Saturday, 20 July 2013

Latest Acquisitions

Salutations fellow readers, yes it is that time of the week yet again. Have you noticed how much quicker time goes as you get older? At this rate it will seem like a daily acquisitions list rather than a weekly one! On that note, it is only 157 sleeps until Christmas (sorry Febs). Have a good week everyone and enjoy the new stories.

DJ Black:
An Interview For Aunt Domina
The Last Spanking
Magic - Part 36
Magic - Part 37
Magic - Part 38
Magic - Part 39
A Right Royal Spanking
The Romantique Legacy
The Sherriff's Wife & The Material Witness
Spankmanship - Part 14
Spankmanship - Part 15

Fiona Blue:
Your Hand Keeps Falling On My Ass

The Particle Physicist, His Wife, & His Mother

Jacqueline Scott:
A Secret Is Discovered - Part 1
A Secret Is Discovered - Part 2

Josh Day:
Summer Camp Story - Part 1

Mr. Magazine:
Dec 1969 - Wild Wild World
Women For Spanking

Red Nates:
The Morning Agenda - Part 01

Ryan Rowland:
Shut Up And Spank Me - Part 1
Shut Up And Spank Me - Part 2
Shut Up And Spank Me - Part 3

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