Sunday, 2 September 2012

This Week's Acquisitions

Here we are again with another weekly truck load of stuff for your entertainment and delight. We have everything from short limericks to lengthier series. Enjoy.

Guess who blew her computer up again? Me! (I have singed eyebrows too - very fetching... perhaps it's something that will catch on with the fashion conscious amongst us?)

Alan Barr:
Not Another 100 Word Spanking!
Young Fellow From Bicester

Canadian Spankee:
Second 100 Word Spanking Story
Third 100 Word Spanking Story

The Surrogate - Part 1

Fred's Slipper Fantasy
Puttocks Buttocks

The Perils Of Penelope - Part 3

Responsible Training - Part 4

Louise Watson:
Caught Flashing My Panties
You're Next

Bank Holiday Weekend - Part 4

Phil K:
Spanked Little Sixteen

Rachel Gordon:
Jenny, Her Mum And Me - Part 4

The Acme Paddle Co. - Part 1
The Acme Paddle Co. - Part 2

Tanning A Tanned Talia

There Once Was a Girl Named Elaine

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