Saturday, 29 June 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Another week and another list of new stories for you all to enjoy. I wondered why the weather so wet and chilly here this week then I remembered... not only is it Wimbledon at the minute but it is also Glastonbury! No wonder we are all suffering in the UK. Anyway that's enough about the weather, enjoy the new stories.

Alan Barr:
Danny Boy

Arthur James Blimp:
A Proper Spanking

The Woman In Black - Part 1

The Lord Of The Manor - Part 2

Crimson Kid:
Teasing Vs. Truth

The Old Folks

Fiona Blue:
Goldenberg And The Three Bare Bums

Louise Vancisic:
A Lovely Family - Part 1

Louise Watson:
Confessions Of A Student Nurse - Part 3
Spanked In Front Of Her Sisters

Family Spanking

Nancy Wing:
Womspank - Part 14

Naughty Girl Kris:
Elizabeth, The Thief - Part 2

The Sweet, Sweet Arse Of Joan

OTK in CT:
Internet Encounter

Serenade Con Brio - Part 12

Ryan Rowland:
An Incentive For Discipline

Phi Gamma Beta - Part 8

A Girl's Best Friend - Part 3
Spanking Night At The Goodwyns

Susan Thomas:
The Last Spanking Story - Part 3

Mother's Day Visit - Part 2

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