Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Story Of The Day: Lying to Melissa

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Lying to Melissa by John Benson which has been recommended by LSF member, Crimson Kid:

""If you're not willing to lie to get your bare behind walloped by a beautiful babysitter, you don't want to be spanked badly enough."

That's how I concluded my comments on this story, which deals with a classic spanking-story dilemma facing 'bottomish' boys who wish to be paddled by a pretty babysitter, but want to avoid alienating her affections via serious misbehavior.

The young narrator in this account capitalizes on a fortunate turn of events by lying about what its consequences should be. He achieves his objective, plus considerably more than he'd anticipated, due to his babysitter being quite perceptive, but predictably his dishonesty has unexpected consequences that end up changing his life from that point onward.

Are those changes for better or worse? In my humble opinion that's up to the reader's personal perspective.

Melissa is looking after Josh while his mother is away. He lies to her about how he is punished and receives his first ever spanking for masturbating and another for lying. On her return, Josh's mother continues the spanking regime.
synopsis by elliej

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