Saturday, 27 July 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Another week and another list! Don't forget to check out the latest loaded as shown below. This week people seem to be concentrating on doing challenge entries so I am looking forward to reading them all... Goodness there really are only four days until entries close. Time is certainly flying this year! So sit back and enjoy some reading and I will be back, as ever, next week.

Aunt Carla:
Sunday Night Spanking
The Worst Part Of Detention

A Birthday Wish Gone Awry

The Woman In Black - Part 5

Canadian Spankee:
Old Friends, Best Friends

Cherry Red:
The Myrtle Beach Bikini Switch

Don A. Landhill:
When You Brat

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 5

Angel Of The Morning
Hurts So Good
No Turning Back
A Private College For Girls...
Summer Of '69 (Version 1)
Summer Of '69 (Version 2)
Summer Of '69 (Version 3)
Summer Of '69 (Version 4)
Summer Of '69 (Version 5)

The Blasphemy From Below
The Brigands Of Brandywine
The Empress Of The Clouds
Vilhelm The Vampire

Jacqueline Scott:
A Good Spanked Bottom

Josh Day:
Summer Camp Story - Part 2

Cruise Control

A Wish Fulfilled - Part 13

Rachel Redbum:
Structure And Accountability - Part 10


Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 02

Home For The Holidays


Stress Relief

Game, Set And Match!

Sore Bottom Monday Blues - Part 1
Sore Bottom Monday Blues - Part 2
Sore Bottom Monday Blues - Part 3

Absent Husband - Part 1

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Story of the Day - The Contest

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Contest by John Benson which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb

"This short story starts with a delightfully poetic opening line: "Reality yielded with scant grace allowing the Magi into the desolate plain of coarse black sand under a bloated red sun" - and we know we are up and running, urgent to know what will happen next.

The titular contest is one of magic, which should not come as a surprise to regular readers of John Benson, however this is a mere cipher for an underlying skirmish in the eternal battle of the sexes.

The rules for the contest are negotiated, but at the end, not all the participants know who has won and who has lost.

A young girl challenges a master to a powerful contest with extreme forfeits.

synopsis by Gabbs

Latest Acquisitions

Salutations fellow readers, yes it is that time of the week yet again. Have you noticed how much quicker time goes as you get older? At this rate it will seem like a daily acquisitions list rather than a weekly one! On that note, it is only 157 sleeps until Christmas (sorry Febs). Have a good week everyone and enjoy the new stories.

DJ Black:
An Interview For Aunt Domina
The Last Spanking
Magic - Part 36
Magic - Part 37
Magic - Part 38
Magic - Part 39
A Right Royal Spanking
The Romantique Legacy
The Sherriff's Wife & The Material Witness
Spankmanship - Part 14
Spankmanship - Part 15

Fiona Blue:
Your Hand Keeps Falling On My Ass

The Particle Physicist, His Wife, & His Mother

Jacqueline Scott:
A Secret Is Discovered - Part 1
A Secret Is Discovered - Part 2

Josh Day:
Summer Camp Story - Part 1

Mr. Magazine:
Dec 1969 - Wild Wild World
Women For Spanking

Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 01

Ryan Rowland:
Shut Up And Spank Me - Part 1
Shut Up And Spank Me - Part 2
Shut Up And Spank Me - Part 3

Sunday, 14 July 2013

'Secrets and lies' Challenge - July 2013

It's story Challenge time once again at the LSF as we announce our second challenge of the year and our eleventh to date. This time our challenge is theme based and has been titled 'Secrets and Lies'. Full details can be found below and by following the link to our forum post. The Challenge as usual is open to all and not just LSF members. Closing date for entries is midnight GMT, July 31st and voting will take place during the period August 1st to 20th after which the winners and runners-up will be announced.

Challenge details:
  • Stories should have a minimum of 500 words and should depict a spanking which is based on the theme of secrets and lies.
  • You can feature whatever orientation you prefer to write about - M/F, F/m etc.
  • You can have more than one entry if you wish.
  • All stories should be entirely your own work - which also means no plagiarism.
  • All stories entered should not have been previously published anywhere on the internet, including your own blog.
  • Please note that we do not allow stories that feature sex between an adult and a minor.
You don't have to be an established author to participate. So if you have always wanted to write a spanking story but never quite got around to it - now's your chance!

Full details of how to enter can be found here on the LSF forum:

For the results and details of all previous LSF Challenges click the image below:

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Story Of The Day - Outside Mr Billingham's study

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Outside Mr Billingham's study by Arthur James Blimp which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb

"This is a very short school caning story, well deserving of the term vignette which has been applied to it by some commenters.

Do not, however mistake brevity with lightness; the sense of place is nicely described, the asides about baldness and the foolishness of getting involved in the schemes of the notorious Edwards create a stream-of-consciousness feel that must make those of us who have stood outside the Head's study recall the feelings exactly.

Just when the reader thinks that this is just going to be a ramble inside the boy's head we are treated to a twist – the teacher's attractive older daughter appears, doubtless the target of much unfulfilled sighing by the boys, and for a moment the narrator reaches for a little fellow feeling with her – seeking brownie points or perhaps a distraction from the ordeal to come.

Needless to say the edifice of this delusion comes crashing down. This is a good read, a delicate piece given the subject matter.

Waiting outside the study, as his friend is caned, a young boy chats to the Master's daughter. He even dares ask if her father canes her but she denies it. All too soon it is his turn in the study!

synopsis by PinkAngel

Latest Acquisitions

Shock, horror, it's that time again... a brand new list of the latest stories. Check out the new authors and don't forget to give them a supportive comment or two, it must be quite nerve-wracking to see your own story on the latest loading page of the site for the first time. Just as well we are a friendly bunch and quickly take new authors into the LSF 'family'. Enjoy your week everyone...

Alan de Veau:
Karen's Cure

A Strapping In Place Of Seduction

The Burgle Call
The Woman In Black - Part 3
The Woman In Black - Part 4

If Only
You've Lost That Spanking Feeling

Canadian Spankee:
Rule Of Consequences

Cherry Red:
Cousin Care

Dave Caldewell:
A Love Story

The Contract

The Artist's Studio - Part 1
The Artist's Studio - Part 2
The Artist's Studio - Part 3
The Artist's Studio - Part 4
The Artist's Studio - Part 5

Fiona Blue:
Law Of The Forest - Part 1
Law Of The Forest - Part 2
Law Of The Forest - Part 3
Law Of The Forest - Part 4
Law Of The Forest - Part 5
Law Of The Forest - Part 6

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Librarian - Part 11
The Librarian - Part 12
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 3
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 4

Louise Watson:
Amy's Return

Lurking Col:
I Should Have Gotten The Wine

The Nerd - Part 2

Margaret Jane:
Kiss Me Constance

R Humphries:
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 01
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 02
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 03
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 04
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 05
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 06
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 07
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 08
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 09
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 10
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 11
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 12
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 13
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 14
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 15
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 16
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 17
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 18
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 19
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 20
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 21
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 22
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 23
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 24
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 25
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 26
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 27
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 28
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 29
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 30
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 31
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 32
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 33
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 34
The Final Flogging (Vol.42) - Part 35

Rachel Redbum:
Julie And Her Mom
Rachey's Rhapsody

A Practical Demonstration

A Friend Who Cares... - Part 11

Mrs. Hansen's Boarding House - Part 1
Mrs. Hansen's Boarding House - Part 2
Mrs. Hansen's Boarding House - Part 3
Mrs. Hansen's Boarding House - Part 4
Mrs. Hansen's Boarding House - Part 5
Mrs. Hansen's Boarding House - Part 6

Defending Barb

Bet On A Belting

The Spank Shop 36: Ryan

Stacey Williams & Her Four Girls

Mother's Day Visit - Part 3
Mother's Day Visit - Part 4

A Late Date

Firm Discipline

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New Author - AustCarr

Our latest author is AustCarr who has recently submitted a story called A Strapping In Place Of Seduction .

A Strapping In Place Of Seduction
The young college freshman, solitary by nature, finds himself fascinated by his mature colleague's account of how she intends disciplining her lazy teenage daughter. When Lucy arrives in the middle of the night bearing the strap, he does begin to wonder whether his original instincts are correct.
synopsis by Corncrake

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Another week, another new list for you. Plenty to choose from here, why not try a new author and see what they have to offer. There are several on-going series here too, so make sure you keep up with any that you have been reading and enjoying. If you've never written a story for us give it a go, all the details can be found on the site. We always like to encourage new authors. Anyway, that's it for now... Be good...

Aunt Carla:
Hard Spanking Girls

The Woman In Black - Part 2

The Lord Of The Manor - Part 3
The Lord Of The Manor - Part 4

Canadian Spankee:
Rocky Laughs Too Much

Learning Curve - Part 1
Learning Curve - Part 2
Learning Curve - Part 3

Judicial Discipline: The Painery

Don A. Landhill:
Soap And Paddle
You've Been Bad, Girl

The Window

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 1
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 2

Appointment For Contrition - Part 11
Appointment For Contrition - Part 12

Jack Crawford:
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 08
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 09
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 10

Grandma's Secret Recipe

Zoey And The Little Women

Operation Wank Spank

Nancy Wing:
Womspank, Oregon, USA - Part 15

Deal With God

Paying The Toll: The Merchant's Daughter

Rachel Gordon:
Savouring The Switching Times

Rachel Redbum:
Laura And Michele
She Walks In Beauty

Pick Up the Spare - Part 5

Sam Boncor:
Dress Code

Meet The New Soon-To-Be Mrs. Hall

Susan Thomas:
The Last Spanking Story - Part 4
Looking Forward To The Morning
The Super-Spankbot

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Story of the Day - Teak and Polished Brass

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Teak and Polished Brass by John Benson which has been recommended by LSF member, Tiptopper

"Unlike most of John Benson's stories, Teak and Polished Brass contains no fantasy, science fiction or magic. On re-reading it I realized that the situation was in many ways similar to 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' with an older authoritative man and a younger women who had unexplored desires. What makes it different from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in my opinion, is that it is well written.

Benson is very good at getting into the psyche of his characters. This story is a fairly short and enjoyable read. It is too bad that Benson didn't write Fifty Shades of Grey. If he had it would have been a much better novel.

Part of Jane’s tutoring job is to apply the cane. Her student seems to need it. But what about the teacher?

synopsis by Dave