Saturday, 6 July 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Another week, another new list for you. Plenty to choose from here, why not try a new author and see what they have to offer. There are several on-going series here too, so make sure you keep up with any that you have been reading and enjoying. If you've never written a story for us give it a go, all the details can be found on the site. We always like to encourage new authors. Anyway, that's it for now... Be good...

Aunt Carla:
Hard Spanking Girls

The Woman In Black - Part 2

The Lord Of The Manor - Part 3
The Lord Of The Manor - Part 4

Canadian Spankee:
Rocky Laughs Too Much

Learning Curve - Part 1
Learning Curve - Part 2
Learning Curve - Part 3

Judicial Discipline: The Painery

Don A. Landhill:
Soap And Paddle
You've Been Bad, Girl

The Window

Geoffrey Stirling:
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 1
The Master Of Castle Dracht - Part 2

Appointment For Contrition - Part 11
Appointment For Contrition - Part 12

Jack Crawford:
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 08
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 09
Legend Of The Amazons - Part 10

Grandma's Secret Recipe

Zoey And The Little Women

Operation Wank Spank

Nancy Wing:
Womspank, Oregon, USA - Part 15

Deal With God

Paying The Toll: The Merchant's Daughter

Rachel Gordon:
Savouring The Switching Times

Rachel Redbum:
Laura And Michele
She Walks In Beauty

Pick Up the Spare - Part 5

Sam Boncor:
Dress Code

Meet The New Soon-To-Be Mrs. Hall

Susan Thomas:
The Last Spanking Story - Part 4
Looking Forward To The Morning
The Super-Spankbot

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