Thursday, 20 June 2013

Story of the Day - The Travelling Hairbrush

Our next 'Story of the Day' is The Travelling Hairbrush by flopsybunny which has been recommended by LSF member, Opb

"Initially this looks like a routine infraction – unexpected spanking story, and right up until the last line that's what we're led to believe. It might even be that that was the author's original intent until the story was transformed into a series of linked tales where the eponymous hairbrush makes an appearance to attempt to modify the behaviour (or cooking in the final 'multi-disciplinary' episode) of a variety of characters.

Initially it appears that the brush is imbued by some sort of magic, coming to the aid of an exasperated person in his or her hour of need, but towards the end of the series other more utilitarian mechanisms are used to aid the hairbrush's travel. The stories are short, and the total number – seven – seems about right.

No great philosophical themes here, just a Flopsyesque giggle at deserving bottoms well spanked.

When a young lady repeatedly disrupts Gareth’s work on a train, the chance find of a hairbrush inspires him to give her a public spanking. The hairbrush seems to have a mind of its own, and its work may not be done. Where will it be found next ...?

synopsis by flopsybunny

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