Monday, 17 September 2012

Story Of The Day: Once Upon A Summer

Our next 'Story of the Day' is Once Upon A Summer by Lawrence Kinden which has been recommended by LSF member, bendover:

"Two young girls, Anita and Meredith have a summer together and find out that they are inseparable as far as friends. Mere friends turn into some something else even in their young years. LK writes this story with such style and grace that it's hard to put down.

I know that any reader will not be disappointed in taking a shot at it. I sure wasn't. It's a definite coming of age story that grips a person right from the start.

Part 1 - Engaged in a semi-playful wrestling match with the waif-like Meredith, Anita has her pinned, face-down. Suddenly she understands the fantasies she has been having.

Part 2 - Meredith runs to the bathroom after the smack. She looks at the mark in the mirror, traces it, relives the sting - and wants more.

Part 3 - Meredith suggests playing in the sprinklers. She taunts Anita, who grapples with her, and eventually spanks her. Then they are interrupted...

Part 4 - Meredith is taken home to be punished by both parents. It is quite different from the spanking she experienced with Anita.

Part 5 - After Meredith's parental bottom blistering, Anita is afraid to resume their mutual explorations, though she can't stop thinking about it.

Part 6 - Anita and Meredith are understandably nervous that they might be caught by one of their mothers, but finally the coast is clear and they start to wrestle. Meredith, anxious to remove Anita's t-shirt, makes removal of clothing a forfeit. Her friend caught in an armlock, it is easy for Meredith to give Anita her first kiss...

Part 7- After Meredith gives Anita her first tentative kiss, the girls pretend to ignore it and resume their wrestling, remembering to remove some clothing. Meredith taunts the other girl who easily overcomes her and delivers a few smacks before the thunderstorm scares them both. But Anita quickly declares herself.

Part 8 - Meredith is quite intent on unchacteristically taunting the partially clothed Anita. Her bra is quickly removed, but hardly having time to tease her friend, so also does she find herself over the other girl's knees and in some pain. Soon they sit together on the windowseat.

Part 9 - Meredith and Anita are not fated to meet again over the next few summers. It is soon time for college, Meredith having arrived first and claimed her space in the dorm room. She rushes to help her small room-mate bring in her bags, before the two recognise each other. It does not appear that anything has changed!

synopsis by corncrake

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