Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Author - Hall226

Our latest author is Hall226 who has recently submitted a story called Spanking Gloves.

Spanking Gloves
Charles goes to his ex-governess to be punished for his recurring ‘problem.’ Mrs Temple is dressed the part in her stilettos and spanking gloves. She fondles and scolds Charles, then spanks him to orgasm with her gloved hand.
synopsis by Fiona Blue

New Author - Tom Levi

Our latest author is Tom Levi who has recently a story called The Disciplinary Practice Of A Christian Father.

The Disciplinary Practice Of A Christian Father
Stan Sharpe gives an example to illustrate his Christian parenting philosophy. His adopted Vietnamese daughter, Megan, has trespassed into a neighbor’s yard with the intent to pick flowers. He learns from Megan that the neighbor has been using racial slurs against the 7-year-old. After carefully considering her punishment, Stan delivers fifty swats to Megan’s bare bottom.
synopsis by Fiona Blue

New Author - Peter 242

Our latest author is Peter242 who has recently submitted part 1 of a serial called The Generation Gap Traversed.

The Generation Gap Traversed - Part 1
Despite the twenty year age difference between them, Sharon and Ruth enter into a friendship. They soon find that a mother/daughter relationship gives them both what they need. When Ruth admits she desires some discipline from her 'chummy mummy', things intensify for the two women - discipline becomes a regular part of the routine, and they become lovers. When an especially severe spanking for Ruth is delivered in front of Sharon’s friend and the neighbors, the true nature of their special relationship is finally revealed to all.
synopsis by Janine

Story of the Day - The Librarian's Holiday

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Librarian's Holiday by Batfinch which has been recommended by LSF member, Guy Spencer

"If you are looking for an arousing story full of roiling, reddening buttocks suffering massive spankings, followed by instant coupling... this isn't it.

This engaging story fits far over into the more gentle side of the spanking fiction spectrum. It's a story of two very believable and lonely characters. These are the sort of people we see every day, but don't see at all.

You, the reader, go along for the ride as these two souls gradually discover each other. I'll say no more except that I hope they live happily ever after.

The only deviation in Carol's rather boring life, is her yearly holiday usually consisting of a coach-trip. This year, she meets Sam and they find they enjoy each others company. Carol is intrigued when Sam threatens to spank her for missing breakfast, so intrigued she oversleeps!

synopsis by PinkAngel

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings people. Here's our latest loaded list. I'm constantly amazed at how busy our authors are as we continue to receive mountains of new material. We have recently announced our latest story challenge (on the theme of theft) so there will be even more intriguing stories to look forward to reading when the challenge is over.

Alan de Veau:
The Investigation - Part 5

God Moves In Mysterious Ways
My Second Monday At School

Watching Has Consequences
Why A Spanking Gets Started

Clinical Correction

Dave Caldewell:
Girls Talk

DJ Black:
A Christmas Wish
Magic - Part 62

Photographs - Part 09
Photographs - Part 10
Photographs - Part 11
Photographs - Part 12

Childhood's End - Part 3
Stellar Performance

Backpacker's Campsite

His Father Was A Strict Presbyterian

Jacqueline Scott:
The Old Summerhouse

A New Era For St John's Academy

Louise Vancisic:
Sparing Marilyn - Part 2

Louise Watson:
Amy's Tale

The Generation Gap Traversed - Part 4
The Generation Gap Traversed - Part 5
The Spanking Game

Rachel Redbum:
Actions Have Consequences
Bad Question To Ask

Rick Marlowe:
Stoking The Fire

Thomas Bruns:
Services Rendered

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Here we are again, and the new submissions continue to pour in to the LSF. Maybe it's a result of New Year's resolutions to write more!

Whatever your taste in spanking fiction, there's bound to be something to please in this little lot.


Alan de Veau:
The Investigation - Part 4

Ally Montargis:
A Family Tradition
The Truth About Heather
Watching My Mother Get A Spanking
A Weekend To Remember

Reinhardt Fox

Joni At The Bridge Party

Canadian Spankee:
Serving Time And More

The Handover

Cherry Red:
Cheer News & Bottom Bruises - Part 2

Psychometric Electronica

Spanking Gloves

Jack Crawford:
The Genie - Part 01
The Genie - Part 02
The Genie - Part 03
The Genie - Part 04
The Genie - Part 05

John Graves:
Secure Folders

Office Discipline - Part 1
The Spanking Dress

Nancy Wing:
Problem Resolved

OTK in CT:
Life In The Spanked Lane

Ellie And Frank - Part 2

Rick Marlowe:
Butt-Smacking Guy

Caning Contest Aftermath

Juli's Photo & The Panty Lined Flirt

Spanking Theatre:

Thomas Bruns:
Mrs. Daggett Visits
Reality Intrudes

Tom Levi:
The Disciplinary Practice Of A Christian...

Monday, 13 January 2014

New Author - Dipsy

Our latest author is Dipsy who has recently submitted a story called Learning To Think Before Speaking.

Learning To Think Before Speaking
Karen is unable to conceal her distaste for a visiting professor, challenging him in front of other faculty members and her class. Afterwards the college dean, Sandra, reprimands Karen for her behavior and expects her to apologize. As a graduate student Karen should know better to think before speaking, and she feels incredibly disappointed to have let down Sandra. Unable to get past her feelings, Karen agrees when Sandra suggests a slippering in order to set things right.
synopsis by Janine

Story of the Day - Singapore Sting

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Singapore Sting by Alex Birch which has been recommended by LSF member, Raptor

"Alex wrote ’Singapore Sting’ from a woman’s perspective, something he did many times and was very good at. The narrator is a forty two year old woman working in Singapore who has a sexual dud for a husband and an unrealized desire to have her bottom smacked...until she falls afoul of her employer and is given the choice of a caning or dismissal. So she quits. This is a very short story indeed. Just kidding, folks.

After a cup of tea to think about the matter she reluctantly agrees to take the caning. Once she is bent across her employer’s desk with her bottom bare, and the punishment begins, she soon discovers that the caning arouses emotions she did not expect.

A great story.

A 42 year old mother is forced to work in Singapore because of her husband’s illness. She lies about her qualifications and when caught, she is offered a caning or the sack. She chooses the caning. She feels aroused but there’s no sex.

synopsis by Lincoln

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Here we go again. It seems that everyone is writing frantically as we have even more new stories for your delectation and delight.

The muse is working overtime for our band of authors. So, here is the latest loaded list and there is something or everyone.


Alan Barr:
The Devious Headmaster's Intervention

Alan de Veau:
The Right Shoes

Ally Montargis:
My First Taste Of The Belt

We Three Kids

My Fifth Day At School

Fantasies Incorporated - NHB 2
Learning The Hard Way

Aunt's Medicine - Part 10
Music From The Bell Foundry

Crimson Kid:
Spank Me With Your Best Swat

Learning To Think Before Speaking

DJ Black:
Abaconti's Hotel
The Country Mouse Flappers - Part 1
The Country Mouse Flappers - Part 2
An Embarrassing Comeuppance
The Golem
In The Red Corner
The Justice Adjustment 3
Magic - Part 59
Magic - Part 60
Magic - Part 61
The Semester Of Standing For Supper - Part 2
The Semester Of Standing For Supper - Part 3
Spankmanship - Part 20
That Corner Time And The Summer Of 1973

Fiona Blue:
Friendly Competition

The Cherry Cake Incident
Photographs - Part 7
Photographs - Part 8

Childhood's End - Part 2
The Infidel - Part 1

Jack Crawford:
Conversation With A Professional... - Part 1
Conversation With A Professional... - Part 2
Conversation With A Professional... - Part 3
Conversation With A Professional... - Part 4
Conversation With A Professional... - Part 5

Lawrence Kinden:
Child's Play - Part 25

Zoey And Buttbook

Leigh Smith:
The Ultimatum

Louise Vancisic:
The Letter Of Love
Sparing Marilyn - Part 1

Daddy Discipline - Part 2

Go See Auntie Shirley!

I'm A Spanko Girl
Pearl's A Spanko

The Generation Gap Traversed - Part 1
The Generation Gap Traversed - Part 2
The Generation Gap Traversed - Part 3

Rachel Redbum:
A Pre-Wedding Surprise
Spanked For Cheating
There Should Be Boys Here

Rick Marlowe:
A Fresh Red Set Of Handprints

A Windy Monday

The Spank Shop 41: Trudy And Dexter

Caning Contest Finale - Part 1
Caning Contest Finale - Part 2

Susan Thomas:
The Summons

Tara Black:
Highland Academy - Part 1
Highland Academy - Part 2

The Guilt

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Story of the Day - Shorts Story

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Shorts Story by Ruegirl which has been recommended by LSF member, Mads

"This is one of my top stories of all time. I read this story for the first time about 10 years ago, and have reread it a number of times. I even translated it and with Rue’s permission posted the translation on a Danish Spanking Board.

The humour in this story is great right from the start. I found myself laughing aloud while reading. The female narrating the story has a long dialogue with her husband using intelligence, funny remarks and crazy arguing to try to talk herself out of the spanking we know she is going to get. The variation in the dialogue is splendid, ranging from an answer of two to three words to a long explanation.

Th spanking in this story is well described, and the conclusion is great.

He told her the shorts were indecent and not to be worn outside. She wears them to go jogging. He reminds her. She argues that she didn't actually agree ... well, she did, but only to shut him up! Was that a wise move?

synopsis by Linda

New Author - MasonSir

Our latest author is MasonSir who has recently submitted a story called Daddy Discipline.

Daddy Discipline
Little Reece is frequently in trouble with her "daddy" and is spanked nearly every night. But is everything all that it seems?
synopsis by Lincoln

Latest Acquisitions

That's Christmas over for another year. No more turkey and mince pies until NEXT December!
Happy New Year everyone and may 2014 bring delicious spankings and plenty of entertaining spanking stories ... starting with this little lot.

Alan Barr:
A Christmas Slippering
The Devious Headmaster's Pre-Emptive Strike

Road Trip - Part 2

Bum, All Ye Faithful
It Came Upon The Bottom Plump
Once In Royal David's City
PC Wenceslas

Cherry Red:
Sorted Out With Shorts Down - Part 1

Crimson Kid:
Judge Joanne And The Sucker Bet
Sisterhood's Greetings - Part 11

A Lord's Husbandly Privilege
A New Captain Takes A Bride

The Best Present Ever
The Headmaster's Generosity

Rosie's Rosy Cheeks
The Well - Part 01
The Well - Part 02
The Well - Part 03
The Well - Part 04
The Well - Part 05
The Well - Part 06
The Well - Part 07
The Well - Part 08
The Well - Part 09
The Well - Part 10
The Well - Part 11
The Well - Part 12
The Well - Part 13
The Well - Part 14
The Well - Part 15
The Well - Part 16
The Well - Part 17
The Well - Part 18
The Well - Part 19
The Well - Part 20
The Well - Part 21
The Well - Part 22
The Well - Part 23

The Negotiation

Louise Vancisic:
Mark Hunter Initiation

Louise Watson:
Boxing Day

Henry - Part 14

Daddy Discipline

Michael Thorn:
Switchmas Eve

Nancy Wing:
Womspank, Oregon, USA - Part 16

Henry Gets Outed

Naughty Norah And The Birthday Treat

OTK in CT:
Paddlin' Madelyn - Part 3

How I Control My Husband