Friday, 30 November 2012

Story Of The Day: The President's Daughters

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The President's Daughters by Phil K which has been recommended by LSF member, islandcarol:

"The main character is the on the job bodyguard to the young ladies. He certainly had his hands filled with their shenanigans. He followed a responsible procedure that not only guaranteed results; he thoroughly entertained me with his pithy comments on the first daughter’s behaviors.

The narrator sure did enjoy his job and I can believe he was frustrated with these two thoughtless girls and their penchant for unpredictable and dangerous situations.

He did get his way in the end and I thoroughly enjoyed the flawless storytelling. The detailed account of each spanking left nothing as well as everything to the imagination. This Secret Service agent took his responsibilities very seriously. It was very well chronicled!

When the President's daughters are in danger of going off the rails what does, as the head of the team meant to look after their safety, do? A quiet chat with the First Lady proves very helpful!

synopsis by potterstoke

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