Saturday, 29 November 2014

New Author - Mark Britain

Our latest author is Mark Britain who has recently submitted a story called Mr 'Spanker' Stewart's Detention Duty.

Mr 'Spanker' Stewart's Detention Duty
Mr. Stewart has earned the nickname "Spanker Stewart" for his love of corporal punishment, particularly when applied to female students' backsides. One of his students, sixth-former Judith, has been assigned to assist him as he supervises detention. He sends her to fetch a slipper and cane from his classroom but sets his sights on Judith's ample bottom rather than the four younger students serving detention.
synopsis by Janine

New Author - Lisa Berry

Our latest author is Lisa Berry who has recently submitted a story called A Sharp Reminder.

A Sharp Reminder
Lisa has forgotten her shorts again for PE class, and her instructor Miss Woods is not pleased. Given that this is not the first time Lisa has been sent to the teacher's office, she is given six whacks with the plimsoll -- and a warning that next time will mean a caning from the Head of school.
synopsis by Janine

Latest Acquisitions

The weeks are flying by so fast we can scarce keep up!

People are still finding time to write though, and here is a list of new titles added to the LSF over the previous week.

So take a break from Christmas shopping, and treat yourself to reading a few spanky goodies.

Constable Bates's Secret

Torn Between Lovers

A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 04
A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 05

Henry - Part 18

The Penitent

Rick Marlowe:
Oo Wah Ouchy

Famous Moms

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Story of the Week - Obedience

Our next 'Story of the Week' is Obedience by The English Master which has been recommended by LSF member, Jefesse

"”This is a beautifully told story. It is a kind of modern fairy tale. It was a top vote-getter in a story challenge, so it is not really obscure. But even if you've read it before, it is worth another look.

The story is about Rukhana Malik, who has recently received her B.A. with honors at Cambridge. The story begins when her father informs her that he has chosen a husband for her. The obvious conflict is here, between Rukhana's desire to live her own life, and her duty of obedience to her family.

There is another element: Rukhana's secret desires of punishment and submission, which are unfulfilled. The ending (which is more like a new beginning) is a happy one. There's also a beautifully described switching."

When Rukhana Malik's father announces he's found a husband for her, she's horrified and protests. A secret submissive, she ventures out in the night to whip herself, and is startled by a quiet stranger who wields the switch for her. When the arranged husband arrives with his uncle the next day to begin negotiations, Ruki has a change of heart.

synopsis by TheEnglishMaster

Saturday, 22 November 2014

New Author - Kyle1248

Our latest author is Kyle1248 who has recently submitted a story called A Vietnamese Spanking Story.

A Vietnamese Spanking Story
The young man becomes friends with Thuy, the Vietnamese woman who lives next door. After he yells at her for making them late to a party, Thuy tells him she is angry and wants to ‘beat' him the next day and that he is to purchase a feather duster for the occasion. But, punishing him is not all she wants...
synopsis by FIBlue

New Author - Jane Markwell

Our latest author is Jane Markwell who has recently submitted a story called Robinson Major's Bad Day.

Robinson Major's Bad Day
Robinson Major has been selected to run in the cross-country meet, but he knows he isn't qualified. He comes up with a scheme to get out of it, but when he is sent to Matron, he learns that lying and cheating don't pay.
synopsis by FIBlue

New Author - Alexa313

Our latest author is Alexa313 who has recently submitted a story called English Ways.

English Ways
Andrew is dating Alex, an English girl who is both beautiful and exciting. They often join her other ‘English' friends at the pub, and Andrew likes most of them except for Gillian. He reluctantly agrees to accompany Alex to Gillian's 30th birthday party. Things heat up as the alcohol and music take over, culminating in Alex giving a birthday spanking to Gillian. Andrew learns some surprising new things about his girlfriend and her friends by the end of the evening.
synopsis by Janine

New Author - Louis Johnson

Our latest author is Louis Johnson who has recently submitted a story called A Traditional Student House.

A Traditional Student House
Harry had finished his pizza and was watching 'Friends' on TV when Kaitlyn came in and told him to tidy up. Harry refused until after the programme so Kaitlyn ordered him over her knee and spanked him before getting him to fetch a wooden spoon.
synopsis by dundee47

New Author - James Stephenson

Our latest author is James Stephenson who has recently submitted a serial called The New Society - Parts 1-5.

The New Society
In the new society, liberal attitudes of the past have been replaced by a more formal system of justice. Corporal punishment is the norm in schools – younger students are sent to the head but older ones may be disciplined by their teachers. Our narrator, Jennifer, is given four swats with a ruler on her legs for talking in class.
synopsis by FiBlue

Latest Acquisitions

Hello again, another week has sped by.

Time to take a break and sample some of the new stories loaded to the LSF.

Have a great weekend!

The Chain Reaction - Part 1

The Firm Hand Of Janine
Sore Musical Bottoms
Three Sorority Pledges
Two Moms And Mrs. Wilcox After School

Cherry Red:
Cupid Strikes Gwyn - Part 3

A 95% Chance Of Safety - Part 1
A 95% Chance Of Safety - Part 2
A 95% Chance Of Safety - Part 3
A 95% Chance Of Safety - Part 4
A Scared Straight Tour... - Part 1
A Scared Straight Tour... - Part 2
A Scared Straight Tour... - Part 3
A Scared Straight Tour... - Part 4
A Scared Straight Tour... - Part 5

Lisa Berry:
Bad Day At The Office
A Sting In The Tale

Louise Vancisic:
Price Of Loyalty - Part 5
Raising The Flag - Part 2

Cane And Confidence - Part 11

Never Too Late - Part 18

The Spank Shop 49: You

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Latest Acquisitions

Greetings. It's a typical November day here - misty, damp and cold! Just the weather for a hot toddy or a warm bottom :D

Here is the list of new items added to the LSF during the past week.

See you next week with more goodies.

Atticus Lloyd:
The Curious Life Of Anabelle Kringle

An After School Assignment

My First True Love

Canadian Spankee:
Fostering Agreement

DJ Black:
A Day In The Life
The Finish
Go Away
The Sheriff's Daughter
Spanking Generations
A Winter's Tail - Part 06
A Winter's Tail - Part 07

In The Shower

Equestrienne Leather

At The Fair
A Once In A Lifetime Offer
Rival Cousins

On Courting A Christian Girl - Part 4


A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 02
A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 03

Louise Vancisic:
Price Of Loyalty - Part 3
Price Of Loyalty - Part 4

Economics Were Her Downfall

Licensed - Part 1
Licensed - Part 2
Licensed - Part 3
Licensed - Part 4

Never Too Late - Part 17

She Was Poor But She Was Honest...

The Proposal

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Latest Acquisitions


Here are more spanking goodies for you to enjoy. There are two new authors represented in this listing - Mark Britain and Lisa Berry.

See you next week, folks :)

The Cleaning Lady

Sir Mountstuart

The Devil Met A Girl Named Georgia
Fantasies Incorporated - NHB 5
Visiting A Disciplinarian - Part 2

Canadian Spankee:
Jasper Makes A Road Trip

Cherry Red:
Rebecca's School Paddling - Part 1

Crimson Kid:
Spankings In My Life: Specific Details

Not Too Old! - Part 2
Not Too Old! - Part 3

Fright Night

Sisterly Secret

Wandering Away From The Tour

Jack Crawford:
My Continuing Benefits...
Peeping Tom - Still Tempted

A Vietnamese Spanking Story - Part 01

Lisa Berry:
A Sharp Reminder

Louise Vancisic:
Price Of Loyalty - Part 2
Raising The Flag - Part 1

Mark Britain:
Mr 'Spanker' Stewart's Detention Duty

Nancy Wing:
The Upstairs Room

OTK in CT:
You Should Have Told Me

Never Too Late - Part 16

Rebel T:
Dear Princess Quarterly

Assets And Values
The Welsh Not

Maxine Meets The Machine

Spanking Night Sunday At Stacey's - Part 1

Susan Thomas:
The Good Wife And The Hannah Effect
The Good Wife And The Sermon