Friday, 8 March 2013

This Week's Acquisitions.

As the song says... Oooops we did it again! I am sorry to report that we have got somewhat behind for the second time. Personally I think I reside in a time warp as it only seems a few days since the last 'latest loaded' list but Februs assures me this is not correct. We were busy blaming each other but then thought we should stick together and blame the, for once, innocent flopsybunny! Anyway, here is the not quite latest loaded list for your delectation. It's a good one too!

Associated Press:
Australian Girls Caned In Kuala Lumpur

Aunt Carla:
Gabby's Punishment Weekend - Part 3
In Front Of The Whole Town - Part 2
With Cane In Hand

The Maid And Maggie May - Part 4

Bare Bottom With My Hand
Daydreaming Boy
A Fly On The Wall
The Party Pooper
Peter The Fool
Spilling The Toner
To The Principal

Dr Keate:
Postman Pat & The Fire... - Part 4

A Spanking Story

Visit To The Spanking Store

Artistry In Spanking: Hussy
Artistry In Spanking: Lesbos

Heather's Super Special Valentine's Day

Bronson's Shot - Part 5

Jack Crawford:
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 10
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 11
Detective Ketchum & Mister Klaske - Part 12

Jacqueline Scott:
Dreaming Of Annette

Returning Home

John Graves:

Lawrence Kinden:
A Difference Of Five

Marky Marks:
Are You Scared?
Snuffing Out A Bad Habit

Naughty Girl Kris:
Not A Morning Person
That Damn Brush

Serenade Con Brio - Part 8

Rachel Redbum:
Growing Pains - Part 5
Growing Pains - Part 6
Growing Pains - Part 7

Madeline Smythe - Part 3

Sam's Fit

The Spank Shop 32: Andrea & Kimberley

Intimacy Intensive - Part 1
Intimacy Intensive - Part 2
Intimacy Intensive - Part 3
Intimacy Intensive - Part 4

Susan Thomas:
The Wish

Tara Black:
Special Unit - Part 1
Special Unit - Part 2

Thomas Bruns:
Grandmother Takes Charge
Monkey's Paws

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