Saturday, 28 September 2013

Latest Acquisitions

There are plenty of new stories this week so make sure you check out your favourite authors, or why not try a new author, you might just end up hooked. The library is as busy as ever, if we had an actual library I suspect it would be rather overcrowded. I love books but reading on line is definitely becoming more popular and it is quite convenient to be able to read anywhere at any time. Anyway, have a good week everybody.

Alan Barr:
The Cure

All Together Boys & Girls - Part 1
All Together Boys & Girls - Part 2
Another Teacher Spanked - Part 1
Another Teacher Spanked - Part 2

Big Billie:
Jankers And Spankers - Part 1
Jankers And Spankers - Part 2
Jankers And Spankers - Part 3
Jankers And Spankers - Part 4
Jankers And Spankers - Part 5
Miss Joan Johnson Asks For It
Miss Joan Johnson Gets It - Ouch!
Mission Accomplished...


Canadian Spankee:
John's Campaign

On Your Marks - Part 5
On Your Marks - Part 6

Cherry Red:
Jeans Down For Heidi's Hiney - Part 1

Dr Keate:
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 3
The Coming Of The Brotherhood - Part 4

Fiona Blue:
Bitter Things
Honey! Bunches Of O's
I Don't Need To Sleep

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Apartment

Leaving Eastern Europe
Taking The Baths At Budapest - Part 1
Taking The Baths At Budapest - Part 2

Jack Crawford:
How I Benefited From A Sorority Prank
Motivation For Rewards

A Weekend With Uncle Jack

The Nerd - Part 5

A Tale Of Two Switches

Margaret Jane:
Collective Nouns
The Enhancing Fulfilment Of Detail

Spanked On A Sunburnt Bottom

Nancy Wing:
Go With The Flow

I Love The Mounds Of Becky's Ass

OTK in CT:
The Feminists
Melissa's Modeling Experience
Paddlin' Madelyn

Memories - Part 1
Memories - Part 2
Memories - Part 3
Memories - Part 4
Memories - Part 5
Memories - Part 6

Phil K:
Academic Discipline

Pipkin Tale:
The Secret Garden - Part 3

Rachel Redbum:
Reversal Of Fortune - Part 1

My Duty Is Clear

Princess Eleanora...

Rick Marlowe:
Naughty Girl Spanker

Ruby Hills - Part 1

Sarah Sloan:
CP In My Early Years - Part 6

The Spank Shop 38: Tara, Belinda & Angelica

Meet The Worthingtons... - Part 1

My School Year In England

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