Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Story Of The Day: A Burr In Her Britches

Our next 'Story of the Day' is A Burr In Her Britches by otkgirl which has been recommended by LSF member, Alef:

"I would like to nominate 'A Burr in her Britches' by otkgirl as Story of the Day. It is written with sympathy and humor, but its greatest quality is undoubtedly the narrative voice — it is told by a twelve year old girl, the third of four daughters in a farming family, and the author catches the breathless enthusiasm of her voice perfectly."

In a farming family of four growing girls some of them are usually in trouble for fighting. Kari, the oldest, is sophisticated enough to date but makes the mistake of alluding to an earlier spanking of her sisters' in front of her boyfriend. The three girls take their own, very appropriate, revenge and suffer only a token paternal punishment.
synopsis by corncrake

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