Sunday, 28 April 2013

Latest Acquisitions

It's that time of the week again already!! A nice long list of the latest stories loaded, plenty to keep you all going for a week or so. The title of the first story in the list, Early To Bed, actually seems like a great plan to me... why is it when you are young you want to stay up as late as possible but once you get older your bed becomes your friend and you never want to get up?! On that note I am off, have a great week everyone

Aunt Carla:
Early To Bed - Part 1
Early To Bed - Part 2

The Disgrace Of Tessa Waters
The Panopticon Show - Part 2

Fifty Red Roses
The Restaurant Paradiso

Humiliation Factor: Michelle - Part 1
Humiliation Factor: Michelle - Part 2
Humiliation Factor: Michelle - Part 3

Canadian Spankee:
Perceptions, Right Or Wrong

Mum's Birthday Present

Cherry Red:
My Newspaper Reminder

DJ Black:
Magic - Part 27
Magic - Part 28
Magic - Part 29
Spankmanship - Part 5
Spankmanship - Part 6
Spankmanship - Part 7
Spankmanship - Part 8

Dr Keate:
Mrs Stephens Captures The Castle - Part 1
Mrs Stephens Captures The Castle - Part 2

Vanishing Act

What He Deserves

The Miller's Lesson - Part 1

Living Dreams
Sapphic Stance

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 9
Hermione Meets Her Match

Ace Deals Until Dawn
Bad Boys Get Spanked
Spanked By A Stranger On A Train
A Special Tour Of A Special Prison
Summer With The Relatives
A Volunteer From the Audience
Waiting In The Corner

Against The Odds - Part 2

Jack Crawford:
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 01
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 02
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 03

My New Stepmother

John Graves:
The Boy In The Man - Part 6


Alicia And Nell

Louise Watson:
Cousins Spanked

Filthy Fred

Mr. Magazine:
Review Of Cinema Spanking

Nancy Wing:
Matilda Lauren Manning

The Final Class

Oh Boy!

A Wish Fulfilled - Part 3
A Wish Fulfilled - Part 4

Pipkin Tale:
The Secret Garden - Part 2

Rachel Gordon:
Life's Boundaries - Part 5

Rachel Redbum:
Structure And Accountability - Part 04

A Rover Tamed

A Friend Who Cares... - Part 08

Pick Up the Spare - Part 4

Back To School - Part 1
Back To School - Part 2
Back To School - Part 3
Back To School - Part 4
Back To School - Part 5
Back To School - Part 6
Back To School - Part 7

A Memorable Year - Part 3
A Memorable Year - Part 2
Two Hearts Beating Of One

Sir Cambornek:
Lessons Learned

Kathryn Feels Some Genuine Affection - Part 3
Kathryn Feels Some Genuine Affection - Part 4

What Doesn't Kill You - Part 1
What Doesn't Kill You - Part 2
What Doesn't Kill You - Part 3

Susan Thomas:
Erin's Visit - Part 3
Erin's Visit - Part 4

First Impressions Count

Friday, 26 April 2013

Story of the Day: Caughtgirl

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Caughtgirl by John Benson which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb

"This has got possibly the best opening line of any spanking story: 'These days see the dying of belief and almost no-one sees the ghosts.'

Told in the first person the author ploughs a line parallel to his regular furrow with some aplomb, this time without the normal ending but one leading us to a truth which the modern world often seeks to avoid – that of the very real power which resides between a woman's legs.

A woman can’t help herself when it comes to being punished. She goes to where the ghosts whisper to her. They whisper nasty things and do nasty things to her. They take things from her, and one day her virginity without permission. Even in that, she believes it woke her most smutty behavior.

synopsis by Lincoln

Sunday, 21 April 2013

New Author - sfOldBoy

Our latest author is sfOldBoy who has recently submitted a story called A Memorable Year.

A Memorable Year
Bobby is unique amongst his schoolfriends in that his parents don't believe in spanking him. In an effort to discover what is entailed, he involves friend Larry whose mother introduces him to the paddle. However, his own parents appear to be having a change of heart...
synopsis by corncrake

Story of the Day: The Recruiters

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Recruiters by Rick Marlowe which has been recommended by LSF member, Janine

"Unlike his overtly humorous stories, this delightful tale is more playful, sexy and romantic in nature. Well written with great characters, it is almost wistful in its ending. (And the final spanking scene is a great read!)

The clever title hints at the unusual seduction techniques that a married couple employs to keep things spicy in the bedroom. While their relationship may be mere fantasy for most of us, you can't help but keep reading - hoping it works out for them in the real world and wishing you were that lucky too.

Due to a broken dryer, Donna and her husband had to make a trip to the laundrette were they met Katy De-Boer, a newly arrived student at the University. Donna and Katy become friends and eventually lovers before introducing Katy to the joys of a well spanked bottom from her husband.

synopsis by dundee47

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Welcome to this latest list of the new stories! I have decided that I have been had. Because we kept forgetting which day to do this list, Februs has made it so that a yellow button tell us that it needs doing. The trouble is I have mild OCD and can't cope with seeing the yellow button and so I HAVE to do the list almost as soon as the yellow light appears... Hmm, he is clever is that Februs! Anyway, have a great week all and enjoy the new stories.

My Approach To Spanking Verse
The Panopticon Show - Part 1

Spanking Blogs: Myth and Reality

Canadian Spankee:
Recollections: A Canadian Perspective

Dave Caldewell:

Love At First Spank

Spanking Machines

Fiona Blue:
Oh! My Dear Sir

Dennis The Menace - We Salute You!

Seems Like Old Times

The South African Scene

A Spanking Good Birthday Tradition

Kami Tora:
Spanking Artist: Kami Tora

Katie B:
In Praise Of The Paddle

Waiting Still

The Tale Of A Wooden Spoon - Part 2

A Friend Who Cares... - Part 07

Interview with the Author: Rollin

Spanking Art Wiki

Tara Black:
Tawse Tales 1: Compensation
Tawse Tales 2: Milady
Tawse Tales 3: Sapphists

Southern Exposure - Part 55
Southern Exposure - Part 56

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Author - Kim

Our latest author is Kim who has recently submitted a story called Property. Face. Secrets.

Property. Face. Secrets
He had offended a member of Blood gang, and to atone he offered his girlfriend for a whipping. Next day, now a fully fledged member of the Slash gang, he found his girlfriend naked and whipped and begging for more although she didn't tell the Bloods that, just him.
synopsis by dundee47

New Author - Ridgeburg

Our latest author is Ridgeburg who has recently submitted part 1 of a story called Pick up the Spare.

Pick up the Spare - Part 1
A missed spare that would have won the game leads to a very sore bottom for one man. Becky is very strict and makes good on her promise to spank him for missing that spare. Being late means he is due a further spanking too.
synopsis by PinkAngel

Story of the Day: Jennifer Ashton

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Jennifer Ashton by Kephren which has been recommended by LSF member, Islandcarol

"I would like to nominate The Adventures Of Jennifer Ashton by Kephren. This is a short six part story set in a boarding school during the 1960s when corporal punishment was a daily routine in school lives. It centers around one student determined to sneak off campus in search of the perfect party dress.

Kephren is masterful when describing a caning! I was wriggling in sympathy through the entire event. This was punishment well deserved. The aftercare back in the dorm room was sweet. Friendships are a comfort.

Synopsis: Part 1
Jennifer really wants a new dress for the school dance, and the birthday cheque from her father means she can afford it. Unfortunately, pupils are not allowed into town except on weekends, and they have to play in a hockey match on Saturday. Jennifer comes up with a plan - a very daring plan. Her friend Tracy is apprehensive, but agrees to go along with it. Can they possibly get away with it?

synopsis by Linda

Latest Acquisitions

Another full and varied list of the latest delights added to the library, for you all to read! The challenge is over and now we are all busy working our way through the entries, all 72 of them, validating them so people know roughly what they are reading. That's all for now, enjoy your reading...

Alan Barr:
Dealing With A Shoplifter Off-The-Record
The Doting Uncle's Second Chance

Aunt Carla:
Boundaries - Part 1
Boundaries - Part 2

Female Sailor Of Cheam
Young Copper Of Brighton
Young Teacher Of Kent

The Wife-Spanking Fiend

Canadian Spankee:
Mile High City Spankings - Part 1
Mona And The Painter

A Mother's Special Love

DJ Black:
Girl On A Motorbike
Lost In The City
Rules Of Engagement - Part 1
Rules Of Engagement - Part 2
Rules Of Engagement - Part 3
Spankmanship - Part 1
Spankmanship - Part 2
Spankmanship - Part 3
Spankmanship - Part 4

Cry For Me Baby

Fiona Blue:
At Oaklawn Park

Easter Romance
Spank Emily

Sapphic Sensations

J Wackford Colton:
The Cane Returns To St. Barbara's

Jack Crawford:
Cruising: A Changed Industry - Part 12
Cruising: A Changed Industry - Part 13
Cruising: A Changed Industry - Part 14
Cruising: A Changed Industry - Part 15

Back Home Again


John Graves:
The Boy In The Man - Part 4
The Boy In The Man - Part 5
The Bridesmaid's Tale - Part 1
The Bridesmaid's Tale - Part 2
The Bridesmaid's Tale - Part 3

Private Lessons - Part 3
Private Lessons - Part 1
Private Lessons - Part 2
Private Lessons - Part 4
Private Lessons - Part 5
Private Lessons - Part 6

Zoey And The Spanking I.O.U.

Louise Watson:
Spanked For Rudeness
Two Spankings - Part 1
Two Spankings - Part 2

Come On In The Water's Great

Mr. Magazine:
Aug 1969 - LB., Indiana
Aug 1969 - Wild Wild World

Naughty Girl Kris:
Elizabeth Caught Smoking

Stripe Your Cane Across My Arse

Rachel Gordon:
Edith's Secret
Whatever Next - Part 6

The Crotchless Brassier & Other Stories

Rick Marlowe:
Fugue For Spankos
Looking Good
No Nay Never

Mrs Cavendish
The Paddle Party

Dear Mr 2

A Memorable Year - Part 1

Kathryn Feels Some Genuine Affection - Part 1
Kathryn Feels Some Genuine Affection - Part 2

Poor Report Card...

Susan Thomas:
Erin's Visit - Part 1
Erin's Visit - Part 2

Southern Exposure - Part 53
Southern Exposure - Part 54

Tom Hobbes:
Catch And Release

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Results of the 10th LSF Story Challenge

Voting on the 72 entries of the 10th LSF Challenge has now concluded. A grand total of 32,775 votes were cast and at the time of writing 1,845 comments have been made on the entries.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to both readers and authors for taking part and also to all those who took the time to vote. The challenge voting, intended just for amusement, resulted in the following winners and runners up:

1st: Earning Her Stripes by Watcher
2nd: Not Exactly Something To Be Proud Of by Alef
3rd: Spankavoid by Neil

Runners up:
(Almost) Legal Advice by tfs
The Ladies Of Heatherton Hall by Rollin
Babysitting Surprise by Bendover

A full listing of all the entries and the respective comments they received can be seen on the LSF Challenges site. Synopses for the entries will be added over the next few days. Comments made on the entries are visible to all but you will need to be registered with the library in order to read the submissions.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Latest Acquisitions

You can tell it is spring in Scotland... the freezing temperatures and the foot of snow is a good indication!! Now the clocks have gone forward in the UK at least the nights are getting lighter, roll on summer. Hope you all enjoy this latest list of new stories, I am sure there is something here for everyone. Not too long now until the Oops Challenge ends, don't forget to vote for your favourite on the LSF.

Alan Barr:
Dealing With A Shoplifter Off-The-Record

Aunt Carla:
Boundaries - Part 1

Female Sailor Of Cheam
Young Copper Of Brighton
Young Teacher Of Kent

Grace Under Fire - Part 4

Canadian Spankee:
Punishment Spanking

Cherry Red:
March Madness & Cheer Panties - Part 4

Don A. Landhill:
Naughty Jean

Easter Romance
Sexual Relations

Sapphic Silver

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 8

Jack Crawford:
2084 - Part 35
2084 - Part 36

John Graves:
The Boy In The Man - Part 1
The Boy In The Man - Part 2
The Boy In The Man - Part 3


Naughty Girl Kris:
The Birthday Girl Gives A Spanking

Phil K:
The Strong Arm Of The Law

The Crotchless Brassier & Other Stories

The Paddle Party


Kathryn Feels Some Genuine Affection - Part 1

Overlord - Part 3

Southern Exposure - Part 51
Southern Exposure - Part 52

A Taste Of Things To Come

Sore Losers