Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New Author - JohnE

Our latest author is JohnE who has recently submitted a story called Joanie And Meg: Friends To The End.

Joanie And Meg: Friends To The End
Meg is visiting her best friend, Joanie, who lives with her strict Aunt Laura. The girls stay out late at the mall, knowing that they will both be in for a serious punishment when they return. Afterwards, in the privacy of her room, Meg relieves the need induced by the strapping.
synopsis by FIBlue

New Author - Rebel T

Our latest author is Rebel T who has recently submitted a story called The University Spanking Club. .

The University Spanking Club - Part 1
A college student attends an introductory meeting in hopes of joining an exclusive club. For women only, she learns she'll have to answer more questions and attend further discussion sessions before being permitted to fully participate.
synopsis by Dave

New Author - Sennett Lefevre

Our latest author is Sennett Lefevre who has recently submitted a story called What Had To Be Done.

What Had To Be Done
Hanna, a bright law school student, has been caught cheating on her midterm exam. To save her from a hearing before the Honor Council and certain expulsion, Professor Harke makes arrangements with the dean to handle it himself.
synopsis by Fiona Blue

Story of the Day - Academic Discipline

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Academic Discipline by PhilK which has been recommended by LSF member, Mads

" ”It was a perfect June afternoon in Oxford,” is the start of PhilK’s Academic Discipline story. The author creates a lovely atmosphere in this story about student Louise and her tutor, Abelard. Louise used to be doing well in her studies, but her effort has declined. Student and tutor have a fine dialogue interspersed with a sense of humour, enabling the reader to see the close relationship between these two main characters. And of course Louise gets the kind of help she needs, the sort we spankos enjoy! The ending adds further to our amusement

I like the way PhilK often includes real places in his stories. In this the main character, Abel, walks home to his house in Banbury Road along the river Cherwell. This makes the story very much alive for me and I can identify with the male character.

Louise, a brilliant first year student, is falling behind in her studies in year 2. Not handing in an essay on time to Abelard causes her tutor to take firm disciplinary action. But is this the first time he has resorted to that method?

synopsis by Lincoln

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Here we go again. After another busy week here at the LSF, here is the list of all the goodies added to the site during the past week.

There's a little something for everyone.


Canadian Spankee:
Archie And The Gang

The Discipline Bench

Dr Keate:
The Curfew - Part 1
The Curfew - Part 2
The Curfew - Part 3

Fiona Blue:
Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 2

Selina Gets The Slipper


The House Squatter - Part 1
The House Squatter - Part 2

Joanie And Meg: Friends To The End

Katie B:
Thieving, Insolence & A Blistered Bottom

A Bit Of Morning Fun

Lawrence Kinden:
Point Of View

Louise Watson:
Lucy James

Office Temptations

Her Bottom

Scatty Sarah - The Secretary
The Writing Retreat

OTK in CT:
Two Cheek Discount

Punished For Speeding In 2085 - Part 1
Sister's Dilemma - Part 3

Rachel Redbum:
A Death In The Family
Reparenting - Part 01

Rebel T:
The University Spanking Club - Part 4
The University Spanking Club - Part 5
The University Spanking Club - Part 6

My Best Friend Spanked Me

The Spank Shop 43: Phoebe & Bridget

Tara Black:

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Happy Easter!

Take a break from those chocolate Easter eggs to read some of the latest offerings from the Library of Spanking Fiction.

And when you've done some reading, you can go back to scoffing chocolate. That's what I'm going to do. :)

The Accidental Flasher

Janine And Teddy
Marissa Knows Best
The Trip Out Of Class

A Proxy Spanking

DJ Black:
Ad Astra - Part 7
Beyond The Rabbit Hole
Deadly Sins
The Lord Of The Dance
The Sinclair Method - Part 1
The Sinclair Method - Part 2

Learning To Forgive Yourself - Part 2

Spanking Selina
The Woman Of The Hills - Part 3

Jack Crawford:
The Genie - Part 10

Katie B:
Stuck And Struck

Lawrence Kinden:
Opposing Viewpoints

Zoey And The Very Long Day

Louise Vancisic:
Mark Hunter: Detention - Part 2

Green Eggs And Vanilla

The Bluff - Part 2

Phil K:
Shrewd Treatment

When You Come To A Fork In The Road...

The Innocent Wife

Ryan Rowland:
Westsylvanian Justice - Part 1
Westsylvanian Justice - Part 2
Westsylvanian Justice - Part 3
Westsylvanian Justice - Part 4

Susan Thomas:
Alderton College - Part 10
Alderton College - Part 11

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Latest Acquisitions

It's the weekend again, folks, so take some time to relax and put your feet up, and read through some of this week's eclectic output.

Then if you're lucky enough to have a chocolate Easter egg ... why wait until Easter to eat it? Go on... just a little taste. You know you want to!

Alex Birch:
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 02
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 10


Cherry Red:
Janice & The Crimson Butt

Clifford Dorset:
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 04
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 05
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 08

Fiona Blue:
Did You Hear About Kate? - Part 1

The Woman Of The Hills - Part 2

J Wackford Colton:
The Cuckoo In The Nest - Part 1
The Cuckoo In The Nest - Part 2
The Cuckoo In The Nest - Part 3

The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 11
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 13

Lawrence Kinden:
Paladin's Confessor

The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 07

Margaret Jane:
If You Like Pina Coladas...

Scatty Sarah And The President's Wife

The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 01
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 06
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 09
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 12
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 14
The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 15

The Bluff - Part 1
Sister's Dilemma - Part 2

Rachel Redbum:
Structure And Accountability - Part 17

Rebel T:
The University Spanking Club - Part 3

Rick Marlowe:
Like Father, Like Son

The Saddlemaker's Apprentice - Part 03

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Hope you are all having a great weekend. When you get some sit down time, how about relaxing by reading some of these new stories from the LSF ... I've even managed to find time to write one myself!

We have a new author represented in the list too. Welcome to Rebel T with The University Spanking Club.

A Spanking Remembered

The Wind

And Yet One More Visit - Part 1

DJ Black:
Good Old Bad Old Days

Fiona Blue:
The Best Cure

The Woman Of The Hills - Part 1


Natalya's Odyssey - Part 5

Turnaround Meeting

Jacqueline Scott:
Memories Of A Mentor

Joy Peters:
The Kings Arms

Katie B:
The Long Distance Spanking

A New Old Mom

Office Discipline - Part 3

Lawrence Kinden:

Louise Vancisic:
Mark Hunter: Detention - Part 1

A Lesson On Spanking

Peeping Stephen
The Second Little Book Of The Handmaiden

Definitely No Way
Squeaker - Part 3

Rachel Redbum:
Rash Vow

Rebel T:
The University Spanking Club - Part 1
The University Spanking Club - Part 2

Susan Thomas:
Butterfly McKendrick... - Part 1
Butterfly McKendrick... - Part 2
Butterfly McKendrick... - Part 3
Butterfly McKendrick... - Part 4

Holiday Husband In Trouble