Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks!

Here's another listing of spanky goodies, so do make your way to the LSF to read your favourite spanking stories... not just the recently loaded ones, as there are over 27,000 others too! I wonder how long it would take to read every single one of them ...

Adam Kessler:
Ashley's Reclamation

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Canadian Spankee:
College Memories

Lisa Berry:
The Lisa Godfrey Interviews - Part 10
The Spanking World Of Mary Parker - Part 3

Coming To Terms With My Stepmother
Matching Colors
Napping With A Little Red Butt
Straddling The Fence
The Worst Thing I've Ever Done

A Brother's Request - Part 4

Dear Editor 2

Rosie Radcliffe:
Training Amarra - Part 27
Training Amarra - Part 28

Sir Cambornek:
A Spell For Switching - Part 1
A Spell For Switching - Part 2
A Spell For Switching - Part 3
A Spell For Switching - Part 4

Susan Thomas:
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 01
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 02
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 03
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 04
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 05
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 06
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 07
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 08
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 09
Penny's Reluctant Discipline... - Part 10

A Little Discussion - Part 2

The Preacher's Wife:
The Omen

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Latest Acquisitions

Hi folks

Here's your weekly fix of spanking stories.

We've just announced a new F/M story challenge, so now's your chance to get writing! Do drop by and check out the details on the forum.

Adam Kessler:
Miss Clauson

Might I Have It On The Bare, Sir?

Bottomsup Becky:
The Cattle Baron's Daughter - Part 3

Canadian Spankee:
I Submit To...

A New Regime - Part 1
A New Regime - Part 2

Ember Shadow:
Sylvan for College Students - Part 04
Sylvan for College Students - Part 05

The Midnight Train - Part 1
The Midnight Train - Part 2
The Midnight Train - Part 3

BB Gun - Part 10

Kitty's First Teaching Day

Lawrence Kinden:
The Palmer Sisters

Lisa Berry:
Mrs Martin's Discipline Dreams 11
A Pain In The Backside
The Spanking World Of Mary Parker - Part 1
The Spanking World Of Mary Parker - Part 2

Bun-Burn At The Beach
Kaycee's Family Camping Trip
The Long Slow Drop
Sunday Driving Lessons
Thanksgiving Roasts

The Misty Bog - Part 1
The Misty Bog - Part 2
The Misty Bog - Part 3
The Misty Bog - Part 4
The Misty Bog - Part 5

Dear Mr 7

Moving Day

Just Another Day At The Office... - Part 8