Friday, 7 June 2013

Latest Acquisitions

It's a shortish list today but there is still plenty to read. The e-books are growing in number too, so don't forget to check them out. It is finally spring here in Scotland, the sun shines on occasion and only three layers of clothing are needed in the house and two outdoors! Long may it last... Anyway, enjoy the new list and have a good weekend.

Aunt Carla:
Fifty Ways To Spank Your Woman

DJ Black:
The Grand Stand
Magic - Part 30
Magic - Part 31
Magic - Part 32
Magic - Part 33
Magic - Part 34
Spankmanship - Part 09
Spankmanship - Part 10
Spankmanship - Part 11
Spankmanship - Part 12
Spankmanship - Part 13

Against The Odds - Part 5
Against The Odds - Part 6

Phil K:
Kubla Khan - The Original Version

Rachel Gordon:

Susan Thomas:
Erin's Visit - Part 09
Erin's Visit - Part 10

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