Friday, 8 March 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Welcome to the Latest Acquisitions list, formerly known as This Week's Acqusitions which, given that we were usually about 3 weeks behind in reporting it, was a tad misleading.

I am also reliably informed there's another on the way in the next few minutes... bit like waiting for a bus really, at least where I live, nothing for 3 weeks and then 3 arrive at once. :-)

Alan Barr:
Love Crimes

Aunt Carla:
In Front Of The Whole Town - Part 3
The Teasdale Family Tradition - Part 1
The Uncompromising Mr. M. - Part 2

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 5
The Maid And Maggie May - Part 6

Canadian Spankee:
Gerald's Fling

The Decision

Hand For Hire - Part 8


Lawrence Kinden:
Naughty Nymphs (Revised) - Part 1
Naughty Nymphs (Revised) - Part 2
Naughty Nymphs (Revised) - Part 3

Louise Vancisic:
College Girl Memories - Part 3

The Professional

Naughty Girl Kris:
A Good Cry
Guardian Angel

Cruising For A Bruising
Queen Adelaide & Prince Ferdinand
Spanking Correspondence

Rachel Redbum:
Growing Pains - Part 8

Thomas Bruns:
The Deal Of A Lifetime

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