently submitted a story called Back to Hilldale School.

Back to Hilldale School
Monica is back at Hilldale School teaching adults, dressed as 8th graders, so they can finish their High School Diplomas. In her first class, she is cheeked by Wendy, her best friend out of school, and that earns Wendy a hard bare bottomed spanking across Monica's knee.
synopsis by dundee47

Latest Acquisitions

Here we are again with more offerings, some of them on a festive theme.
The Christmas period is almost over now, the last mince pie scoffed, the mulled wine all gone, and our waistlines a bit wider from eating too many chocolates and other goodies!
We hope you will all enjoy reading the latest titles (at least we can't eat them!)

Alan de Veau:
Jingle Bells

A Christmas Carole

Dear Santa

God Knows, He Deserved It

Cherry Red:
A Stocking & Candy Striped Panties

Crimson Kid:
Christmas Wishes Are The Same

Home For Christmas

Happy Christmas Again, Mister Brown
Happy Christmas Finally, Mister Brown

Jack Crawford:
Christmas Eve Alone
Mistletoe Interpretations
Twelve Days Of Christmas

Jacqueline Scott:
A Party And A Present... But For Whom?

John Graves:
A High Stress Christmas

Louise Watson:
Christmas Day
Christmas Eve With Miss Johnson

Rachel Gordon:
Christmas Has Come Early
An Unexpected Christmas

Secret Santa

Maddie's Christmas Surprise - Part 1
Maddie's Christmas Surprise - Part 2
'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Tara Black:
Tawse Under The Christmas Tree

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Here we are again with another huge list of offerings, many of them on a festive theme. In addition to lots of Christmassy spanking stories we also have a 12-act pantomime - full marks for originality go to Dr Keate! So do take a couple of days off work and catch up on your reading.
May we at the LSF take this opportunity to wish all our readers a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Alan Barr:
The Best Christmas Present Ever
The Devious Headmaster's Identity Parade

Alan de Veau:
The Investigation - Part 3

The Cookie Thaw Effect

Ally Montargis:
A New Perspective
Spanked Five Times In Twenty-Four Hours
Spanked For Jealousy

Gift Of The Maggie
Road Trip - Part 1

Blue Christmas
The Case Of The Secretive Spouse

Education And Discipline
The Streets Of West Drayton
Tasteful Verses

My Fourth Day At School
Santa's Epiphany

The Deserved Revenge

The Christmas Tree And The Passion Trees

The Night Before...

Miss Goody Goody Two Shoes Gets It

Unmentionable Christmas

The Magic Strap

Clifford Dorset:
Deep And Crisp And Even

Dave Caldewell:
Naughty Or Nice

Dr Keate:
Christmas Pantomime - Part 01
Christmas Pantomime - Part 02
Christmas Pantomime - Part 03
Christmas Pantomime - Part 04
Christmas Pantomime - Part 05
Christmas Pantomime - Part 06
Christmas Pantomime - Part 07
Christmas Pantomime - Part 08
Christmas Pantomime - Part 09
Christmas Pantomime - Part 10
Christmas Pantomime - Part 11
Christmas Pantomime - Part 12
Secret Santa
The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Fiona Blue:
Joy And Happiness
My Name Is Marigold

Santa's Surprise

Naughty Girl
New Year's Resolution

Christmas At Woodbridge Manor

Carol's Christmas

Santa Claus, v1.0

The Tease

Happy Christmas, Mister Brown

Holiday Reckoning

The Visitor

One Last Christmas

J Wackford Colton:
A Christmas Gift

Jacqueline Scott:
The Quiz

The Gilbert Family

John Graves:

Definitely Not A Silent Night!

Katie B:
'Tis The Season To Be Snoopy

Home For The Holidays

The Matchstick Seller

Annie's Debrief

Zoey The Bully

Leigh Smith:
Santa Claus Special

The Pickpocket

Red-Bottomed Elf

Nancy Wing:
We All Know What Father Christmas Looks Like

The Elf

Father Christmas Delivers

Penelope Hasler:
The Spirit Of Giving

Rick Marlowe:
Barb's Very Spanky Christmas

Christmas Carol
Keeping House

Sir Cambornek:
The 4-Step Weight-Loss Plan
Christmas Treat
The Last Midnight Feast

Caning Contest At The Worthingtons - Part 4

Susan Thomas:
The Mystery Of The Missing Reindeer Dust

The Bath

The Christmas Spirit

A Stepfather's Present

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Well what did I tell you? I said there would shortly be another truck load of new items - and here they are!

Amongst this lot are offerings from new author Ally Montargis, and two serials (including one very substantial 23-parter) from another new author, Jaymac.

Alan Barr:
The Devious Headmaster's Personal Best

Alan de Veau:
The Investigation - Part 1
The Investigation - Part 2

Ally Montargis:
Almost Spanked By My Friend's Mother
My First Spanking - How My Life Changed

Crime Pays
A Fessage To India
The War On Terror

My Third Day At School

A Hot Spanking World
It Can Never Be Too Late
Secretarial Panties Down
A Statue Of A Spanking

Christmas In Amsterdam

Canadian Spankee:
The Untold Truth About Maggie

Cherry Red:
Jeans Down For Heidi's Hiney - Part 2
Lauren's Cooked Bottom - Part 2

DJ Black:
The Semester Of Standing For Supper - Part 1

The Pünk

A Heart Of Hope - Part 1
A Heart Of Hope - Part 2
A Heart Of Hope - Part 3
A Heart Of Hope - Part 4
A Heart Of Hope - Part 5
A Heart Of Hope - Part 6
The Last Saundermann - Part 01
The Last Saundermann - Part 02
The Last Saundermann - Part 03
The Last Saundermann - Part 04
The Last Saundermann - Part 05
The Last Saundermann - Part 06
The Last Saundermann - Part 07
The Last Saundermann - Part 08
The Last Saundermann - Part 09
The Last Saundermann - Part 10
The Last Saundermann - Part 11
The Last Saundermann - Part 12
The Last Saundermann - Part 13
The Last Saundermann - Part 14
The Last Saundermann - Part 15
The Last Saundermann - Part 16
The Last Saundermann - Part 17
The Last Saundermann - Part 18
The Last Saundermann - Part 19
The Last Saundermann - Part 20
The Last Saundermann - Part 21
The Last Saundermann - Part 22
The Last Saundermann - Part 23

John Stern:
Back To Hilldale School - Part 1
Back To Hilldale School - Part 2

Leigh Smith:
Rainy Days And Sundays

Mission Accomplished

Michael Thorn:
A Brighter Shade Of Red

OTK in CT:
Crime And Punishment
Paddlin' Madelyn - Part 2

Ellie And Frank - Part 1


Poppa Mark:
Disciplined Journey - Part 1
Disciplined Journey - Part 2

Rachel Redbum:
Structure And Accountability - Part 14
Structure And Accountability - Part 15

Rick Marlowe:
Back In The KLSF
I Now Own You
Sobbing Belles

A Friend Who Cares... - Part 14

Barbara Stanton - Part 1
Monthly Audit - Part 3
The Office Manager

The Spank Shop 40: Jason And Kelly

Caning Contest At The Worthingtons - Part 3

Spanking Theatre:

Susan Thomas:

The Look

Reformatory Correspondence - Part 1
Reformatory Correspondence - Part 2
Reformatory Correspondence - Part 3
Reformatory Correspondence - Part 4
Reformatory Correspondence - Part 5

Latest Acquisitions

Here we go again with another swag bag full of new items loaded to the library.

So curl up, read and enjoy. There will be another truckload coming very soon!

Seasons greetings to all our readers.

Alan Barr:
The Devious Headmaster's Outfoxed Cub

Alan de Veau:
Daddy's Girl: Karen Curtis

Arabian Nights
The Waldrapp And The Car Painter

The Undeserved Revenge

Canadian Spankee:
Three Boys, Three Spankings

DJ Black:
The House On Carol Street
The Prize - Part 2
The Prize - Part 3
The Prize - Part 4
The Prize - Part 5

Fiona Blue:
The Eve Of Christmas

The Man At The Carousel

Dual Stories 1: Single Father, Teen Daughter
Dual Stories 2: Single Mother, Teen Son

J Wackford Colton:
Last In The Queue

Jacqueline Scott:
The Neighbours

John Graves:

Joy Peters:
The Sword Of Dishonour

Mary Unchained

Lawrence Kinden:
Ziva's Brother

Louise Vancisic:
Anneliese - Part 1
Anneliese - Part 2

In Her Dreams

Scatty Sarah And The Hot, Hot Tub

Last Christmas
Merry Christmas Everybody

Caning Contest At The Worthingtons - Part 1
Caning Contest At The Worthingtons - Part 2

Four For Spanking