Saturday, 23 June 2012

Story Of The Day: Matched Set

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Matched Set by Ruegirl which has been recommended by LSF member, IslandCarol:

"I would love to recommend the brief series Matched Set by Ruegirl. This is a brilliant piece of writing. The narrator's seemingly random and great sense of humor kept me engaged throughout the story. The characters’ interaction was magical and the menus were fabulous. Spanking and steamy sex after is a great menu, but don’t forget dessert and the obligatory fine wine.

Ruegirl’s writing absolutely flows. I never spot an awkward sentence or misplaced modifier. After the first paragraph, I was hooked and you will be, too.

Rosie is to marry Lochlan and now the whole of his family have invited themselves for a meal at short notice. Who else can she turn to but Jazz her twin sister. Jazz takes an immediate dislike to Cameron, the elder brother but there is definitely an attraction too, if she could only accept it. Finally she discovers how the men in the family keep the women in check and before she knows it, she is part of a double wedding.
synopsis by PinkAngel

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