Friday, 22 June 2012

Inner Sanctum & Found Out

Two new narrations have been loaded, both read by Miss Naughty: Inner Sanctum by Jon Thorn and Found Out by Neil. Synopses of both stories and a brief excerpt of Found Out follow:

Inner Sanctum
Having caught her Master's eye at dinner, she goes to the room, the 'inner sanctum' to prepare for him and wait for whatever he decides to do to her.
synopsis by PinkAngel

Found Out
Elaine arrives home to discover her lover Kirsty whom she considers her partner, seated in the living room with her husband John. Not realising that each was aware of the other's existence, she is even more surprised to discover that they have a joint punishment planned for her. She is instructed to change into her nightie and soon discovers just how severe it will be ...
synopsis by corncrake


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