Friday, 22 February 2013

Story Of The Day: Dagger's Keeper

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Dagger's Keeper by John Benson which has been recommended by LSF member, Don A Landhill

"This is, like all of John Benson's work, a very well told story indeed. I have read much of his work but this one is new to me. It includes a number of his common themes - the powerful woman who likes to submit, but only in certain ways; responsibility, power ... but it does not quite fall within his usual formulae.

Morgan is a "rising young power" which seems to mean some sort of magician in training. For cover, she plays a tavern wench "of loose morals". In this role, she likes to be punished, and it makes her sex far more ardent. She discovers that the man she is seeing has been sent to learn about her, and probably to assassinate her. She deals with him, but things become more complex thereafter.

Morgan is a rising power, learning her craft from the Grandmothers. She also enjoys pain, submitting to Borrit's punishment stick. But in the fight for life, Morgan's power is manifested and it is she who prevails.

synopsis by elliej

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

This Week's Acquisitions

Well, I don't know about all of you but to me this feels rather like deja vu!! There is only one way to get back in line with these latest loaded lists, so this week you are treated to double the new stories, all for your perusal. Not only that but the other two confiscated the key to the goodie drawer until I did this... So, under duress, I hope you enjoy these and I am off to get some crisps now.

Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

The Lighthouse Keeper

Aunt Carla:
In Front Of The Whole Town - Part 1

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 3

A Bad Attitude
Oh That Kileen
The Spanking Place

Paris, Je T'aime

The One-Night Stand

Canadian Spankee:
What They Wanted

Shutes And Ladders - Part 1
Shutes And Ladders - Part 2
Shutes And Ladders - Part 3
Shutes And Ladders - Part 4
Shutes And Ladders - Part 5
Shutes And Ladders - Part 6
Shutes And Ladders - Part 7
Shutes And Ladders - Part 8
Shutes And Ladders - Part 9

Cherry Red:
Cupid Strikes Gwyn

Shopping At The Big Box Store

Don A. Landhill:
'Bad Girl!' Doesn't Mean Forever
The Dominator
The Paddle Hymm Of The Privileged Public
Red Paddle For A Brat Lady
Red Velvet
The Scolding
Smacks That Pass In The Night
Song Of The Paddle
The Sounds Of Spanking
Spankable You
The Swing By The Shore

Valentine's Day - Part 1
Valentine's Day - Part 2

Secret Spanko

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Boundary Chronicles - Part 7
For Susan

Bronson's Shot - Part 4

J Wackford Colton:
Princess Margaret And The Archbishop

Jack Crawford:
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 07
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 08
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 09

Joy Peters:
Jacqui's Story

Louise Watson:
Confessions Of A Student Nurse - Part 2

Naughty Norah & The Match Point

Serenade Con Brio - Part 7

Pipkin Tale:
The Secret Garden

Rachel Redbum:
Growing Pains - Part 2
Growing Pains - Part 3
Growing Pains - Part 4

Hot Hot Hot
School Days

Not Too Old

A Mother's Love

Best Ever Leaving Present

Thomas Bruns:
School Policy

This Week's Acquisitions

Where are the weeks going? I just don't know!! They only thing I am hoping is that it will soon be spring and warm! Meanwhile at the library Flopsy and I have been working hard, admittedly most of our hard work is in chocolate consumption but hey, you can never have too much chocolate, right? Poor Februs doesn't get a look in! Anyway here is the not quite latest list, plenty to get your teeth into here... enjoy!

Aunt Carla:
The Girl Next Door - Part 4
Jonathan's Attitude Adjustment - Part 3

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 2

My Curiosity Is Satisfied

Cherry Red:
Miss Kim's Teacher Thong - Part 1

The Chat - Part 2

Dave Caldewell:
Asking For It

DJ Black:
Cane And Consequence - Part 1
Cane And Consequence - Part 2
Cane And Consequence - Part 3
Cane And Consequence - Part 4
The Girl
Magic - Part 26
Miss Andersen
Red Letter

Don A. Landhill:
I Won't Stand Brat Ways

Dr Keate:
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 11
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 12
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 13
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 14
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 15
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 16

Imagine Imogene

The Artist

Bronson's Shot - Part 2
Bronson's Shot - Part 3

Jack Crawford:
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 04
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 05
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 06

Black Widow

A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu

Top Brat!

Rachel Redbum:
Growing Pains - Part 1

Gabriel's Bargain

Rick Marlowe:
Spanked At Papa Joe's

Morning Time (LO)

You're Not Me

Thomas Hobbes:
The Deuteronomic Code

Friday, 8 February 2013

The Great Spanking Anthology

In an act of unparalleled masochism we have just finished proof-reading over 470,000 words of spanking fiction and are proud to present:

The Great Spanking Anthology, which is a unique compilation of 180 stories presented in six volumes - with volume six containing exclusively F/M stories. There are 30 stories and over 75,000 words in each volume, over 470,000 words in total! The anthology brings together the spanking community who have cooperated in this project. It celebrates diversity from the original storylines which have been written by 180 different authors based in various parts of the world - including England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, South Africa, France, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil and the USA. All the stories in this vast undertaking are entirely fictional and all involve adult spankings.

A sampler consisting of 10 stories taken from Volumes 1 to 5 is also available:

This Week's Acquisitions

Herewith the new improved list of items loaded to the LSF for what should have been the previous week but is actually for the week before that, well sort of. At least we have an excuse this time in that we've been slightly busy proof reading 180 stories for the Great Spanking Anthology.

Items loaded: 34
Alan Barr:
Coping Strategy
Footwear Habitation...
Successful Treatment
Summary Justice
What The Doctor Told Me

The Buttocks
English As She Is Spoke

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 1

Canadian Spankee:
Mom's List

The Great British Tissue Shortage
Lamb And Flagellation
She Inspects The Marks

A Turning Point

Dr Keate:
Old Mr Hubbard
The Promise Of The Brotherhood - Part 10

Eiffel Crisp:
Werner Von Braun & The Simian Deficit

Fiona Blue:
The Neighborly Thing

Three Merry Maids - Part 4


Jack Crawford:
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 01
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 02
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 03

Ekaterina The Great

Louise Vancisic:
The Day After - Part 1

Louise Watson:
An Unfair Spanking

The Stowaway - Part 1

Young Ladies Simply Don't...

No More Slipper!

Snootley Hall - Part 1

Rachel Redbum:
Katherine And Lynn

Elm Street, USA

Cranky Again

The Spank Shop 31: Wendy


Friday, 1 February 2013

New Author - Fiona Blue

Our latest author is Fiona Blue who has recently submitted a story called The Neighborly Thing .

The Neighborly Thing
The new gal in town gets a helping hand from the handsome neighbor, not only with the yard and painting but with the other thing she has missed since moving away from home.
synopsis by PinkAngel

This Week's Acquisitions

Oops this being late seems to becoming a habit. I blame... well everyone except me really! We have had a couple of extremely busy weeks but that is no excuse and so, slightly late, here is the latest loaded list. It has one or two new authors in it, plus many by well established authors too. There is definitely something for everyone, enjoy.

Dr. Roberts

Return To High School

A Town Learns About Spanking

Cherry Red:
Evil Daughter Turns The Table... - Part 1

El Santo:
Talking Punishment

Bronson's Shot - Part 1

Jack Crawford:
Emerging Voyeurism
The Random Number Generator Goes...
Spanking Games
Twin Tanning


Louise Vancisic:
College Girl Memories - Part 2

Louise Watson:
Confessions Of A Student Nurse - Part 1

Drone Strike

Nancy Wing:
Reluctant Rattan

The Leader Of The Brats
Make Me Smile

Rachel Redbum:
Anna And Christine
The Echthroi

Rick Marlowe:
My Dear It's Hard To Correct You
Seven Young Ladies


Tertiary Education

Sun And Moon

ES Of Dulwich - Part 5
ES Of Dulwich - Part 6
Farm Holiday: Return Home - Part 1

Tara Black:
Lochgelly Lust

Watching Brings Consequences - Part 4
Watching Brings Consequences - Part 5

A Pretty Bum

A Sore Butt For Shelby