Sunday, 10 June 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

In addition to the latest Wellred Weekly, hitting the shelves at the Library of Spanking Fiction this past week were the following:

Alan Barr:
Daddy's Little Princess

Alan de Veau:
A Smile On Her Face

The Physics Of Spanking

Letter From The Country

Sunny Side Up
Transfiguration Harvest

A Wife's Revenge - Part 2

My Friends Learn About Spanking

The Dream - Part 1
The Dream - Part 2
The Dream - Part 3

Crimson Kid:
Once Over A Knee

Dave Wolfe:
Spanking Artist: Dave Wolfe

A Pair Of Spectacles

April's Fools Gone Awry - Two Epilogues
Frontier Village Woodshed
A Hybrid At A Rest Stop
In Defence Of A Friend
Intentionally Mistaken
An Intolerant Apology
Legal Problem At The Beach
Meeting The Piano Teacher
Mix Up At The Principal's Office
Oops At the Dentist
Prepping For The Slumber Party
Rehearsing For Scene 53b
Returning To... An Artist's Tale
A Tour Of The Facility
Veronica's Form
A Visit To A Foreign School
A Visit To The Facility
Wondering At The College Discipline Display
The Wrong Cousin Vikki
Wrongly Admitting Her To The Facility

Grace Brackenridge:
Anyone Else Want A Red Bottom?
A Broad-Spectrum Behavioral Antibiotic
The Egg Exchange
Getting My Stepmother To Spank Me
How Come Roger Never Spanks?
How Do I Tell My Folks?
I Want To Help With This
In The Top 20
Just Switch Dads For Once
Less Confusing Sexually
Lie In Your Own Bed
Long, Hot Summer On Drury Lane
Maybe I Might Help
My Stepdaughter's Long, Hard Surprise
Never Spanked By A Carpenter Before
Never Spanked By A Fireman Before
Never Spanked By A Librarian Before
Never Spanked By A Marine Before
Never Spanked By A Nurse Before
Never Spanked By A Pregnant Mom Before
Never Spanked By A Therapist Before
No Such Thing As A Free Spanking
Planting The Seed
The Power Of Permission Slips
Protecting Father Flanagan
The Psychology Of Spankings - Part 2
Setting Mr. Foster Straight
The Sitter Gets Choices
Sleepover Spankings Are No Biggie
Snapping Him Out Of An Obsession
Split Between Laps
Stick With Groundings
Still Some Hope For That Brat Johnny
Teachers Do Need Permission
Who Spanks Harder?

Sex And The Single DCS Student

The Club
An Unusual Commission

Weekly Progress Update - Part 3

Jack Crawford:
Sisters In Swim Suits

Jacqueline Scott:
A Stupid Feud

In Praise Of The Plimsoll

Will She Or Won't She?

A Crush Crushed

My Night In Argentina

Lady Pandora:
Pro-Domme Interview: Lady Pandora

Laurel Aspen:
Café Talk
Further Education
Getting It Taped
Managing Mrs Burton

Sir Ian's Stable - Part 2

Louise Watson:
A Call From Mother - Part 2
Confessions Of A Naughty Schoolgirl - Part 22

Mr. Magazine:
Sep 1967 - L.K., Ohio
Sep 1967 - M.H., Pennsylvania
Sep 1967 - R.W., Pennsylvania
Sep 1967 - Wild Wild World

Don't Leave Any Marks!

Beguiled - Part 1
Beguiled - Part 2
Beguiled - Part 3
Beguiled - Part 4

A Summer With Aunt Mabel - Part 3

Sir Cambornek:
Therapy Session

Christmas Shopping For Spankos

Going Into Hiding - Part 1
Going Into Hiding - Part 2
Going Into Hiding - Part 3

A Day At The Beach

ASSessing A Spanking Story

Tom Hobbes:
Bulldog Pride

Hamm It Up

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