Sunday, 15 September 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Well it is a shortish list this week, I think we are all tired and needed some time to catch up. It appears that summer is over in the UK, they even mentioned snow up in Scotland where I live... Snow in September, I do hope not. It's wild here today so I think I shall curl up and read some of the new stories, hope you all enjoy them too! Have a good week everyone, see you back here next weekend...

Arthur James Blimp:
A Disruptive Influence

Johnny Gives A Spanking
When It Hurts So Good

Canadian Spankee:
The Life Of Janet Pye

Jacqueline Scott:
A Dare Gone Wrong

The Guardian

The Nerd - Part 4

Golf Camp

Mr. Magazine:
Dec 1969 - A.M., Alabama
Dec 1969 - J.E., Tennesse

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