Thursday, 13 June 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Another busy week on the LSF, so here are the latest loaded new stories. Plenty of ebooks are still being done and the team of volunteers are busy validating the new tales. Don't forget that all stories are given a synopsis and content icons to help you choose what you prefer to read. This takes a lot of work but does save people having to read stories they won't enjoy. Anyway, there is plenty on this list for everyone. Have a good week all.

Aunt Carla:
Why I Hate Pajamas - Part 2

The Lord Of The Manor

The Mind-Reading Wife

Canadian Spankee:
Mile High City Spankings - Part 2

Cherry Red:
You Can Paint This One Purple!

Don A. Landhill:
A Lesson In Manners

Erik Sisd:
The Magazine

If You're Going To San Francisco
Manic Monday
Ted's Profitable Misadventures
A Terrible Tuesday

Appointment For Contrition - Part 10

Office Exposure

Nancy Wing:

Naughty Girl Kris:
Elizabeth, The Thief - Part 1

Auntie Jackie's Funeral

A Wish Fulfilled - Part 6
A Wish Fulfilled - Part 7
A Wish Fulfilled - Part 8
A Wish Fulfilled - Part 9

A Friend Who Cares... - Part 09

The Spank Shop 35: Lynette & Carlie

Good As Gold
Roses Are Red And So's My Bum!

Josie Speaks Out On Life...

Susan Thomas:
Erin's Visit - Part 11
Erin's Visit - Part 12
Erin's Visit - Part 13

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