Sunday, 24 March 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Welcome to spring. In the UK this consists of snow and ice, power black-outs, people stuck in their cars for hours upon end and copious amounts of moaning!! Anyway if anyone is stuck for what to do during the cold snap, or even if you live in one of those countries that get 'real' snow and are thinking that those of us in the UK don't know how lucky we are, here is the latest loaded list to get your teeth into!

Arthur James Blimp:
The Capricious Summer

Aunt Carla:
After-Dinner Discipline - Part 2
Jack's First Adult Spanking - Part 1
Jack's First Adult Spanking - Part 2

Suzie Wong And Mr. Bond

Voodoo Curse

Bottomsup Becky:
Believe It Or Not
The Cattle Baron's Daughter - Part 2

Canadian Spankee:
Introducing The Hairbrush
Kissing Cousins & Spanking Wives - Part 2
None Of Mom's Business
Tapping The Knee

Carol Smith:
Nichola Wright - Part 7

Tonya Misbehaves On The Plane

Don A. Landhill:
The Answers
The Whipping Girl

Dr Keate:
Cane Weals
Spank Warning

Butts And Butts

Book Of The Month Club Review - Part 2

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Girl On The Bus
Uncle John

Groundhog Day At Jefferson Arms

John Graves:
I Stopped Her

Just A Gentle Reminder

Louise Vancisic:
A Father's Duty

M. Dare:
Junior Achievement

Belted John

Rachel Redbum:
Foxcatcher Farm
Survivor Guilt

The Tale Of A Wooden Spoon - Part 1

Rick Marlowe:
The Ultimate LSF Story Challenge Entry

Pick Up the Spare - Part 2

A Landlady Story - Part 2

Josie Gets Her Warm Up

Intimacy Intensive - Part 8
Intimacy Intensive - Part 9

Susan Thomas:
Martha Decides

Another Country - Part 2

Over For The Summer - Part 1
Over For The Summer - Part 2
Over For The Summer - Part 3

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